The impact of drinking for pregnant women on the fetus

Drinking pregnant women will affect the fetal behavior in the future

Children will be more willful in the future

A study of the University of Pittsburgh in the United States found that women drink a glass of wine daily in the first three months of pregnancy.

Three times higher

The results of the study found that there were drinking habits in the early stages of pregnancy, and the risk of label children was three times higher than others.Researchers have suggested in the "Journal of Psychiatrics of Children and Youth" that the factors affecting the influence of alcohol during delivery should be regarded as one of the risks of their children’s behavior out of control.

What are the harm of pregnant women often drinking a fetus?

Pregnant women who drink alcohol and fatigue fetus malnutrition is too good for small yields

Studies have found that pregnant women often drink alcohol or make the fetus too light weight.From 1978 to 2005, the University of California found 992 pregnant women for research to observe their habit of drinking habits during pregnancy.

It was found that drinking or "crazy drinking" from seven to eleven weeks of pregnancy from pregnant women will reduce the weight and height of the fetus, and calculate the chance of drinking babies during pregnancy during pregnancy, which is 20 % higher than drinking.

In addition, pregnant women often drink alcohol. For example, if there are rabbit lips, the risk will increase by 20 %, and the baby’s head is extremely small.

Pregnant women drinking babies are prone to learning disabilities

Research results from the research institution in Ham in Germany show that pregnant women should completely prohibit drinking, because even a small amount of alcohol will affect the health of unborn babies.

DHS studies pointed out that a series of obstacles of fetal alcohol (FASD) are the main causes of newborn birth defects.

The research results of DHS quoted the research results of DHS said that women’s risk of drinking is very high during pregnancy, and there is no "low -risk alcohol consumption."The possible result is that after the baby is born, there is a problem of behavior disorders and learning disabilities, and these problems may accompany the baby’s growth or even life.

Drinking 7-12 weeks after pregnancy is most likely to cause fetal birth defects

The latest research on the University of California, a magazine, found that drinking alcohol in the early stages of pregnancy has the greatest harm to the fetus.The specific "most dangerous period" is: the second half of the early pregnancy (first three months) (ie, 7-12 weeks after pregnancy).

During this period, drinking is most likely to lead to fetal alcohol syndrome.

The results of the tracking survey found that pregnant women drink 1 cup of alcohol per day in the "critical period" of pregnancy, and the risk of malformations such as fetal lip and palate (commonly known as "rabbit lips") will increase by 25%;16%.These are early symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome.

Why don’t pregnant women drink alcohol

Drinking for pregnant women is harmful and uncomfortable, and it has been consensively.Experts said that no matter what period of pregnancy in pregnant women, it is not advisable to drink or use wine products.

Slinting, width of the nose, short nose bridge, nostrils are facing the sky, and the upper lips are deformed.

Generally speaking, the more pregnancy is in the early pregnancy, the teratogenic effect of alcohol is becoming more obvious.

In the early 1-2 months of pregnancy, even if pregnant women drink some drinks in moderation, it will affect the development of the fetus and the intelligence of the baby after birth.

The traditional theory believes that the moderate amount of alcohol in pregnant women has little effect on the fetus. Only the degree of alcoholism can cause fetal alcohol poisoning.

However, the latest research results show that low -amount alcohol in pregnant women can also cause harm to the fetus.

At the same time, the harm of beer, wine and intense wine is basically different from the fetus, even glutinous rice wine.There are such customs in many places in my country, eating glutinous rice sweet wine for pregnant women, thinking that glutinous rice sweet wine can be "supplemented by the mother and strong fetus".In fact, this is a wrong concept, and the main component of glutinous rice sweet wine is also alcohol.

Pregnant women can also cause miscarriage.Pregnant women drink more than twice a day or drink a week. The risk of abortion in the middle of pregnancy is 2 times that of not drinking alcohol. If you drink 3 times a day, it is 3.8 times.

Scientists also found that after 1 minute of drinking, alcohol entered the blood of the fetus.After about three or four hours of the pregnant woman, alcohol disappeared, but the concentration of alcohol in amniotic fluid was still very high.

In this way, the fetus may take alcohol in the process of drinking amniotic fluid, which will cause the concentration of alcoholic alcohol in the fetus for a long time.

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