The daughter -in -law took 12 pumpkins in confinement, and her mother -in -law cried and cried: She could eat too much, we can’t afford it!

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"She can eat too much. I can’t afford to eat 12 pumpkins in my confinement!"

"We are so good to her, she still runs, no conscience!"

In October 2019, a man from Wangcheng District, Changsha City received a phone call. The phone said that his wife who had been missing for a year and a half years later gave birth to a baby girl in the hospital.

The news made men hear the mixed flavors for a while.

The wife disappeared for a year and a half, but gave birth to a child. Obviously, the man’s head was green.

So after the man’s mother heard the incident, she instantly scratched her tears and scolded her daughter -in -law: "She took 12 pumpkins in confinement, we were so good to her, she still ran, she really had no conscience!"

The "generous" speech of the man’s mother made people do not know how to comment for a while.

So, since the in -laws are "so good" to the daughter -in -law, how can daughter -in -law leave home for more than a year and have children with other men?What hidden feelings are there?

This woman who was scolded by her mother -in -law was not conscience and a lot of food, named Fang Baoqin.Under the introduction of the matchmaker in 2007, she and her husband He Qinglin quickly became a family.And He Qinglin was not rich in their family, but Fang Baoqin didn’t dislike anything, but he silently fulfilled his responsibility as a daughter -in -law.

In this way, Fang Baoqin cooks at home with the big and small things at home, serving his father -in -law, and He Qinglin worked for people to work for some architectural work. Every year at the end of the year, there can be more than 20,000 deposits.Although the life is not rich and noble, it can be regarded as tasteful.

But after seven years of marriage, the two had nothing to do, so Fang Baoqin divorced her husband, which made He Qinglin very confusing, but Fang Baoqin was decided at the time, and he had never done it anymore.After retention, the two quickly processed the divorce.

But after two years of divorce, Fang Baoqin found He Qinglin and proposed a remarriage. He Qinglin was naturally very happy and immediately agreed to remarry. It didn’t take long for Fang Baoqin to be pregnant and gave birth to a son. Why did this child add?Shao Huan laughs.

However, it didn’t take long for such a stable life, but Fang Baoqin disappeared one day!This made He Qinglin panic, but no matter how he looked for him, he couldn’t find his wife.

Such a life has been maintained for more than a year. He Qinglin originally wanted to give up, not to find it, and raised children to bring the children to bring the children big, but who would expect, a call of the woman director made his heart up again …

"Hey, Xiao He, Baoqin gave birth to a girl in Qijiang City, you have a child, this child belongs to superborn …"

The wife who had disappeared was news. He Qinglin was very happy, but his wife had another girl. This timeline was obviously wrong. He Qinglin couldn’t help but feel that he had a grassland on his head, so he came to the women’s office angrily,Those who found him to call him, wanted to quickly understand where his wife was, and asked him clearly, but who expected that when the staff of the women’s office found Fang Baoqin’s hospital, Fang Baoqin had long been out of the hospital.

He Qinglin came to the hospital and fluttered. Naturally, he was unwilling. He went to the hospital to investigate Fang Baoqin’s related hospitalization records. I saw that the husband’s contact number of the mobile phone number did write He Qinglin’s phone.A key message is that when Fang Baoqin was hospitalized, a man in his 30s had been with her, and the relationship was very loving.

This information was directly bombed by He Qinglin, so he asked the medical staff where the address was filled in by Fang Baoqin.

After confirming that He Qinglin did talk to Fang Baoqin’s husband, he told him the address. After He Qinglin got the exact address, he kept looking for Fang Baoqin.

Before He Qinglin arrived, Fang Baoqin was still sitting in a confinement milk child in bed. When he saw He Qinglin, Fang Baoqin was obviously annoyed, and even his eyes were unwilling to give He Qinglin.

And here, He Qinglin did not dare to look at his wife. He really had a child with others. He asked why Fang Baoqin ran away from home, and had a child with other men.

Fang Baoqin did not want to ignore He Qinglin, but under the patient inquiries of the reporter, it was the reason why she ran away from home and had children with others, and those information also made the listener stunned …

Fang Baoqin said that after she married He’s family, she was actually a free nanny. She had to wait for her in -laws to do it every day. She was doing big and small things at home.

She had to work hard to work, and she had to wash and cook for her family. The in -laws and aunt would scold her with a disagreement.

The husband did not know that he was at home, but he still chose to turn a blind eye, and the money he earned had never seen a point.

Originally, she thought that she hadn’t conceived her child, and she would cause her family to treat her like this, but who would have no treatment after having a child.

"The whole family is not good for me, including his older sister. I scold me for shame when I confine. He has no money for me. My mother will give me some pocket money every month, and give me food.I am a woman, I want to survive. "

Because the mother -in -law’s family is not good for herself, even if Fang Baoqin wants to live a good life with He Qinglin, she has no condition. After all, she needs to live first to talk about other things, so she chose to run away one day.

However, after she ran out, she should ask her mother’s family for help. The two of them got married. Why did she live with other men and gave birth to a child? She violated the law.

Just when the reporter wanted to ask Fang Baoqin’s question, there was a quarrel outside her house. I saw an old woman who wanted to tear He Qinglin crazy, and said in her mouth: "You abuse your daughter -in -law, you dare to fight, you dare to fight.I’m afraid you! "

It turned out that the old woman was Fang Baoqin’s mother, and He Qinglin saw his mother -in -law fighting with him. He also wanted to fight back and wanted to fight back, but fortunately, he was stopped by the people next to him, and the situation did not further deteriorate.

So, the mother -in -law was originally watching the mother -in -law, the more the more pleasing to the eye, how to get to He Qinglin, but the mother -in -law is facing the evil language. Is there anything unknown here?

"Marriage has always been bad for her. In the confinement, she asked her to wash her clothes when she gave birth to a child. Her father -in -law was not good to her. She always asked her to step on the nail. My daughter ran out in the middle of the night!"

Fang Baoqin’s mother’s words, like a blockbuster bomb, the crowd of fried was cold sweat.

After all, my father -in -law and daughter -in -law, let our daughter -in -law do more and work more, but we are common, but let the daughter -in -law step on the nails at a time, what kind of vicious heart is it!

Next, Fang Baoqin’s mother also told the reason why her daughter did not divorce, so she got married.

It turned out that Fang Baoqin actually mentioned divorce from He Qinglin before, but how could He Qinglin’s family let this free and obedient nanny? So once Fang Baoqin proposed a divorce, he would be tortured.Later, he ran back to his mother’s house.

Fang Baoqin’s mother was irritated after learning that her daughter had encountered. She wanted to come to find their family to explain, but her husband died early, and the family was quite unreasonable. If she went, they had no chance of winning at all., Maybe she will continue to push her daughter into the fire pit, so she firmly goes out to work with her daughter, and she also covers her daughter to prevent the He family from finding Fang Baoqin.

However, Fang Baoqin and his mother’s words were denied by He Qinglin’s parents. They told reporters that their difficulty and the "good" of the other party Baoqin.

"We haven’t quarreled with her, she won’t cook, all her mother -in -law made her for her."

"She ran out in a few months. My grandson was brought by me. I want to cook a few cans for such a large jar to eat her. I ate ten twelve of pumpkins in the confinement. I really used it."

He Qinglin’s mother talked and shed tears.

However, her words made people hear so uncomfortable.

As we all know, women who are pregnant in confinement must be carefully raised. Not to mention that the big fish and meat are provided, it should not only eat 11 or two pumpkins, and the mother -in -law will cry, let’s let the pregnant confinement take the confinement.My mother, go to cook a large family, does not say that there is no one else at home. My mother -in -law takes care of it. What is wrong? Is this worth showing off?

Their "sell miserable" and "sympathy", which makes people really laughing out of big teeth. No wonder Fang Baoqin wants to run. This is not running. Who dares to live in this house in his life?Go.

After leaving that home, Fang Baoqin quickly came to the field, and she really breathed a breath and lived. Soon after, because of the fellow fellow, she met He Dingbo. This man treats her.Extremely good, there is nothing to be fine, and don’t care about her past, but also feels very distressed by Fang Baoqin.

For such a person, Fang Baoqin is willing to give birth to a child for his risk.

And He Dingbo’s mother is extremely good. Compared to the former mother -in -law complaining that Fang Baoqin eats 12 pumpkins and eats, she is crying, and Fang Baoqin is loved in this home.

This mother -in -law took care of her and liked her granddaughter. She was afraid of falling in my palm and was afraid of falling in their mouths. Although the conditions in their homes were not so wealthy, everything was placed aroundIt was said that Fang Baoqin was very valued at this home, and they used the best.

And her mother -in -law knew that after she was abused by her in -laws before, she felt distressed, saying that she would definitely look at Fang Baoqin as herself, take good care of her, so that she would not suffer in the confinement.Undaled suffering.

The current words of mother -in -law also made Fang Baoqin’s eyes shed tears, which strengthened the divorce with He Qinglin. After all, a family was poor, but she was willing to give her the best thing.It’s distressed, which one to continue to live is obvious.

But when He Qinglin saw his wife, he thought that after lived with other men, he would not calm down, saying that he must sue Fang Baoqin as a crime of marriage!

In the end, the contradiction between the situation continued to upgrade, and the show team quickly persuaded. The three parties came to the village committee to mediate.

When he came to the village committee, as soon as a few people sat down, He Qinglin couldn’t wait to put on the other party Baoqin for heavy pressure, saying that she must sue her crime and let her pay the price for her behavior.

Fang Baoqin was not afraid at all, even if she was sentenced to in prison, she had to get rid of it earlier.

So the He Qinglin family saw that Fang Baoqin was not afraid, so they discussed each other. After that, they decided that if Fang Baoqin wants to divorce, she will pay the support fee of 1,55 every month and always pay the child 18 years old.

Because Fang Baoqin left home at the beginning, it was not because he did not love children, but he escaped because he couldn’t stand the squeezing torture of that home. Therefore, for this condition, Fang Baoqin was naturally agreed as a child’s mother.

However, after she signed an agreement, He family who had just said was unwilling to sign.

He Qinglin’s father said that this matter must be went to the court and asked the court to judge that He Qinglin was a little swinging at first, and finally decided to listen to his father.

Fang Baoqin felt very speechless when he saw that the other party was out of his way, so she immediately said, "Just sue.

The reason why Fang Baoqin said so was because she was loved by He Dingbo and her mother. They gave Fang Baoqin a strong confidence, so Fang Baoqin was not afraid of anything at all.

So the mediation of the three families ended in failure.

The most ridiculous thing is that until the end, He Qinglin was still wondering, why his wife Fang Baoqin chose a look, and money was not as good as his man.

In fact, looking at the vertices, Fang Baoqin’s behavior of not divorce has violated morality and ethics with others. When He Qinglin and her dwelling, she is not rational.

However, the law is justice, Fang Baoqin will be punished to a certain amount, and the He Qinglin family will pay the price of the matter of insulting Fang Baoqin at the beginning.

He Qinglin did not understand why Fang Baoqin was willing to live with the man who "not as good as him", but what the person who knew it at a glance was that maybe He Dingbo’s family was not as rich as his family, and he was not handsome, but He Dingbo would not give Fang Baoqin a point less.It will not let Fang Baoqin be a cow to be a horse for his family, and his mother will not wait for Fang Baoqin. These things cannot be bought by money.

So no matter which woman goes to choose, she will definitely choose the person who loves themselves, not the He Qinglin family who eats a pumpkin like this, and cry.

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