The end of June, working while playing, really crooked#6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6

Do you have to go out to work to get income?The value of full -time mothers cannot be ignored.

Can I get income only when I go out?I have n’t worked for half a year, but in June, I worked while playing, and also made more than 90,000.Recently, I received more than 50,000 income, and now there are 20,000 yuan.I don’t need my husband to feed, because I don’t like to reach out to ask people for money.During pregnancy, because the shop was closed, I had no income, and I had to ask people for help.

After giving birth, I realized that I couldn’t go on like this.Now, my husband is only responsible for returning his own debt, and all the expenses are borne by me, including rent, milk powder, etc.Although I did not go out to work, I was making money.What I don’t like the most is to reach out to ask people for money.During pregnancy, because there was no income, I had to ask people for help.

After giving birth, I told myself that I couldn’t go on like this.I am now responsible for all the expenses of the family, including rent, milk powder, etc.In fact, not going out to work does not mean that there is no income.I have been self -media at home since September last year.Although I just gave birth to a child at that time, I had a lot of expenses in my life, and I had to work hard.I have a desperate determination.

I am particularly unconvinced.

At that time, I tried real people to show, shooting, copywriting, editing and live broadcasts, all of which were done by myself.Although there were not many fans at that time, I didn’t make money, and there was no traffic, but I kept updating. Each video was better than before. Although I worked very hard, I still couldn’t get hot.I am working hard to train every day like I was testing the yoga certificate at the beginning, for the final transformation.

It took me a few months, so I am also a newcomer on Douyin.Why not give yourself more time?After adjusting the mentality, I continued to work hard and tried to shoot at different angles, including night scenes, day, outdoor, and indoor. Finally, I finally got on the hot and received a lot of fans who liked me. Then I started to bring the goods and had a stable income.Essence

I started broadcasting from October 2nd. The most impressive thing was not that I made 200,000 in March, but in the second month I made Douyin. Through my own efforts, I also bought my own Apple mobile phone.Every time I take a video, I borrow my husband’s mobile phone.It has been eight months since I started making Douyin. In addition to the monthly stable income, I really feel that being a self -media has made my life fully and has a goal. It is also very fulfilling.

These videos recorded my life and growth.

When someone asked me what job, I need not say that I have no income at home.These videos recorded my life and growth. I believe that they will become very precious one day in the future.

Have you started making short videos?If you are still confused, you can tell me in the comment area.

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