The endometrium has grown polyps. How do I get "good pregnancy"?

Some sisters may have such doubts: Mr. Mingming’s sperm is fine, his fallopian tubes are unblocked, and ovulation is normal. Why can’t you hold your baby?This may be the endometrium polyps.So, what is the endometrium polyps?How does it affect pregnancy?What should I do?Lets come look!


What is endometrial polyps?

The endometrium polyps are caused by the uterine endometrial glands and interstitial hyperplasia.It belongs to common diseases of gynecology.


What are the performances of endometrial polyps?

Most uterine endometrium polyps are not asymptomatic. A small part of the uterine endometrium and the normal endometrium in the uterine cavity of the uterine cavity are different, causing bleeding in the menstrual period, that is, abnormal uterine bleeding.

When polyps> 2cm, it can stimulate the uterus to induce uterine contraction and cause pain.


How does the endometriosis affect pregnancy?

The uterine cavity is the place where embryos grow. Successful pregnancy requires sperm, eggs, fallopian tubes, and uterine cavity.

For the uterine cavity, if there is a polyps on the endometrium, a piece of bump will be raised, which is equivalent to a foreign body, which will cause chronic inflammatory reactions in the surrounding endometrium.bed.Even if it is planted, it may be due to the problem of blood supply, which will cause embryos to stop and abortion.

Therefore, the endometrium "dove occupying the nest" not only seriously affects the ability of women to conceive naturally, but even as a test tube baby, it will also affect the planting rate of embryos.

Of course, if the polyp is not very large, 1cm is less than 1cm, or the endometrium near the bottom of the palace is not growing, the impact on pregnancy is relatively small.


How to find endometrial polyps early?

B -ultrasound and ultrasonic angiography can easily find endometrial polyps.However, the "gold standard" of the diagnosis of endometrial polyps is uterine laparoscopy.It can clarify whether the polyps, polyps, and shapes, and shapes.

Finally, the sisters were warmly reminded that the inner polyps of the uterus were small and there were no symptoms, which could not be treated.If symptoms occur or need to be treated with pregnancy, hysteroscopy surgery is preferred.

Before artificial insemination and IVF embryo transplantation, removing polyps can increase the chance of pregnancy and improve pregnancy ending.

Reminder: The point of view of this article is only the science of pregnancy knowledge, and it cannot be used as a means of diagnosis and treatment. The specific diseases and diagnosis need to go to a regular hospital to find a professional doctor for specific analysis and treatment.


Dongguan Guangji Hospital Reproductive Center "What’s the matter with the endometrium polyps?"Does it affect IVF?"

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