The demand for lung CT examination has increased!Expert emergency reminder

"Demand demand for lung CT surge"

Search on the 30th

Many netizens said that the hospital CT lung examination

Waiting for the patient’s long queue

CT lung examination on the same day of some hospitals

Can’t hang up

Need to queue for more than 1 day

Many hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou said

In the past few weeks

The demand for CT lung examination in the hospital has risen sharply

The department staff runs at full load

Many experts remind

Most new crown infected people are currently

It is symptoms of upper respiratory tract

Not tired of the lungs

No need to perform CT check blindly

On the 24th, Director Song Mai Fen, Department of Critical Medicine, Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital was watching the CT tablets of the new crown patients.Cao Zihao Photo

"For the sake of mind", the hospital CT examination appointment is full

Now at three o’clock in the afternoon, there are more than 100 patients waiting in the front, and there are still new registered patients. The medical care is working overtime.According to the staff of the radiology department of Chinese and Western Medicine Integrated Emergency Rescue Hospital.

On the 29th, the Beilun District Hospital of Beilun District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang stated that the number of people in the hospital has recently reached 6 times that of the number of people in the lung CT; before, the Hubei Xiaogan City Center Hospital also released news that in order to cope with the needs of patients,The two CTs of the hospital operate overnight, and one CT usually meets the needs.

Many people who have already performed or have successfully approved CT examinations say that CT examination is to be prepared to be prepared to be safe."I was positive for self -testing on Friday. I had turned overcast when I tested the day before yesterday, but the cough never stopped, especially at night I couldn’t sleep. I recently discussed the" white lung ‘.I also had inflammation in my lungs. I went to the hospital to hang a number early yesterday and took a CT. The test results showed that the lungs had a slight exudation. It was a small infection.Let’s go home. "Mr. Ma, a citizen of Beijing, sighed that although the results of the last inspection were not very troublesome, he couldn’t let go without inspection.

"No need to panic", most of them are upper respiratory tract infections

"In fact, most of the new crown infections we see clinically are still the main symptoms of upper respiratory tract symptoms such as fever, severe fever, sore throat, nasal congestion, and runny nose.There is no need to perform a CT examination. "Sheng Jifang, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College, said.

"At present, the base of the patients received in our hospital is not small. There are about 150 patients delivered only 120 first -aid vehicles a day. Indeed, some patients have continued to have a fever for many days.When the ministry may have inflammation, it is recommended to conduct a CT examination of it. Among these patients, we observe that the proportion of patients with lesions (inflammation) in the lungs is not high, about 10%~ 20%Although there are also young people suffer from lungs, they are mainly middle -aged and elderly people who have basic diseases and unsolved vaccines. "Sheng Jifang introduced.

A respiratory department expert in a three -tank hospital in Beijing said that the increase in the number of lung infections that netizens are concerned about the increase in the number of lung infections is actually caused by multiple factors."Winter itself is a high incidence of respiratory diseases. In the past season, the number of patients collected by outpatient clinics itself will increase. Not only the new coronary virus, respiratory virus, influenza virus and other pathogens and bacteria can cause inflammation of the Pneumon.This year, with the sharp rise in the number of new crowns infected, and the elderly and disadvantaged people with basic diseases, the absolute number of lung infections has increased significantly, but in terms of the incidence and severity of severe pneumonia, the phase is the same.It must be reduced compared to 2020. "

Even if the lungs have inflammation, they are not critical."There are several cases of breast tablets observed the lesions of the lungs. For patients with a small amount of leakage in the lungs, we will prescribe a small dose of hormone or antiviral drugs for patients to take home. Generally, this situation is 3-5 days.It is restored. Patients with an exudate area of the lungs of more than 1/3 of patients We recommend hospitalization. Taking my department as an example, the average hospitalization time of patients is about one week.Controlled. "Sheng Jifang pointed out, and the so -called" white lung "(severe pneumonia) refers to the seepage area of the lungs of about 70%to 80%. The proportion of patients in clinical practice is very low.panic.

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Source: Changjiang Daily

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