The female doctor controlled the weight during pregnancy, and used a big move. All weight -loss people can refer to

Dr. Boya, my family, used a big move when I was pregnant and controlled my weight. I maintained a good weight. The baby was not overweight.I think all friends who want to lose weight can be referred to.

What big move?

Answer: Hundred steps after meals.

When she was pregnant, in her diet, I suggested that she eat at least one fist and coarse grains; at least half of the three meals with protein foods (with a bone with a punch); dark green vegetables can be unlimited.In addition to the recipes and meals, try not to add meals as much as possible, choose protein foods, low calories, and eat vegetables.

Dr. Boya’s pregnancy diet framework:


Rough grain staples (one fist size, one and a half fist in the middle and late stages);

1 egg (2 in the middle and late stages);

250 grams of milk;

100 grams of vegetables or fruits;

Nuts 15 grams.

Add meals around 11 am:

Within 250 grams of fruit;


Stadium (weight weight, one fist size, a half fist in the middle and late stages);

Vegetables (mature weight, two fists);

All kinds of fish and shrimp are lean meat (mature, half fist size, bone with a punch).

Add meals around 4 pm:

Skin milk 250 ml/or soy milk 250 ml;


Stadium (mature weight, one fist size, eat a half fist in the middle and late stages);

Vegetables (mature weight, two fists);

All kinds of fish and shrimp are lean meat (mature, half fist size, bone with a punch).

Note: You should also eat some nutritional supplements according to the pregnancy report and personal conditions during pregnancy. There are no more examples here.

In other words, I told her a framework in my diet to let her eat as much as possible.These are the most basic for women’s control, especially women’s control during pregnancy.

What is really amazing is that people who have no teachers and understand the true meaning of "a hundred steps after meals".After dinner, she would never sit directly or lie down.Either step on the dancing blanket at home or go around the community.

When she went out at the time, she walked slowly, low -intensity exercise, lasting in the range of 30 to 60 minutes.

You may say that this amount of exercise does not consume much calories.According to the appendix 3 in the "Chinese Resident Dietary Guide 2022": Women (56kg), for 10 minutes per slow walking, can consume 23.3 kcal calories.Dr. Boya weighs about 65 kg, even if it is 30 kcal of calories.She will have about 40 minutes of low -intensity exercise every day, and it will consume an additional 120 kcal that day.This is equivalent to spending 100 grams of white rice every day.

It sounds not much.Yes, but from the perspective of nutrition, one of the real benefits of "100 steps after meals" is not a lot of calories, but through this artificial intervention, increase blood sugar consumption, improve or avoid blood sugar levels, and significantly.fluctuation.

Blood sugar is easy to "fall" by "rising".Regarding low blood sugar, there is a basic consensus in the industry: hypoglycemia is caused by high blood sugar (excluding genetic and medicinal factors and other factors).It is called "reactive hypoglycemia" in a professional term.Blood glucose rises too fast, it is easy to stimulate insulin excessive secretion, thereby lowering blood sugar too low.After the blood sugar is low, it is easy to cause the brain to "eat the center" to release the signal of eating.

This also explains why weight loss should be selected as much as possible on the basis of "controlling volume". Rough grain grains with low sugar lift index, such as oats, miscellaneous grain rice.

It is also explained that many people lose weight, and their staple foods do not eat less, but they are hungry quickly.

And "walking a hundred steps after meals" can help you improve, and the blood sugar level after meals has fluctuated significantly.The blood glucose level is normal, which is conducive to avoiding appear. Breakal hunger caused by "reactive hypoglycemia" is conducive to reducing your number and total amount of eating a day.

I am Du Xuanjian, a "reliable" weight loss nutritionist.

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Reference materials: "Chinese Resident Dietary Guide 2022" "Biochemical -Basic theory and Clinical (6th Edition)"

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