The fallopian tubes are not connected. How can the pregnant couple conceive naturally?

70 % trapped "fallopian tubes" in women who are not pregnant

Clinically, there are many reasons that affect women’s conception, such as irregular menstruation, uterine malformations, imperfect ovarian function, polycystic ovary syndrome, fallopian tube blocking, etc., can all affect the normal breeding of pregnant couples, especially the blocked fallopian tube, and it is even more.Around 70 % of clinical diagnosis and treatment.This is mainly related to the special role of fallopian tubes in women’s reproduction.

As we all know, fallopian tubes are the main ways to transport sperm, eggs or fertilized eggs, which is a very important link for breeding.Anyone developing an abnormal or acquired lesions cause fallopian tube inflammation, causes tubal adhesion and obstruction, or affects the normal peristalsis of the fallopian tube, which can affect the transmission of the eggs and the uplifting of the sperm, making the sperm and eggs unable to combine and affect normal breeding.

The daily symptoms are not obvious, but it needs to be treated in time

Clinically manifested in lower abdomen pain, low back pain, or abnormal menstruation, but many patients have no conscious symptoms except that they are not pregnant.Therefore, once infertility, you must go to a regular hospital for examination and treatment.

The formation of fallopian tubes blocking infertility is mainly caused by various reasons that cause qi and blood stasis, obstructing meridians, and pathological changes such as fallopian tube congestion, edema, inflammatory inflammation, pus, accumulated water, and granulation hyperplasia.Therefore, the treatment method is not the same according to the different blocks and the degree of blockage.

What are the fallopian tubes?

Fallopian tube examinations are generally adopted by fallopian tubes and fallopian tubes.

1. Donatal tubal flux

There is a certain degree of blindness in the fallopian tubal liquid, because the doctor did not understand the situation in the fallopian tube before the water, and did not know whether the patient had tubal distortions, or the fallopoppilling luteal adhesion, and infarction. For most infertile womenThe liquid is not effective, it is only useful for mild adhesion.

2. Donetal angiography

It can be diagnosed whether the fallopian tube is unobstructed can be performed by the fallopian tubal angiography. The tubal angiography test can not only intuitively understand whether the fallopian tube is smooth and obstructive, but also observe the size, shape, deformed deformed, uterine cavity adhesion or occupying sexually transformer lesions of the uterine cavityEssenceIn particular, the judgment and the choice of the treatment plan for the tubal obstruction site are of affirmative significance.Such inspections are safer, no need to anesthesia, no obvious pain, easy to be accepted by patients, and can provide the next treatment basis for professional doctors.

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