The high school entrance examination hit the "aunt", and many parents are seeking "delay" good recipes?Gynecologist clarified at one time

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The annual middle school entrance examination and college entrance examination are close to the eyes of each candidate’s family.

Before the coming of major exams, many girls were afraid of encountering menstruation.As a normal physiological phenomenon, the menstrual menstruation is actually normal, but for some girls, the discomfort caused by menstruation will affect the normal performance of their exams.Therefore, the use of medical methods to regulate the menstrual cycle has become the choice of many candidates.

Recently, many candidates and candidates’ parents went to the Gynecology Consultation of the First People’s Hospital of Hangzhou to delay menstruation.Will "Auntie" affect the exam?Do you need to adjust through medical means?What method is safer and reliable?

Regarding the incident of delaying the "big aunt", Hangzhou First People’s Hospital Gynecology Zhu Hongli attending physician came to tell you clearly.

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Q: Examinations are expected to encounter "Auntie". Do you need to postpone time?

A: Menstruation is actually a periodic endometrium. Once once in January, it is weekly. For most people, there is no obvious discomfort during menstruation.First of all, everyone should correctly understand the phenomenon of menstrual physiology. No medical evidence shows that menstruation affects women’s intelligence performance, physical support and physiological state. Therefore, it is important to maintain stress and eliminate tension.

Dr. Zhu Hongli said that for girls who have menstrual laws, dysmenorrhea, and normal menstruation, it is not recommended to use drugs to adjust the menstrual cycle.

However, some girls have symptoms such as dysmenorrhea and dysmenorrhea during menstruation. They even have dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and accompanied by anxiety, tension, irritability and other emotions, which will indeed affect daily life.This part of girls can do B -ultrasound first to eliminate diseases such as adenomy muscle disease or ovarian cysts. If there is no problem in the examination, you can take medicine to adjust the menstrual cycle and let the major test avoid "big aunt".

Q: The more you don’t want to let the "Aunt" come, the more you love it?

A: "Whenever the exam, you must meet the aunt …" In clinical, many parents and candidates have such doubts.It will even come in advance for many days in advance.

In this regard, Dr. Zhu Hongli believes that this is actually related to emotions. When people are too nervous or too excited, endocrine disorders will occur, bringing a series of changes and changing menstrual cycles.

Therefore, relaxing mentality is also an important factor in making the regular holiday stable, not too anxious.

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Q: How can I adjust my menstrual time safely and effectively?

A: To understand this problem, we must first know what is going on with "Auntie".After menstruation, the estrogen secretion in women’s body increases, causing the endometrium to thicken; after ovulation period, a luteal is formed to secrete progesterone and transfer the endometrium to the secretion period to prepare for pregnancy.Pathotonin will decrease, the endometrium starts to fall off, and the aunt will come.

Therefore, if you want to delay your menstruation, the key is to keep the pregnancy hormone secretion in the body not to reduce and keep the endometrium without falling off. Generally, there are several common methods:

1. Oral short -acting contraceptive pill

This is a more reliable and commonly used method.Its principle is to maintain the endometrium of the uterine and make it not peeled for the time being, thereby achieving the purpose of delaying menstruation.Start orally on the first-5th day of the menstrual cycle, one night, until the menstrual period is allowed to stop the medicine.Generally speaking, once the drug is discontinued, menstruation will patronize within a week.

If the oral time has exceeded the fifth day of menstruation, as long as it is not close to the next menstruation, it is still a more reliable delay.

It is worth reminding that the short -acting oral contraceptives mentioned here are non -emergency contraceptives, nor are they long -acting contraceptives. Take a fixed time every day. Do not miss it, otherwise bleeding is prone to occur.

At present, short-acting oral contraceptives on the market include Daying-35, You Siming, You Siyue, Mom Fulong and so on.

2. Oral progesterone

Replenish progesterone in the second half of menstruation, that is, at about 15 days after menstruation, natural progesterone is started until the drug is stopped during menstruation.Menstruation will usually come within a week after stopping the drug.

It should be reminded that after some girls take luteal ketone capsules, dizziness, drowsiness and breast pain will occur.If this method is selected to adjust the menstrual cycle, it is recommended to start at least 7 to 10 days in advance than the next menstrual period. You can also choose to change the vittering ketone to take the oral use of the ground. The side effects can be relatively small.

It is worth noting that this method is more suitable for girls with menstruation.For girls with irregular menstruation or high spiritual tension, menstruation may occur in advance or bleeding before major exams. Therefore, this method is not 100 % effective. Some girls may still come to menstruation during the medication process.

3. Oral painkillers

If there is no way to avoid menstruation, do not panic. If the symptoms are severe, you can use the corresponding drug to relieve menstrual discomfort.For example, dysmenorrhea girls can take symptoms and analgesics, which is also effective.

【special reminder】

Medical methods that delay menstruation can be said to be relatively mature. Generally speaking, the menstrual cycle will not be interfered after, but it should be noted that this method can only occasionally do it occasionally. After all, it interferes with the normal endocrine level in the body.

In addition, you need to make plans as soon as possible. Time should be "advanced" as much as possible. If menstruation is nearly, then do not use it.In addition, everyone delays the effects of menstruation, and must also make a good preparation for "delay failure".

Finally, not everyone can take these drugs.It is necessary to use it reasonably, effective and safely after the professional doctors are evaluated by a professional doctor.

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