The girl was abandoned in 14 days, and her adoptive father was for her to become a doctor. In 2011, her parents took 500,000 to recognize their relatives.

People say that children are the best gifts given by God to parents, and they are the best of their parents. However, in real life, the news of abandoning babies is endless every year.

In 2011, the story of a female doctor and adoptive father in Hubei quickly fermented on the Internet because her biological parents held 500,000 to find a female, and the female doctor unswervingly chose her adoptive father.

In this regard, there are many online discussions. Some people say that raising grace is greater than the grace, and some people say that the grace of fertility is greater than others. What does the female doctor make such a choice?

Why did her biological parents abandon her and look for her?What are you telling us about this?

Discarding babies at the entrance of the hospital

With a tired body, Xiao Chongyang returned to his house and sat in the empty room. He picked up his wife’s photo:

"My wife, my daughter is now a postdoctoral. A few days ago, a media reporter interviewed me. After a while, I would go with you for a while."

After speaking, Xiao Chongyang thought of the day more than 20 years ago.

On this day, Xiao Chongyang went to work in a cotton spinning factory as usual as usual. At that time, he was 38 years old. In his early years, he was a soldier in a certain artillery. After retiring, he was assigned to a cotton spinning factory in his hometown.

Later, the family introduced him a woman named Qi Chunlan. The two were married for a husband and wife on a special day.

Qi Chunlan had a bad body since childhood. After watching a lot of doctors ate a lot of recipes, the body still didn’t improve a little, and even found infertility.

After knowing Qi Chunlan’s situation, Xiao Chongyang’s first reaction was also shocked. After all, at that time, it was a woman’s responsibility at that time.

But Xiao Chong is different. He is open -minded. As long as he lives together, it doesn’t matter if you can’t give birth.

For many years, the young couple have never had a child. Looking at the people who are about the same as their neighbors as their mother, Qi Chunlan is very anxious in her heart, but she can’t conceive the child.

Qi Chunlan wanted to be her mother’s heart than her husband, but she didn’t expect that she didn’t expect it, but she picked up a child on the side of the road.

In order to have a child, the husband and wife did not run to the hospital. On December 24, 1987, the couple went to the hospital again early in the morning. As a result, they prescribed some medicines as last time.Essence

When the couple went out of the hospital and were about to go home, they heard the baby’s cry at the door of the hospital. As soon as they looked at the sound, they found a baby girl in the grass.

It was so cold, and the couple hugged the child to the hospital. Fortunately, they found that the child was not a big deal.

Subsequently, the two held their children near the hospital for a long time, and they did not find someone to find it. I realized that it might be abandoned. The couple had a feeling that could not be said in their hearts. Is this God’s will?

Looking at the sleeping child in her arms, Qi Chunlan’s mother’s love was inspired. The night when she was home, the couple discussed and decided to adopt the baby girl.

Adopt a baby girl, as if it has been out

After the adoption procedures, Xiao Chongyang went to the child to get a hukou again, and at the same time named her "Xiao Jingjing".

Although he was not his own, the couple’s two pairs of this child looked at themselves, and Qi Chunlan would never leave her daughter in one step.

Looking at the daughter who was waiting to grow up day by day, the flower of the Xiao Chongyang family was several times more than before. In order to feed her daughter in order to earn money, Xiao Chongyang decided to quit the work of the cotton spinning factory and find more jobs to earn.

However, except for being a soldier, Xiao Chongyang has nothing special. He has found a few jobs, and he left after a few days. It was not because he couldn’t eat hard, but because he couldn’t do that technical work workSon.

The child’s wife had to eat, and Xiao Chongyang had no choice but to carry the gas tank. Although he was tired, he earned more than earlier. The days of a family of three can be slightly better.

Every day is not bright, Xiao Chongyang leaves. Sometimes he is busy with work, his wife sleeps, and he can return.

But as long as you look at your daughter, your fatigue will be swept away.

Since there is Xiao Jingjing, the life of the couple has been hopeful, and it has a lot more joy than before.

Of course, Xiao Jingjing did not let them disappointed. Since she was a child, she knew that her parents were not easy, and they also kept their parents’ hard work in their hearts. They swear that they must be good to them in the future.

Xiao Jingjing knew that learning was the only way out of the fate, so she desperately learned that she would go home with a prize at the end of the expiration.

At school, she is a teacher with a teacher of the teacher and a role model for classmates. At home, she is a good child of her parents. She often tells the interests of the school to her parents.

From childhood to small, Xiao Jingjing has not worried Xiao Chongyang’s husband and wife. Although the family lives poverty, it is also happy and warm.

However, in the third year of Xiao Jingjing, Qi Chunlan suddenly fell to the house and took it to the hospital for investigation.

Hearing this news, Xiao Jingjing felt that the sky was about to collapse. Looking at her mother with oxygen pipes in the bed, she couldn’t wait to suffer this crime for her.

But she didn’t know that Qi Chunlan at this time was not worried about herself, the most worried about her daughter.

From the day when she hugged Xiao Jingjing, the couple said that she would not tell her life in this life, but in front of her, the couple changed their minds and thought she had the right to know the truth.

Later, Qi Chunlan called Jingjing on the bed. "Jingjing, my mother’s body is getting worse and bad., But my mother thinks you have the right to know, and I hope you don’t blame us. "

"It’s okay, Mom, you say, I won’t blame you anyway."

Looking at the mother who was hesitant, Xiao Jingjing said that he was okay, but he was still nervous.

"You are not your father and mother. Mom and dad have been married for many years. There have been no children. More than ten years ago, we went to the hospital for examination and found you at the door. At that time, you were cold and placed on the ground.In the case, we hugged you, but after a few days, no one came to adopt. After asking the hospital, the nurse said that you were abandoned. So, when I discussed with my dad, I hugged you back.","

"Child, your appearance is the best gift from God to us, although you are not our biological.

But for so many years, we have regarded you as part of us. If you are willing, you can go to your biological parents, and we will never stop you."

After listening to her parents’ words, Xiao Jingjing was a little stunned. She didn’t know what she should say, and she didn’t believe that the parents in front of her suddenly said that she was not their biological daughter.

For a while, the entire ward was silent, and the three people in the ward had their own ideas.

"Parents, thank you for telling me this news, even if you are not my biological parents, I am the same as your biological daughter!

Yes, what important is blood?

In order to give her a better life, her parents saves money and leave the best to her. Is this not more valuable than her biological?

If it weren’t for them, there may be Xiao Jingjing, and it would be impossible to have her happy life now.

Biological parents who suddenly appear

Qi Chunlan left, and only Xiao Jingjing and Xiao Chongyang’s father and daughter were left in the house.

After learning the truth, Xiao Jingjing worked even harder. She knew that her parents had paid too much about herself. Only by studying well can she live up to their raising grace.

In 2004, Xiao Jingjing was accepted by local key high schools, and was later accepted by Huazhong Agricultural University.

Holding her dad’s efforts to save her, she finished her undergraduate undergraduate, got her graduate student, and later studied PhD.

At this point, the baby girl who was thrown on the side of the road was getting closer and closer to her goal.

In order to reduce the burden of Dad, Xiao Jingjing will also do part -time jobs in the spare time. She is a plate and tutor. She knows that she has grown up, and it is time to become the pillar of the family.

Just when everything was on track and rushing towards a good day, the arrival of the two broke the tranquility.

On this day, Xiao Jingjing returned home with a living expenses earned by a semester. The father and daughter were full of preparations to celebrate.Essence

Seeing Xiao Jingjing, the two hugged her directly, and said in their mouths, "My good boy, I can find you, where did you go these years!"

The sudden stranger made the father and daughter unable to touch the mind. When they reacted, Xiao Chongyang stepped forward and pushed the two. "Who are you? This is my daughter!"

It turned out that the pair of men and women was the couple who threw her that year. They said that they were also forced to be helpless at the time, because before the zodiac Jingjing, there were 3 daughters in the family.No way, the two could only bite her teeth and threw her to the door of the hospital.

After that, the two really gave birth to a son and fulfilled for many years.

There are so many children in the family, and the couple have lived hard for a few years, but they accidentally encountered the demolition in my hometown, and the days became rich.

Over the years, they dreamed that they dreamed of throwing their children. Some time ago, I suddenly heard that a girl was thrown in the hospital and was admitted to a PhD. They wanted to confirm whether they were their daughter.

Therefore, they came to the house. Before opening the door, they were also afraid of making mistakes, but as soon as they saw Xiao Jingjing, the couple were sure that this was the daughter they lost many years ago.

When he said this, the two shed tears, Xiao Jingjing had seen this scene, and was scared to hide behind Xiao Chongyang.

The purpose of the two is very simple, that is, to recognize their daughter, but this rashing action caught Xiao Jingjing’s father and daughter.

Nourished without being born, unforgettable for life

After understanding all the things, Xiao Chongyang said: "We must respect the children’s meaning, as long as she is willing, you can recognize each other."

But Xiao Chongyang didn’t expect that as soon as he finished speaking, Xiao Jingjing inserted his mouth:

"When you throw me, use my life and death? If it is not my parents now, I am a problem with life and death! Now we have a good life, how can you come to the world, how can there be people like you in the world?! "

Xiao Jingjing’s words made the two of them say nothing, but they still said to Xiao Chongyang: "Come here today, we have prepared 500,000, which can compensate you for so many years of compensation for Jingjing."

In the hearts of the two, money can buy everything, including feelings, but in Xiao Chongyang’s heart, not to mention 500,000, he is not rare for 50 million.

When he hugged the child back, he and his wife were not for money, but really wanted to treat her well. For so many years, she really treated her as a biological daughter.

However, Xiao Chongyang, who was honest for a lifetime, did not dare to tell his true thoughts. After all, he had no blood relationship with Jingjing, and he was afraid that Jingjing would abandon him.

But they all underestimated Xiao Jingjing. From beginning to end, there were only one parent in her heart, that is, Qi Chunlan and Xiao Chongyang.

"I won’t recognize you, and my relationship with my dad can be changed without 500,000. You can go, just like throwing me away many years ago, just think as a person without me."

The arrival of the two is like a farce, but it is this farce that made Xiao Chongyang realize that he did not raise this daughter. Listening to his daughter’s answer, he burst into tears.Xiao Jingjing hugged it tightly.

After that, everything returned to the right track. Xiao Jingjing bid farewell to his father and returned to school. Before leaving, she told Xiao Chongyang: "Dad, our bitter days are here, I will raise you in the future!"

In 2013, Dr. Xiao Jingjing graduated and successfully joined the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences. At this time, she was married. Her husband was a boyfriend who had been with her for many years.

After work, Xiao Jingjing took the adoptive father to live in Shanghai.After working here for two years, because of work mobilization, she came to work in the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and also received her father to Beijing.

Although he has been working, Xiao Jingjing has always eager to study. In addition to her free, she also learned to get a notice of admission from a foreign university, but what made people unexpected was that Xiao Jingjing gave up this opportunity because her father was suffering from the father.Stomach cancer.

Xiao Jingjing believes that the reason for Dad to get sick is to give her a better life. Thinking back to her growth process, Dad saves money and never treats her.

Every time he eats, he never sticks to the meat, and the meat is placed in front of the crystal.

In order to repay the support of the adoptive father and give up the opportunity to study, this is also the best choice she thinks.

However, Xiao Chongyang failed to win the sick demon, and finally left Xiao Jingjing, but his old age was happy, because there was such a daughter who knew how to be grateful, which was his biggest pride in his life.


With the expectations of parents, Jingjing is diligent and diligent, and continues to work at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. She knows that it was her adoptive parents gave her life and her parents have made her now.

Although there is no blood that is thicker than water, this love she does not think, and this kind of kindness has endless life.

Finally, I hope that all parents in the world will protect their children, and they also hope that every child will be born to the sun.

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