The fetus is most afraid of "nine things" during pregnancy.

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After pregnancy, for pregnant mothers, the most concerned is the healthy development of the fetus, and finally giving birth.However, it sounds simple at 40 weeks of pregnancy. In the actual experience, there will be a check -ups and many precautions. These require the pregnant mothers to care and pay attention.

When it comes to the healthy development of the fetus, in fact, during pregnancy, the fetus has "fear of things", and different pregnancy periods, the things that the fetus is afraid of is also different. Then follow the mother of Beijing to take a look ~

What is the most afraid of fetus: afraid of heat, medicine, fatigue, and pregnant mothers in bad mood

1. Afraid of heat.

At the stage of pregnancy, from a fertilized egg, it developed into a small embryo. It can be said that the fetus had just "camped" in the mother’s uterus and prepared to start the "growth journey" for ten months.Excessive high will affect the development of fertilized eggs and bed.

At this stage, pregnant mothers need to pay attention to avoid: fever, sauna, soaking in hot springs, bathing or soaking feet with hot water.For example, bathing water should not exceed 39 degrees, do not take a long time (more than half an hour), the temperature of soaking your feet is appropriate, and do not exceed 20 minutes at a time.

2. Fear of medicine

In the early pregnancy, the fetus was "sensitive to teratogenic", especially before 8 weeks of pregnancy (embryo period), the embryo almost completed the basic development of various organs, systems, human shapes, and limbs."Drugs" are common "precipitous originals". If pregnant mothers take medicine at this stage, especially for disable and use medicine during pregnancy, it is particularly easy to cause fetal malformations, so be sure to avoid it.

In addition, in addition to some drugs, pesticides, formaldehyde, benzene, tobacco, X -rays, bacteria, viruses, etc. are common primers. Pregnant mothers must be careful to avoid contact.

3. Afraid of tiredness

Because the fertilized eggs have experienced bed and differentiation in the early pregnancy, and even if the bed is in bed, the fetus is not stable, which is prone to signs of abortion.Therefore, pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy should pay attention to avoid fatigue, take as much rest as possible, relax, and "raise tires" with peace of mind.

4. Afraid of pregnant mothers in bad mood

We all know that we must maintain a "good mood every day" after pregnancy, because the mother’s good fetus is naturally good.In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers always have negative emotions such as nervousness, anxiety, and sadness, and these bad emotions can easily affect the fetal development of the fetus.

Therefore, after pregnancy, pregnant mothers should try to maintain a good mood and positive state of emotion. If "bad emotions" occasionally appear, actively discharge, such as looking for a father or family and friendsDynamic transfers, etc.

What the fetus is most afraid of: fear of malnutrition, noisy, and lack of sleep in pregnant mothers

5. Afraid of malnutrition

Many pregnant mothers have found that calcium deficiency, anemia, etc. are prone to occur in the second trimester. This is the performance of "malnutrition".

According to the Suggestions of the "Reference Insting Form for Dietary Nutrition of Chinese Residents":

The recommended intake of "calcium" during pregnancy is: 800 mg/day in the early pregnancy, and 1000 mg/day in the middle and late pregnancy;

The recommended intake of "iron" during pregnancy is: 20 mg/day in the early pregnancy, 24 mg/day in the second trimester, and 29 mg/day in the third trimester.

It can be seen from the recommended intake that from the mid -pregnancy, the demand for iron and calcium in pregnant mothers has increased. Therefore, pay attention to proper supplements, otherwise it is prone to performance of calcium deficiency and anemia.Calcium and iron supplementation are supplemented with rich foods. If the food supplement effect is not good, you can take calcium tablets or iron to supplement at the doctor.

6. Afraid of noise

At about 20 weeks of pregnancy, the hearing of the fetus has developed relatively well, and the baby can hear the heartbeat, intestinal motility and external sound of the pregnant mother.Therefore, if the outside voice is loud, it will be noisy to the fetus, causing fetal discomfort, and even the problem of development.

Therefore, in this gestational week, pregnant mothers should pay attention to avoid "noise" from affecting the fetus, such as the roar of the machine, the chainsaw sound, the fierce quarrel, etc.In China, it is more conducive to the healthy development of the fetus.

7. Fear of insufficient sleep in pregnant mothers

As the fetus is getting bigger and bigger, the stomach of the pregnant mother is getting bigger and bigger, and the action will begin to be inconvenient. Sleeping will naturally be affected. Many pregnant mothers are in the middle of pregnancy.The more serious comes, but if the pregnant mother does not sleep enough and the quality of sleep is low, it will affect the development of the fetus, and the development of development.

It is recommended not to eat too much dinner, exercise before bedtime (such as walking or pregnant women yoga, etc.), do not sleep too late, drink less water before going to bed, etc. If you do n’t sleep well at night, you can have a lunch break for a while at noon.

What the fetus is most afraid of: afraid of tiredness, nervousness and anxiety

8. Afraid of tiredness

In the third trimester, the fetus will develop quickly, and the stomach will be larger. Therefore, expectant mothers will feel that they will feel tired. The pregnant mother is too tired, the fetus will respond.Essence

Pregnant mothers in the third trimester should exercise in moderation and moderate exercise every day. Do not go to places with a lot of people. If you feel tired, you should sit down and rest for a while to accumulate physical strength for childbirth.

9. Afraid of nervousness and anxiety

Many pregnant mothers reach the third trimester, "Pre -birth anxiety" will become more and more serious, nervous and afraid, and may be anxious at the due date.

In fact, pregnancy and birth baby are originally a very natural thing. The pregnant mother should try to let it go. When it is time to launch, the fetus naturally starts. Pay attention to monitoring the baby’s fetal heart and fetal movement every day, relax and wait for the baby to launch.Enough.However, if you find that the fetal movement or the fetal heart is abnormal, go to the hospital in time.

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