The elementary school student "Pregnancy" is on fire, and the teacher gives a full score: I also know that responsibility is a good child

Almost all primary school students are straight -line thinking. They have innocent ideas and imagination. They always exceed the imagination of adults, and they do not know what their ideas come from.

Many people are laughed at by the composition of elementary school students. This innocence is rare. I can’t help thinking about their primary school era. I have done a lot of interesting things to write in the composition.Reading from the students.

The composition of the elementary school student below is very interesting. It is too cute. The teacher also gave a full score, and the comments were bright. Let’s take a look at what kind of composition did the elementary student write.

Primary school students always feel that they are "adults". What they do often imitate the words and deeds of adults, which can be reflected in composition.

The title of the composition is "Pregnancy". Everyone may know that watching TV series at home and encountering intimate lenses, they will cover the child’s eyes, or change the show directly, worrying about teaching bad children.

In fact, the primary school students themselves are very curious. If the parents escape directly, they are easy to make "misunderstandings". This primary school student just listens to his mother and "can get pregnant with his mouth", and he is also convinced.

There was a puppy at home. One day, the elementary school students were eating, and the puppy ran over to grab. This is good. The elementary school students accidentally kissed the puppy. It is estimated that they didn’t think about it at the time.

However, after a few months, the puppy at home was born with a little cub. Now I think of what the mother once said. However, the three views of the elementary school students are very positive.Several of them are hungry, for elementary school students, this is not a joke, but very serious.

When the teacher saw it, he might not help but laughed. He was turned over by Tong Yan Tong Yu. He gave a full score. The teacher’s comment was very cute.

I just do n’t know what the parents think after seeing it?Primary school students are like a "white paper". Soon after they have been exposed to this new world, they have not yet formed independent self -consciousness. They are not very comprehensive about all. Some of their weird ideas are not imagined out of thin air. GenerallyFrom the following points.

Primary school students’ perception of the outside world is mainly seen and heard, and it is deeply impressed directly in their heads. Therefore, primary school students are also bluntly.

Parents should pay attention to their words and deeds. Elementary school students have strong imitation ability. Parents do things and their views. They all look in their eyes and encounter similar things, and they are directly expressed without thinking.

Regarding the explanation of some behaviors, parents may feel difficult to speak, thinking that they can confuse the past if they find a reason. In fact, they have left a deep impression in the hearts of elementary school students. When they see elementary school students doing this, it seems that parents also want to reflect on reflectionJust look at it correctly, don’t let this strong curiosity stay in the hearts of elementary school students.

Another point is that the online age is coming. Primary school students also like to swipe videos. The content of the video is different, everything, and the thoughts of elementary school students will be affected. This impact is invisible and there are advantages and disadvantages. Parents still have to supervise more. After all,Primary school students have poor discerning ability, and are easily affected by factors that are easy.

Also affected by the people around, parents may be very strictly managed. However, after going to school, they play with children. Other elementary school students will misunderstand the intentions of adults, and then spread them.There is a big possibility that parents usually pay more attention.

Parents should find problems in time and correct them. During the education process, do not blame the children. They do not know whether it is right or wrong. Parents must have patient guidance, improve the ability to distinguish, and stay away from the impact of difficulty.Cultivate the correct three views and have good moral quality.

There are also many interesting elementary school students. Parents have seen it and do not criticize. These are commendable childhood memories. You can keep it. When primary school students grow up, it is also fun. Childhood memory is also very interesting.It is always so short. If you want to keep this naive stay, you may wish to leave these interesting compositions.

Parents should not ignore the importance of family education. Drops in daily life are all knowledge. Parents must pay attention to themselves, and they must regulate their own words and deeds.Influence.

If you want primary school students to write a better composition, you must accumulate materials from life, observe more, and improve your cognitive ability. In this way, you have a rich material library. When writing, you will be more smooth.A better composition.

Today’s topic: After reading this elementary school student composition, what do you feel?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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