The indispensable eight pre -pregnancy examinations make your baby "safe and soft landing"

Out test before pregnancy

We find that it will affect the health and health of pregnant women

Future fetal health disease

It is not advisable to find a male disease that should not make his wife conceive

Sisters who are preparing to get pregnant

For better eugenics

Editor’s reminder

It is necessary to check before pregnancy!

Pre -pregnancy examination pointed out that the husband and wife were going to the hospital for a physical examination before pregnancy to ensure that there were healthy babies and achieved eugenics.

Unlike ordinary conventional medical examinations, it is mainly for inspection of reproductive systems and genetic factors.Our reproductive centers assisted and reproductive couples also have inspections before weekends. That is to ensure that your physical conditions can be artificial insemination or IVF, and various indicators are qualified for the next step of pregnancy.And our pre -pregnancy examination is more for an eugenics and preference for ordinary people.

Do these tests before preparing for pregnancy can help prevent birth defects. It can also consciously consult the doctor consciously, thereby eliminating genetic diseases.Therefore, this is a detailed detail that women who are preparing to get pregnant. Both of the age couples should insist on doing pre -pregnancy examinations.

Today, Xiaopu summarizes some necessary items for pre -pregnancy examinations for everyone.In addition, the best time before pregnancy is 3 to 6 months before pregnancy.

Men’s semen routine examination

Although the breeding of women as the main body, the routine semen examination before pregnancy is indispensable, because sperm is the other half of the new life, and improving sperm quality is critical to the continuity and ending of the breeding.

Gynecological routine and B -ultrasound, TCT, HPV examination

Gynecological leucorrhea routine, B -ultrasound, cervical cytology TCT test, HPV virus typing detection, can determine whether women’s reproductive systems include uterine, ovarian, fallopian tube and other forms, and whether there are inflammation of the reproductive system.

Torch and other pathogen screening

Including toxoplasma, rubella virus, giant cell virus, and herpes simplex virus, syphilis spiral antibody, etc., which are often referred to as four eugenics or four terators.

Examination of functions such as liver, kidney, heart and other functions

Check out important physical organs before pregnancy to understand their basic situation.It can prevent adverse reactions caused by the development of fetal fetuses to the liver, kidneys and hearts of the pregnant mother.

Thyroid function test

When human thyroid dysfunction, it will cause endocrine system disorders, causing low sexual function, impotence and testicular atrophy. Women may have irregular menstruation or amenorrhea, generally infertility.So it is necessary to check before pregnancy.

Blood and urine routine examination

Routine hematuria can find early signs of many systemic diseases, whether the diagnosis is anemia, whether there are blood system diseases, the hematopoietic function of the bone marrow, and the discovery of the urinary system disease.

A full set of hepatitis B and hepatitis C

Both hepatitis B and hepatitis C can be transmitted vertically by maternal and infants. Related examinations began before pregnancy. In conjunction with doctors, not only can it be treated in time, but it will not cause harm to the fetus.

Sexual communication disease examination

Including gonococcinism, mycoplasma, chlamydia, HIV, etc.When sexually transmitted diseases cause inflammation of women’s reproductive systems or decreased in male sperm quality and vitality, and the number of sperm decreases, it will cause infertility.

After talking about pre -pregnancy examinations, let me talk about the differences in the most common examinations on the market.

What are the differences in pre -marital examination, pre -pregnancy examination, prenatal examination?

Before marriage, the purpose:

Through pre -marital examination, it is found that it is not advisable to get married or delayed marriage, and give treatment opinions; discover diseases that should not be fertilized or need to delay fertility, and guide how to contraception, give solutions or treatment methods, and predict the approximate time of childbirth.

The purpose before pregnancy:

Through examination, it was found that pregnant women’s physical health and future fetal health diseases were found; male diseases that should not be conceived should not be conceived.

The purpose of prenatal inspection:

Through the pregnancy examination of pregnant women, the health of pregnant women and fetuses is monitored, and pregnancy complications and complications were found in time. The fetus was abnormal in time to ensure the health of maternal and infants.

Xiaobian tip:

Pre -pregnancy examinations are not mysterious. The obstetrics and gynecology department of local obstetrics and gynecology hospitals, maternal and children’s hospitals, maternal and child health hospitals, and large -scale comprehensive hospitals can be checked before pregnancy. For specific expenses, please consult the relevant examination fee standards for regular hospitals.

Finally, I hope everyone will be pregnant as soon as possible ~

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