The expectant mother is pregnant in October, the fetus changes and precautions every month, and the pregnant mother must know

From Preparation to October, to childbirth, breeding of life is a magical journey, and it is not easy for pregnant mothers.Especially for novice mothers, there will be more problems.

Don’t panic when you encounter something. Listen to the sugar mother to interpret the changes of the tire every month and what precautions are available. Remember to collect it with peace of mind.

First month of pregnancy

Pregnancy is calculated from the first day of the first menstrual period of the prospective mother. When the pregnant mother is pregnant for the first month, it is strictly not a "fetus", but just an embryo about 5 mm.

When the fertilized eggs were just in bed, many women did not know, but if menopause, chest pain, increased body temperature, nausea, headache, etc. after the same room, hurry up and test it.Whether to get pregnant.

The fertilized eggs are more afraid of heat when they are in bed. Pregnant mothers should avoid excessive water temperature while taking a bath. Pregnant mothers who prepare for pregnancy are simply not steaming the sauna, avoiding the environment that is not conducive to embryonic development.

The second month of pregnancy

At this time, the embryo is about 3 cm and weighs only 2 grams, but it is stable in bed. I believe that many expectant mothers have also surprised that they are pregnant!

The embryo at this stage is very fragile. The most afraid of the influence of the abnormality of the outside world, including radiation and drugs.Specific mothers should maintain a strong physique, avoid colds and illness to the greatest extent, and they must not be used blindly. If you have any discomfort, you should consult a doctor diagnosis and treatment plan. You cannot do the master without permission, so as not to affect the fetus and stay away from the pollution of second -hand smoke.

Many women are not adapted to the role of pregnant mothers. The prospective dad has to give pregnant women more care and comfort, and make a good plan for the production inspection and various arrangements.

The third month of pregnancy

The fetus is about 9 cm long and weighs about 20 grams. During the birth check, the double -top diameter, femoral bone length, and fetal heart beats are started. Although the limbs are small, it is clearly visible. At this time, it can be called a "baby baby".

Entering three months of pregnancy, the expectant vomiting response of expectant mothers will be more severe, and frequent urination will increase. Take more rest and eat less meals.Family members can prepare some biscuits, bread slices, etc. for pregnant women. They must not be afraid of pregnancy without eating.

Fourth month of pregnancy

The baby’s weight reaches about 120 grams and has a body length of 16 cm. The tire hair grows on the body and develops initially.

In April of pregnancy, the expectant mothers gradually began to show their arms, and the volume increased. The pregnant mother would have a feeling of falling and soreness. Fortunately, the phenomenon of pregnancy was reduced, and many pregnant women were relieved.

Entering this month, the fetus began to "have long ears", and her mother was far from the noisy environment.The tight underwear is more comfortable to make yourself and the fetus, and at the same time, the requirements for calories and nutrition are getting higher and higher.

Fifth month of pregnancy

The fetus is about 25 cm and weighs about 300 grams. Most pregnant women’s pregnancy reactions have disappeared. From 20 weeks to 24 weeks of pregnancy, it can be said that it is a more comfortable month of expectant mothers.

The fetus will grow rapidly at this stage, and the demand for nutrition is also soaring.Pregnant women should pay attention to reasonable diets, eat more fish, meat, eggs, and fresh vegetables and fruits to lay a good nutritional foundation for the fetus.

Sixth month of pregnancy

The fetus weighs 650 grams and the body length is about 30 cm.

In June of pregnancy, expectant mothers’ pregnancy belly is larger, and she will feel that the uterus is squeezing in the internal organs "poor breathing", the fetal movement is more obvious, and the fetal weight becomes stronger and stronger.

In this month, expectant mothers should add more iron supplementation and calcium supplementation in their diet. Pay attention to the movement of the movement when going out. Do not stubbornly.

Seventh month of pregnancy

The baby’s body is about 35 cm and weighs about 1,000 grams.The little guy’s hearing, vision and sensory system have been developed very well, and the skin is wrinkled, "swimming" in amniotic fluid.

At this time, the baby’s emotional change feels clearer and clearer, and the "in -palace memory" is not casual.

Mother’s emotional fluctuations can affect the blood flow rate in the body, which may cause hypoxia in the body. The emotional change of the mother’s perception of the mother may be restless, abnormal fetal movement, and affecting fetal development.Don’t let your bad mood affect your baby.

In addition, after entering the third trimester, pregnant women will have different degrees of edema. The prospective dad can gently help his wife to massage. You can choose to wear shoes that are larger than usual, and the clothes are loose.

Eighth month of pregnancy

The fetus is about 40 cm long, the weight reaches 1700 grams, the fetal head drops, and the fetus will change the posture to prepare for the final delivery.

The stomach of the pregnant woman will be tight, and the thighs and abdomen will appear more obvious stretch marks, and some even have "pseudo contractions".In the case of physical conditions, expectant mothers still need to take a walk appropriately. When shopping or walking, they need to be accompanied by family members to protect pregnant women.

Ninth month of pregnancy

The fetal body grows to 45 cm and weighs 2500 grams. The fetal development is basically completed.This change will make the pregnant mother feel a lot easier, and become appetite, but the bladder will be oppressed.

After 37 weeks of pregnancy, even if you do a full moon, expectant mothers need to know more about changes before giving birth, such as breaking water, redness, and contractions to prepare for Ping An’s delivery.

The production bag and various required certificates are ready this month, including baby clothes, bottle, urine, mothers’ clothes, etc., so that they are prepared.

10th month of pregnancy

The fetus is about 50 cm in length and weighs 3,000 grams or more. In order to leave enough space for activity, and not to "support" mothers, the birth length of the fetus is generally about 50 cm. Is it very intimate?

The organs of the fetus at this stage have matured and are about to unload.Due to the decline of the fetus, the mother’s pubic bone or the bottom of the spine will feel strong tingling, but this also varies from person to person.

The check -up will become once a week. If there is a sign of delivery, you should seek medical treatment in time. If you take the childbirth or have a cesarean section, you must follow the doctor’s advice and put your own and the health of your fetus.

After pregnancy, the body of expectant mothers is constantly changing, and many novice pregnant mothers are at a loss. At this time, professional bred encyclopedia guidance is particularly important.

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