The daughter -in -law who was pregnant for more than 8 months was suddenly annoyed, and the words of her mother -in -law were surprised@…

The daughter -in -law who was eight months pregnant suddenly suffered from cerebral infarction. The doctor asked his family to choose to protect adults or children.My mother -in -law’s answer was surprising.Lingling has been pregnant for eight months. Seeing that the due date is approaching, but recently, the body has always felt uncomfortable, especially the edema.She didn’t care too much, thinking that this was a normal phenomenon during pregnancy.However, when she got up in the morning, she suddenly fainted.This made her husband and mother -in -law very anxious, so she quickly called the 120 emergency call.

After a doctor’s examination, it was found that Lingling was an instant surgery immediately because of the bombs caused by edema.Children in the abdomen are also very dangerous.In this case, the husband was at a loss.The doctor told them that only one can be kept.Due to the large amount of bleeding, Lingling’s survival opportunities are smaller than the child, but the child is almost full -time, and there is a great hope of survival.At this time, a mother -in -law’s decision made her son stunned in place and couldn’t speak.My mother -in -law insisted on keeping the adult.

The doctor explicitly told her mother -in -law that if it is a matter of guarantee, there may not be the operating table, and there is still a hope for the child.No matter what the doctor says, the mother -in -law insists on protecting the adult.After getting the consent of the family members, the best doctors in the hospital were mobilized, and the greatest efforts to allow adults and children to keep their lives.Such surgery is a huge challenge for doctors.

At this time, Ling Ling’s husband gradually calmed down and signed on the surgical consent.Lingling was pushed into the operating room, and time passed one minute by minute.At this time, the mood of the mother -in -law waiting at the door of the operating room also became unstable.There was no expression on the husband’s face.The family members outside the operating room were very bad, the air seemed to solidify, and even the breathing sound was very clear.

In the operating room, doctors fight against the death of death.Family people are waiting anxiously outside.After all, no one dares to imagine that in the case of cranial and abdominal surgery on the head.At this time, her mother -in -law began to feel scared and crying loudly.She cried and said, "Lingling, you are so sensible and filial, you can’t leave us. We can’t have you without you." She said, "Your grandma has never blushed, and your mother also alsoI don’t have enough to make up with you. You can stand up. "

A few hours have passed, and the long wait finally comes good news. The operation is very successful, and the adults and children have kept their lives.The doctor said that her mother -in -law’s choice was very touching, and she had to make her mother and son safe.Being a mother -in -law who can encounter such a reason is really the blessing of Lingling.

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