The fetus in the abdomen was ashamed, and Zhejiang maternal refused to surgery!The reason is stunned …

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When you encounter such a big event, older people in the family will pick a good day.Of course, this is a custom.Whenever there is something, over -superstitions are not allowed!

September 18th,

A maternal in Taizhou is right,

But unfortunately encountered the child in the stomach

Bring high -risk illnesses of huge life threats.

In order to let the child get from the danger as soon as possible, the birth is born,

Doctors and nurses are ready to surgery immediately,

But unexpectedly was rejected by the mother mother,

The reason turned out to be

Wait two days later to be a good day for having children.

The mother even signed the name,

It means that all consequences are at your own risk …

Maternal Chen Li (pseudonym) less than 30 years old this year, from Taizhou, college education.On September 17, she was 37 weeks pregnant at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Taizhou Central Hospital.The doctor found that she had suffered a high -risk illness of fertility, umbilical cord first exposure.

The umbilical cord first exposure means that after the maternal contraction of the fetus, the umbilical cord was compressed during the decline of the fetus, causing the umbilical cord blood circulation to be blocked.

In the process of maternal production, as the fetal location continues to decline, the umbilical cord blood vessels will be gradually compressed.Umbilical cord blood vessel pressure can cause hypoxia in the fetus, and it is easy to occur in the fetal palace asphyxia and inhaled pneumonia.

According to statistical results, the fetal cord blood circulation is blocked for more than 7 minutes, and the possibility of the fetus death is very high, which is almost 100%.

In this case, only the cesarean section can cause the fetus to get out of danger as soon as possible.

The doctor immediately informed Chen Li that the huge risk of the child in her belly and the reality that needed to surgery as soon as possible.At the advice of the doctor, Chen Li lived in the obstetric ward.

In order to avoid risk, doctors plan to perform surgery that night.

However, when the doctors and Chen Li were prepared before the operation, Chen Li actually rejected the operation unexpectedly.She said that the family had already picked up a good day, and the time was September 20 after 2 days later. Only this time was auspicious.Chen Li’s move shocked the doctors and nurses.

"If it is dragged on September 20, (the maternal belly) children can’t hold it 100%."

Zhang Ling, director of the obstetrics department of Taizhou Central Hospital, said that Chen Li’s current situation is that early surgery children are safe early.Once her stomach starts to hurt, it means that the child starts to be hypoxic, and the child is equal to being put on a deadly twist.

Fortunately, the situation of Chen Li was still stable that night, and her stomach had not started to hurt.But doctors and nurses have spent one night.

On the morning of September 18th, Chen Huimin, in charge of Chen Li’s supervisor and deputy chief physician of the obstetrics department of Taizhou Central Hospital, once again persuaded her while inspection.As a result, Chen Li still did not listen to advice and insisted on not surgery.Then Zhang Ling, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department, also persuaded in front of Chen Li’s bed on behalf of the department.But Chen Li still didn’t listen.

In desperation, under Zhang Ling’s strong demand, the Chen Li family went to the hospital for the doctor and patient communication center to communicate.Under the witness of the camera lens, doctors once again solemnly informed the risk, harm, and the necessity of surgery as soon as possible to the Chen Li family.

But it is disappointing that the Chen Li family is still unmoved, and she can’t listen to the advice of doctors at all, and even Chen Li also signed that if there is risk, the consequences are at their own risk.

At about 4 pm, Chen Li’s stomach began to hurt.

The nervous doctors and nurses persuaded in front of the maternal bed again.After more than an hour of persuasion, Chen Li was still moving.Seeing the situation is getting more and more critical, children may danger at any time.In the helpless department, he immediately reported to the relevant departments of the hospital’s medical office and the total duty class.

The total duty class immediately contacted Mao Jianlin, director of the hospital doctor and patient communication center, to discuss solutions.Mao Jianlin was taking a clinic at the time. He stopped the clinic immediately and co -defended with several defenders, and rushed to the obstetric ward with a camera.In front of the camera lens, the medical staff was solemnly to the Chen Li family to inform the risk and need for the delay in the surgery.

Faced with so many serious faces and expressions and camera lenses, the Chen Li family finally realized the seriousness of the matter. After a while, she finally agreed with the doctors’ surgical suggestions.

At 6 o’clock, Chen Li was pushed into the operating room.

At 7 o’clock, the surgery ended smoothly, the baby passed by the baby and the god of death, and the peace was born.Learning this news, all medical staff were relieved.

When the child was born, the medical staff immediately conducted a healthy assessment.After evaluation, the child’s health was 9 points for 1 minute, and the normal children were 10 points."The child’s skin tone is slightly green, and there is already a slight hypoxia." Lin Huimin, who was off the operating table, said that fortunately, the mother agreed with the operation. If it was dragged down, the child was hypoxic for a long time, and the result would be serious.

Zhang Ling said that in the past, obstetrics and gynecologists often encountered families who had to choose to have children to have children.This kind of family superstition of Liangchen Gengri will have auspicious superstition, and even delay the necessary surgery for various reasons, bringing a lot of trouble to the development of normal diagnosis and treatment, and a huge danger to maternal and children.

Here, Zhang Ling solemnly reminded that the majority of mothers must not blindly believe in the superstition of the day to produce, and take care of the health and life of their children in the stomach.

Really ignorant!

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