The dragon fruit is all treasures, and eating often has four effects on the body

The dragon fruit is a type of tropical fruit. It not only tastes good, but also looks very beautiful. It is very convenient to eat. Just cut it with a spoon to enjoy the deliciousness.What does it affect the body if you eat one every day?Let’s find out today.

What are the nutritional value of dragon fruit?

The dragon fruit belongs to the plant of the cactus family. Because the peel is a bit like a dragon scales, it is called "dragon fruit", also known as red dragon fruit, fairy honey fruit, and auspicious fruit.Dragon fruit has the following nutritional value:

1. Dietary fiber

The average dietary fiber content of red heart dragon fruit and white heart dragon fruit is 2.77g/100g, 3.14g/100g, respectively, which is higher than apples, oranges, oranges, peaches, etc.Especially the small black seeds in the dragon fruit are the main contributors of dietary fiber.Feelings of dietary fiber can enhance satiety, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and prevent constipation, which is very good for intestinal health.

2. Magnetic magnesium

The magnesium content of dragon fruit is relatively high among the fruits, 30mg/100g, which is nearly 8 times that of Apple magnesium content.Eating a dragon fruit (about 400g) can consume 120mg of magnesium, which can meet 36%of the daily magnesium demand of the general population.

3. Flavonoid compound

The peel and flesh of the dragon fruit contain flavonoids, with the content of 8.33mg/100g and 7.21mg/100g, respectively.The total flavonoid content of common vegetables is only about 2 to 14 mg/100g, and common fruits are only 3 to 36mg/100g.Although this kind of substance is not necessary for nutrients, it has special physiological activity, including the role of antioxidant, anti -inflammatory, and regulating immunity, which is conducive to preventing chronic diseases and maintaining our health.In addition, the human body cannot be synthesized directly, and it needs to be obtained through fruit and vegetables.

4. Cosmetic and beet redin

Except for the peel of dragon fruit, anthocyanins and beet redin mainly exist in the flesh of the red heart dragon fruit. The content of the content of beet is more than the content of the anthocyanins.

5. Sugar

Dragon fruit contains sugar such as glucose, fructose, and hypotonal sugar. The sugar content of red -hearted dragon fruit is higher than that of the white heart dragon fruit, so it tastes sweeter.

In addition, the dragon fruit also contains a small amount of vitamin C, B vitamin, vitamin E, mineral potassium, calcium, iron and other nutrients.

What are the effects of dragon fruit often on the body?

1. Prevent constipation

Dragon fruit is the "laxative artifact" in everyone’s eyes. The reason why they can get such a name is mainly due to its rich dietary fiber and the ingredients contained in.

The recommended intake of dietary fiber in general adults is 25-30g/day. If you eat 200g of white heart dragon fruit per day, you can consume about 6g of dietary fiber, which accounts for 24%of the minimum recommended amount of dietary fiber per day.It is more effective than eating 200g banana.Limosaccharides in dragon fruit are a type of water -soluble dietary fiber. It will absorb water in the intestine, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, which is helpful to prevent constipation.

2. Control blood pressure

The magnesium content in the dragon fruit is richer than most fruits, which is very helpful for stable blood pressure.Some epidemiological surveys have shown that the intake of magnesium is negatively correlated with hypertension, and supplementation of magnesium can reduce vascular tension and vascular tension.

3. Antioxidant

The anthocyanins, beets, flavonoids, vitamin E and other ingredients in dragon fruit have antioxidant effects, which can remove free radicals, anti -inflammatory, and improve immunity.

4. Prevent cardiovascular disease

There are many black seeds in the dragon fruit. They are very nutritious. The dietary fiber content of red -hearted dragon fruit seeds and white heart dragon fruit seeds is as high as 13%and 10%, and they are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, as high as 75.23%.Among them, the content of monocular unsaturated fatty acids is 31.39%, including linoleic acid and oleic acid.

A linoleic acid is the essential fatty acid of the human body; oleic acid can protect the cardiovascular and reduce the amount of low density lipoprotein cholesterol (commonly known as bad cholesterol) to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Will the red -hearted dragon fruit urine and the stool become red?

Friends who often eat dragon fruit will find that if you eat too many red -hearted dragon fruit at one time, red urine or red feces will appear.EssenceThis is mainly because of the influence of beet red in the dragon fruit. After all, it is also a very safe natural color agent, and it is also good.

When the red beet red elegance is taken at one time, and the body cannot absorb, the extra ones will be discharged from the body with urine and feces, and the urine and feces will be dyed red.This is normal.Don’t worry, when your body is exhausted, it will return to normal colors.

Diabetes patients should eat less

Dragon fruit tastes not very sweet. People are used to judging the sugar content of fruits with taste. This is wrong.Although the dragon fruit tastes not very sweet, its sugar content is not low.Glucose is the most soluble sugar in the dragon fruit, which is close to 70%close to the total amount of soluble sugar, followed by fructose, and the lowest is sucrose.The reason why it is not sweet is because of these three sugar marks, the largest sweetness is fruit sugar, followed by sucrose, and the sweetness of the grapes is the lowest of the three.The most important thing is that compared with fructose and sucrose, glucose enters the blood faster, has a greater impact on blood sugar, and has the highest blood glucose production index.

Even if the dragon fruit tastes not very sweet, it is better to eat less people who need to control blood sugar.If you really like to eat, do not exceed 100 grams a day. It is also recommended to match a few nuts, which is conducive to stabilizing blood sugar.In addition, you have to pay attention to the amount of consumption for your friends.

Finally, it is reminded that the dragon fruit is indeed a good food, but everyone should also pay attention to the balanced nutrition and diversification of food.

Xue Qingxin, the first batch of nutrition instructor of the National Health and Health Commission, Chinese registered nutritionist

Review: Ruan Guangfeng, deputy director of the Center for Food and Health Information Exchange

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