The Internet is rumored that Sun Yan Huai three -child dragon and phoenix baby!The studio responded quickly, and the rumors have been 5 years

On September 18, the rumors about Sun Yanhuai’s three -child were intensified, and Sun Yan’s studio finally appeared in response, saying: "It is no longer fake!"

For a long time, as long as the female celebrities have entered the palace of marriage, the netizens of gossip will gather their eyes on their stomach.Especially once they eat too much, or if they are not properly dressed, the lower abdomen is slightly bulging, which is even more reasonable and unclear.

A few days ago, a large number of marketing numbers suddenly emerged on the major Internet platforms.

The reason why there is such news is that the fuse is nothing more than a few raised photos of Sun Yan’s lower abdomen.

As soon as the news was passed on ten or ten, many netizens said after eating melon: "The names are thought to Sun Yan and Deng Chao."

On September 18th, after the latest dynamic of the studio was issued, many gossip netizens left a message in the comment area to ask for the news of Sun Yanhuai’s third child.

In addition to the rumors, the studio also said helplessly: "I have heard of it for several years, why are you still listening?"

It is reported that the rumor has been passed from 2017, and it is almost five years.

After the rumors, many fans reminded: "Don’t make rumors, if there is good news, it will definitely be announced."

As the representatives of the loving couple in the circle, Deng Chao and Sun Yan have worked together for 10 years. The two have been in the entertainment circle that often expose their emotional scandals.

Everyone has a strong filter for their husband and wife, not only because they are outstanding in business, but also because they have passed out their emotional concepts.

At that time, when Sun Yan and Deng Chao filmed the TV series "Happy Like a Flower", because of the drama, on the birthday of Deng Chao in 2010, the two registered their marriage and held a wedding in Shanghai in 2011.

At that time, Sun Yan was pregnant. During the pregnancy, Deng Chaoxu shared a full ten months in order to take care of his wife.

After that, wait for Xiaohua to be born smoothly. His brother was handsome, his sister was quiet, and the family of four got along with warmth and happiness, which was enviable.

In addition to being a good mother and a good wife, Sun Yan did not work at all, and her career developed smoothly.Not long ago, her new work "Ideal City" has just ended and has a lot of praise.

Seeing Sun Yan’s busy posture today, it should be a plan to have a third child for the time being.

If there is good news in the future, we believe that Sun Yan and Deng Chao will announce generously.So as a crowd of melon, we still put more attention on her work!Do not believe rumors, do not pass rumors!

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Author: chestnut

Responsible editor: Seventeen

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