The four people in Shandong took turns sexual assault on new wedding pregnant women.

The 515 tragedy refers to a case that occurred in the scary "disappearing couple case" in Feixian, Shandong, China. A pregnant woman was raped by four men.

The details of the attack, including these men’s sexual assault on her, triggered the anger and condemnation of the public and authorities.What’s even more scary is that the youngest murderer is still a minor.

The case highlights the urgent need to resolve sexual violence and protect the victims, and reform the criminal judicial system to ensure that the perpetrator is responsible for his crimes.

This article outlines the case, including incidents that lead to attacks, the impact of the victims and society, the legal punishment of the defendant, and the public’s response to the incident.

In addition, we will explore the extensive influence of sexual violence, and the necessity of carrying out education and preventing projects to prevent this atrocities from reappearing in the future.

In the shocking and terrible incident together, four men in Shandong Province turned in turn to a pregnant woman.The youngest criminal in this case is still a minor, which makes the situation even more disturbing.

On May 15, 2013, a bride was sexually assaulted by four men in Linyi City, Shandong Province, China.The victim is a newly married couple who has just been married for half a year.The youngest suspect is minors, which has triggered national anger.

On that day, Mrs. Liu had breakfast and waited for the two to come, because they both said yesterday that they had dinner at her mother’s house.After waiting at 10 am, Mrs. Liu still did not appear, not only did she not appear, but she didn’t even call her.Mrs. Liu was very anxious. She couldn’t contact the two of them, so she hurried to the two of them to find the two.

The newly -built wedding room is on the edge of the village. It is far away. There is a poplar forest in front of it, and there is a field. There is almost no one nearby.When Mrs. Liu returned to the bedroom, the door of the room was hidden, there was no one in the room, and there was still leftovers that were not eaten on the table. Everything looked normal.

However, when Mrs. Liu came to the backyard, she saw a scene that shocked her: the puppies of her husband and wife were crushed to death alive, and blood flowed to the ground, and Mrs. Liu immediately reported to the police.

However, after the police arrived at the scene, they found a wolf borrowing in the house.Valuable things were taken away, blood on the ground was covered with blood, and clothes torn by violence.I asked the neighbor neighbors, and no one had seen them, saying that they did not go out all day.The relatives did not receive any call from any kidnapper.

The police couldn’t find the two of them, but the signs in the house showed that the newlywed couple may have been encountered.So the police expanded the scope of search and eventually found the bodies of the two in a cave.The corpse has been scarred, which is obviously caused by severe violence abuse before death.

During the investigation, two bank cards were found near the small river near the victim’s wedding room.A bank card with the victim. According to the investigation, the card was divided into four times on the same day and took away 11,000 yuan.Another card is the key to detecting the case. The owner is an old man who is over 60 kilometers away from the place of the incident.

How can the old people go so far, how can they run so far.The police touched the vine, and eventually locked the four suspects including the old man’s son, one of them was not yet adult.This case was resolved within 50 hours of the report, and the four suspects were eventually arrested.The three were sentenced to death, and one was sentenced to life imprisonment for minors.

The youngest criminal in this case is a minor who has reached the age of 18.He was identified and arrested by the police with the other three perpetrators.Due to age, his case treatment is different from three other adult criminals.The three adult criminals were sentenced to death and minor sentenced to life imprisonment.

According to the four suspects, they went to the information first.He found that the husband and wife’s wedding room was new, and the decoration in the house was also gorgeous. He believed that it was a rich person and decided to steal it.After the investigation, when he went back to discuss with his gang’s round, he mentioned that the photos of the hostess were very beautiful.The four of them became obscene and wanted to rape the hostess.

They first removed the monitoring around the house, and then sneaked into the house, waiting for the couple to go home.When the owner returned, they immediately started, threatening them to be unable to say, and then controlled the male owner, dragged the hostess into the room, and carried out rape.During this period, the male host looked at the whole process but could not do it, and the sexual assault time lasted eight hours.

During this period, some of them found the male owner’s bank card, and after asking the bank card password, he took out all the money in the card.At the same time, they have decided to kill the couple, throw corpse wilderness to prevent their identity from being exposed.

During the violence, the hostess had been talking about her childhood fun, trying to awaken a trace of conscience of the four.However, the four have long been occupied by the beast. What are the consciences of the devil, and even open the door to let the male owner watch that his wife is raped by others, to torture the couple in spirit and physical body.Afterwards, they also said that they were so good and should be hurt.

In the end, they put on the heads of the two with a plastic bag, suffocating them, and then threw the bodies of the two to the caves that had been selected.Then, they returned to the house to clean, cleaned the blood stains, and then turned the box to find some valuable things, all took them away.

During the two days after the attack, all four suspects were arrested by local law enforcement officers in Shandong Province.The suspect was recognized as Zhang Xuejun, Wang Jiying, Fu Gang, and Zhao Wenfeng. The youngest Zhao Wenfeng was under 18 years of age.The four suspects were charged with a number of intentional homicide, robbery, and rape.

However, creepy is that when the four suspects were telling their crimes, they did not regret the slightest regret, and there was no slightest fear and guilt.From beginning to end, they all behaved calmly, as if for them, robbery and rape are like eating.Such a scene made the experienced police officers present shocked.

The trial process of this case has received close attention from the public and Chinese anti -sex activities.On June 22, 2016, the defendant was formally accused of rape, robbery, and intentional homicide.The Linyi Intermediate People’s Court of Shandong Province sentenced the criminal actors Zhang Xuejun, Wang Jiying, and Fu Gang to the death penalty. Zhao Wenfeng was sentenced to life imprisonment because he was under 18 years of age.

In November 2019, Zhao Wenfeng performed well in prison and actively participated in the transformation and obey management.At the same time, his relatives helped him pay a fine of 20,000 yuan to the Linyi Intermediate People’s Court.According to relevant laws, Zhao Wenfeng’s punishment was reduced to 22 years in prison.

In response to this case, the Shandong authorities vowed to fight against violence and strengthen legal protection for women.This case may also lead to a wider national dialogue, and discussions need to formulate stronger laws and policies to solve China’s sexual violence.

This incident and other similar incidents had a profound impact on society, and emphasized that it is necessary to better educate and understand issues related to sexual assault.He must work hard to provide sufficient spiritual and emotional support for the victims of sexual assault to help them cope with trauma and recover from attacks.

The case again triggered a call to strengthen legal protection of Chinese sexual survivors.In recent years, the government has introduced new laws and policies, which aims to fight against violent perpetrators and provide support for survivors.However, many people believe that more work is needed to solve this problem.

The case has attracted widespread attention and has attracted widespread anger on the Internet.Many netizens expressed their disgust and anger for the perpetrator.In response, some advocates who have sex with survivors have called for more comprehensive ways to prevent sexual violence.

This case sounded the alarm for many advocates who had sexual assault survivors. They called for improving their understanding of sexual violence, better supporting survivors, and taking more powerful measures to prevent these atrocities from occurring.Some people call on young criminals to adopt more compassionate ways, including rehabilitation projects and psychological counseling.

Based on gender -based violence in China has always been a long -term problem. The concept of patriarchal society and deep -rooted root causes the behavior of conquering women normally.

Gender is unbalanced and fewer women have led to an increase in demand for the bride, which leads to selling women and girls.In recent years, the public’s understanding has improved, but to solve the fundamental cause of violent infringement of women’s behavior, more work needs to be done.

Various organizations in China have been working hard to prevent sexual violence and supported attacks.Non -profit organizations have been providing consulting and legal support for survivors, and schools and universities have also launched a publicity campaign on sexual assault.

Many experts agree that education and conscious projects are the key to preventive violence.By teaching young people’s boundaries, consent and respect, we can help prevent these abuse.This includes not only formal education, but also the public’s campaign to improve and deal with a cultural attitude that leads to violence on women.

It is crucial to reform the criminal judicial system to ensure that criminals are responsible for their crimes.Some experts suggest that the Chinese government should take more severe actions on sexual assault, implement new laws and punishments, and sentence the criminal to more severe punishment.

They believe that stricter supervision and law enforcement may help create a safer environment for women, reduce the incidence of rape and abuse, and make criminals be responsible for their actions.

Sexual assault survivors need comprehensive support services, including spiritual and emotional support, medical care, consulting and legal support.Many Chinese women are facing shame and shame when reporting sexual violence, which makes it difficult for them to get the need for the need.It is necessary to be sensitive to the needs of survivors and ensure its privacy and security specialized services.

Sexual violence survivors may go through long -term trauma and mental health problems, and require special care.Effective strategies need to prevent and solve these problems, including early intervention, consultation and rehabilitation.Education and improvement of cognitive movements also help reduce the stigma of psychological health and trauma.

Change the attitude of gender and violence is a challenging task, but it is not impossible.All sectors of society must make coordinated efforts to promote equality between sexes and respect for women’s rights.

Education and improving the campaign help to change the attitude of the concept of gender aging and promote the relationship between health.The media can play a vital role in emphasizing gender -based violence and the necessity of changes.

Sexual assault cases in Shandong highlight the urgent needs of solving gender -based violence in China and other regions.Continuous publicity and actions are essential for promoting the justice and healing of survivors and preventing such crimes from happening in the future.Only by working together can we create a world without violence infringing on women.

This case triggered a national discussion on justice and the necessity of reform. Many people called for a more sympathetic and proactive response to rape and sexual assault.Through continuous publicity, education and reform, we can work towards a future efforts that are no longer tolerated or silent.

Although it has made progress in recent years, there are still many tasks to do it in cracking down on world violence.By continuing to advocate changes and support survivors, we can help create a safer and fair world for everyone.

Regarding the sexual assault cases of newlyweds in Shandong, what do you have, please leave a message for discussion on the comment area.

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