The diarrhea is too sins, these 4 methods can help you

Yesterday, I was very happy to have a hot pot with pregnant women and friends. Early in the morning today, the elder sister told me that I had diarrhea.I thought it would be fine for a while. Who knew to tell me at night that she was not good and she had been diarrhea.I complained about me. I wanted to eat hot pot yesterday, and I stopped it a few times. She said that when I just eat vegetable leaves, I wo n’t eat the meatballs. I believe her.Hate can only be.But still diarrhea today.

I feel that it is not easy for pregnant women to diarrhea. I was pregnant with a large stomach. If the home is a toilet, it is convenient, but it is too tired to squat.And pregnant women cannot take medicine and can’t get injections, and they are afraid that they are not good for the fetus, so they have to bear it.In fact, when pregnant women have diarrhea, there is still a way to solve it.

1. Timely replenish trace elements of loss.

When pregnant women have diarrhea, they should try to supplement the physiological saline to pregnant women to ensure that the nutrients in the body have not lost, and add the calories due to diarrhea.

2. Pay attention to keep warm.

These two days have been winding and cooling. In the past eleven, I haven’t worn so much when I was at home, but now I have taken all the autumn pants.Pregnant women should pay more attention to keep warm and not let the stomach get cold.Although she was wearing a lot yesterday, she would leave a lot of sweat when she walked.But when she let us touch her belly, it obviously felt cold.

When a pregnant woman’s belly is cold, it can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and cause diarrhea.Therefore, no matter whether it is spring, summer, autumn and winter, pregnant women should pay attention to keep warm, do not be cold, and do not cold on their feet.In addition, don’t eat cold and cold alternate, cold drink ice cream is best not to eat.

3. Pay attention to diet.

When diarrhea has occurred, pregnant mothers must also eat, supplement energy, otherwise they will be pulled away.You can drink some easy -to -digest porridge while eating, which is conducive to digestion.In addition, do not eat greasy and excessive spicy food to avoid aggravating the condition.

4. Discover to the hospital in time.

If the above methods have been used, there is no improvement in one day. It is recommended not to drag the forehead, hurry up to go to the hospital and find a doctor for treatment.Many drugs have been held, and they cannot be used in private without the permission of doctors, and if pregnant women eat the drug by mistake, they may cause fetal malformations.Go to the hospital early and can information early.

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