The fetal dream is good or bad. I have these 4 types of fetal dreams, which proves that good luck has fallen to your head

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Xiao Lei, a friend who has just given birth to a baby recently, talked to me about the topic of fetal dreams. She said that she had a strange fetal dream before the baby was born.Shocked her.

How strange is it,

She said: When there were two days before the due date, I dreamed that a female ghost wearing a white clothes climbed to the window of my room.The house, I think our family is not bad, so I stayed.

Then the next day, my daughter was born. The entire production process was very smooth, and the baby was very cute.I joked: What you dream of is not a female ghost, maybe people may be a little fairy.

There are many types of fetal dreams, there are good and bad, and the fetal dreams like Xiaolei will undoubtedly bring her good luck.But some fetal dreams are not so good.Before, a pregnant mother said that her baby dream was a bad thing.

When the pregnant mother was pregnant for more than a month, she dreamed that she was under an apple tree with red and large apples, but there was no leaves.She wanted to pick an apple, but as soon as she reached out, the apple dropped, and Apple was thrown out of a small pit.At that time, she felt that the dream was not good, and then she had a miscarriage when she was more than 2 months pregnant.

So the dream of fetal dream is an unspeakable magical phenomenon. What kind of fetal dream is the foreshadow that a good thing will happen?There are mainly the following four categories:

1. The more beautiful the shape of things appear in the dream, the more complete, the more obvious, it indicates that there will be good things.

2. The things that appear in dreams must be exactly everything.Hold it with your hands, hold it in your arms, swallow it completely, etc. In short, you must completely occupy it.

3. Dreaming of the cloud, rainbow, golden phoenix, dragon, python, tiger, fairy, goldfish, etc. can indicate that children have extraordinary abilities, and the brighter things, the better, the darker the worse.

4. There is no certain thing, but the long -awaited desire achieved, solved the difficult things, and the things that I lost are auspicious fetal dreams.

What kind of fetal dreams do the mothers have encountered?Let’s share it together ~

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