The fiancee said to resign as soon as she was pregnant. I felt too delicate: Why can’t I work when I am pregnant?

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It is said that women who are pregnant are coquettish. Many boys can’t understand it. Why do wives like a strong woman like a strong woman who married, especially after marriage, changed like a person?

In fact, it is not that the girl has changed, but the hormone in her body has changed.

In other words, some of the abnormal behaviors that women appear after pregnancy cannot actually represent her itself, but because of this specific time, the physical natural reaction appears.

When I went to work in the morning, I heard a man calling on the subway. The content of the conversation should be complained with his mother. He mentioned the words of pregnancy and coquettishness. I guess it should be someone in his family.Pregnancy did something he thought of coquettishness.

Many women choose to resign after pregnancy. Interestingly, boys think: Why can’t they work when they are pregnant?Especially when he was compared to his mother, he was not going to work on the ground, and he was even more puzzled.

Why can’t women work when they are pregnant?

Jingya was a colleague of me. Before she was pregnant, we had been cooperating very well. I also regarded her as a professional woman. However, since she was pregnant, she was like a person.Affect the child in the belly.

In fact, I can also understand that Jingya is 35 years old and belongs to the category of elderly maternal women, so pregnant and having children will be more cautious, and they are afraid that the child will be killed by accident.

For most women, once you have a baby, you will be more cautious. This is determined by women’s instincts. A woman who is fiercely popular will become soft as long as she conceives the child’s heart.

After a month of pregnancy, Jingya went through the departure procedures. It was mainly because Jingya’s fiance had a good family. She had more than enough to support her. Jingya was a sensitive constitution and was easy to slip. Therefore, in order to protect her children, she could only choose to leave.

At first I felt that she was too hasty. In my opinion, she could negotiate with the company to stop her salary. After all, in my opinion, it is also a guarantee for pregnant women., But after a few days after hesitating, Jingya still handled the resignation and handed over. The reason was that she thought of a different life.

I don’t know if the different life in her mouth is a more comfortable life, but I am a pity for her ability. The Jingya in my impression is very capable and courageous.

Jingya was not married yet, and she was only settled before pregnancy. When she first left, her fiance was regarded as a whole, but after three months, after the fetus was stable, Jingya’s fiance began to work.This makes her very uncomfortable.

Because of this problem, the two often quarreled, and the anger came up. Jingya complained that the other party did not love himself and was unwilling to spend time to accompany him. The fiance felt Jingya arrogant and resigned at home.Opinion.

I have seen Jingya’s fiance once. I am a very strong man. In his opinion, women are independent, so for Jingya, who resigned at home, if it was not because of pregnancy, it is estimated that his attitude would be worse.

In fact, I can understand the pressure of Jingya’s fiance.For men who enter the marriage and soon have their children, marriage represents more responsibilities, and at the same time, the pressure is even greater.

In order to give a better life for his wife and children, men must spend more time on work, but in the face of a woman who has nothing to do all day, he may even like a woman who thinks about it.Method to communicate.

If it is said that in order to protect the fetus, women must resign at home. I don’t think nothing can be done all day. It can just use this time to cultivate some interests and learn some new knowledge.

This may also have some new help for women after giving birth to children in the future.

At any time, do not hold the mentality of "go home and go home as a full -time wife, anyway, anyway," the sense of security obtained from others must not be practical.

I have seen a lot of women who are still fighting in the workplace after pregnancy. Of course, I am not to say that women have to work so hard when they are pregnant, but at least we feel that we can find ourselves to find an excuse for rest for pregnancy.

The workplace is actually very cruel. Whoever is better, whoever is weaker will end.

No matter what day, because you are a pregnant woman, the world will give you a way. Women want to win applause and recognition in the workplace. It must be real materials.

Marriage cannot become a woman’s eternal windport forever, so whether it is marriage or child, it is not the end, but the beginning of a new challenge. If you want to be respected in a marriage, the first thing a woman must do is to force themselves to independence independence.Essence

Maybe one day, you will be glad that your original efforts, because your efforts make you be seen in your work, and you are not ignored in your feelings.

Really powerful women can not only be a gentle mother, but also become a strong woman.

I hope you will become a qualified mother, a gentle wife, and a better self.

Should you be delicate when you are pregnant? I think it depends on whether you have the cost of coquettishness?

If you are capable and independent, in fact, even if you just rest for a while, you will be regarded as "cultivation", and will not be eliminated as "vulnerable groups".


About the author: Zhang Ping, psychological counselor, marriage and family consultant, well -known emotional self -media.I have wine, do you have a story?

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