The greater the response during pregnancy, maybe you are pregnant with a female baby. After reading the scientific explanation

Many women have different degrees of reactions after pregnancy. Some even take a bite of vomiting and can spit out production. People who are pregnant have been increasing, and the pregnancy of pregnancy not only does not increase weight, but decreases rapidly.

Fifi has been aborted 2 times after marriage. I have been married for 8 years. I have seen a lot of doctors. This year, I finally got pregnant as expected. Since I am pregnant, the family is very careful. I am a queen -like provision. Various nutritional at home has nutritional nutritionAll things are prepared.

Before pregnancy, Feifei’s weight is still fat, and it has a good appetite, but since pregnancy, not only is he disgusting when he sees meals, but he also takes a bite and even vomit acid.Nutrition solution is gone.

Coupled with the baby, I was anxious, and I was always anxious. I was worried that I would spit it like this. I was unhealthy to the child. I was lying in bed all day long. My husband always comforted her and said: I listen to others and vomit the girl.I like girls the most, raising a good child, giving me a cute little princess.

The greater the response during pregnancy, the more vomiting the vomiting, and the girl is a girl. Is this scientific saying?

In fact, it is impossible for us to think about it. It is obviously a superstitious idea to judge the gender of the child according to the reaction during pregnancy. So why do some pregnant women vomit so powerful, but some have no response?

One: The earliest response time

Most pregnant women are about 6 weeks of pregnancy, and some early pregnancy reactions will occur, but the body of the pregnant woman is different, and the response to early pregnancy is different. For example, some people have a light pregnancy.The people who vomited to doubt life seriously affected normal life.

It should be noted that when the body is uncomfortable, I just find that I have not come to leave recently. Do not take medicine, first check whether it is caused by pregnancy.

I remember that when I was pregnant, I was fortunate that the doctor was more experienced. Otherwise, the medicine would be affected. At that time, the stomach was uncomfortable. The attachment was a bit inflammated, and the examination was not pregnant.When prescribing the medicine, there is a possibility of pregnancy. If you are pregnant, you can take medicines that can be taken during pregnancy. As a result, he did not expect more than 10 days. There was no case vacation. It was really pregnant.

Two: What are the reasons for a large response?

I remember that I was more sensitive to the taste when I was pregnant, such as the taste of cooking, the taste of shampoo, and even the salty meals. I could smell it. At that timeIn addition to the sensitive taste, there are no other reactions, and they eat more than before pregnancy, and there is no reaction to vomiting.

At that time, I also asked the doctor, I did n’t respond to normal. The doctor said that it was very normal, indicating that you have a good health state. Later, I checked a lot of literature and found that most of the reactions during pregnancy were relatively large. Many of them were poor in physical fitness.Coupled with pregnancy, hormone imbalances cause the body to be caused by the body’s unable to adapt quickly.

I have a very planned child after getting married. I have been preparing for pregnancy for more than half a year. During the pregnancy, I have a very healthy diet and eat at home. It is also rich in running. And I insist on running for more than 30 minutes a day. My husband is the same.The whole body is very good at the time, and this physical condition maintains the entire pregnancy without a cold and no illness.

Three: The second child, the pregnant mother of the third child is generally more reaction than the first tire

Many people have little feeling when they react to their first child. They can’t stand them when they have a second child. In fact, this statement is very common. The main source is also because the body’s physical fitness has deteriorated.

Many first -child births will prepare for pregnancy, exercise the body, etc., but because of the second child, because there are Dabao, many of their own energy are in Dabao and family.The response is that the reaction during pregnancy is great. If you can exercise your body like a tire and exercise your physical fitness well, you will not have such a big response.

Four: Severe pregnancy vomiting, be sure to pay attention to

During pregnancy, I vomit particularly severe, which will affect my energy, nutritional intake, and what I eat without digestion can be nutritious. Too severe pregnancy vomiting can directly endanger the health of the fetus.Many constitutions after the baby is born is relatively poor.

If the response occurs relatively large, we can relieve it in the following way:

1. Listen more music, you can read more books, relax your mood, and adjust your mindset;

2. Avoid eating some too greasy foods, eat more light vegetables and fruits;

3. If severe vomiting blood occurs, in order to avoid dehydration, you should observe it in time;

4, eat less meals, potatoes, biscuits, lemon juice have a certain relief effect on pregnancy and vomiting.

After reading this, do you decide that the reaction of a pregnant woman is really nothing to do with the gender of the child?In fact, the root cause of the baby’s gender knows that it is determined by male genes, and sometimes we are also curious and guessing!

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