The fetus is hungry, can pregnant women feel?These two familiar feelings are actually implying you

During the pregnancy, how the fetus is the focus of the care of pregnant mothers, and it will also become unsatisfactory, especially those pregnant mothers who are pregnant for the first time.The normal growth and development of the fetus.

Among them, mothers must be very concerned about the question of "whether the fetus will be hungry", because if the fetus is hungry, it indicates that the lack of nutrition is that their development is limited.Is there any reaction when the fetus is hungry or lacks nutrition?

Obstetrics and gynecology experts have made it clear that when the fetus is hungry in the stomach, the pregnant mother will have some more feelings. Once you realize it, pregnant mothers should eat something immediately, or add nutrition to themselves properly, and give them to supplement themselves, give it to give themselves nutrition, give it to give themselves nutrition, and give them to supplement themselves.The growth and development of the fetus provides energy.

My colleague Kobayashi insisted on the post when she was 7 months pregnant. At that time, we were driving a project, and she was not idle.Suddenly one day, Kobayashi felt that her fetal movement was very frequent, and the whole person felt uncomfortable, and she had some nausea. This made Kobayashi a bit panic, and she was afraid that there was something wrong with the fetus.

For the sake of insurance, I accompanied Kobayashi to the hospital nearby, waited for the hospital, and after a examination, the doctor found that the blood glucose of Xiaolin was too low, and asked if Xiaolin had eaten. At this time, she remembered that she had two buns in the morning.At noon, I was busy with the progress of the project, and I didn’t eat much.

After the doctor’s face was "black", the doctor said unhappyly: "The fetal movement is so frequent, and there are no other problems. The fetus is hungry, and you are hungry.In the future, we must eat three meals on time, and prepare some snacks for themselves, ordinary people can not be hungry, pregnant women dare to care so much! "

After listening to the doctor’s words, Xiao Lin felt embarrassed and guilty, and felt that he was not like a mother who was a mother, and was full of apologies to the baby in the stomach.After leaving the hospital, I quickly went to eat a bowl of hot noodles, and the little guy in the stomach slowly calmed down.

It turns out that the fetus in the stomach really reminds you when you are hungry, but it is often ignored by the pregnant mothers.You know, you may have experienced those feelings. Come and see if you are familiar.

Frequent fetal movements like Kobayashi are actually implied signals. Many pregnant mothers feel that fetal fetal movements are normal after feeling their fetal movement, especially in the third trimester.Playing with you, but that they are emphasizing that they are hungry, and my mother should add some energy.

Of course, there is also a possibility that although the pregnant mother is full, because the nutrition supplemented by this period of time is too single, or the supplementary nutritional amount does not reach the amount of fetal growth and development, it will also cause the fetus to frequently appear frequentlyFetal movement.Therefore, when the pregnant mother feels that the fetus has frequent fetal movements, you can eat some of them to soothe the little guy. If the fetus is still not quiet, you can go to the hospital for a more comprehensive examination.Other issues.

In addition, if the pregnant mother suddenly feels a little nausea or nausea, although she has not felt hungry, it may also be that the fetus is implying that they are hungry.This is because the fetus will also release hormones when they are hungry, which will affect the normal hormone level of pregnant mothers and make the pregnant mother feel nauseous and nauseous, so as to reflect the feeling of being hungry.

There are few pregnant women paying attention to this point, because after most pregnant women have these two feelings, the first reaction is that they may be too excited, or they are caused by physical discomfort. At this timeIt may be that the fetus feels hungry.Of course, not all pregnant women have these feelings, it means that the fetus is hungry, or it may really be caused by physical discomfort.

Therefore, it is still that sentence. If you still ca n’t let yourself be uncomfortable, then go to the hospital for examination to let the doctor diagnose it, and you can make yourself more at ease. After all, for pregnant women, all discomfort is all discomfort.It may be related to the fetus, which is why it is more attentive.

In the end, we also need to remind pregnant mothers that you must pay attention to dietary problems, do not let yourself be hungry, and do not let yourself eat too much. The principle of moderation is more suitable for babies’ growth and development.Because the provision of nutrition is directly related to the growth and development of the fetus, and it is also related to their health, and it cannot be neglected.

In addition, pregnant mothers usually feel their physical conditions seriously. Once they feel discomfort, they must find out the reason as soon asMedicine, otherwise it may cause more serious consequences.

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