The couple adopted various birthdays, but unexpectedly gave birth to 5 children. In the end, they could only listen to the destiny.

According to the New York Post, a 39 -year -old mother could not stop fertility with various birthplaces of childbearing measures. She used to pregnancy twice when taking birthplace measures, and she was "miracle" after three years of ligation her husband’s tube.Baby".

This mother from the UK is Kate Haman, a beautician. She has a 38 -year -old husband Dan. The husband and wife have bred five children. The family is very happy. They liveGelswed.

Kate said that they already have a very complete home. She used various ways of contraception, but she did not expect that she was pregnant again and again, which made her feel incredible and she vowed to sterilize.

Her eldest son Charlie, now 20 years old, was pregnant when Kate took contraceptives. She believed that the accidental pregnancy was due to her intestinal syndrome symptoms or drugs interfered with contraceptive measures.Then she gave birth to her 14 -year -old son Ali and 8 -year -old son Stanley. After that, Kate continued to take contraceptives and was guaranteed to say that she would not be pregnant.However, just 6 months later, Kate was pregnant again, that is, her current daughter Lotti, who is 7 years old.

Although a new daughter added a lot of surprises to the couple, Kate was almost desperate, saying that she would no longer take any contraceptive measures, and she had enough.At this time, her husband Dan said he would perform voltage control.So after giving birth to his daughter Lotti, Dan chose the vascus tube resection, and he hoped to give Kate’s uterus a chance to ease.

Later, the husband intends to send a specimen to check the number of sperm, and Kate has been urging him, but the husband is confident that it is no problem, because the doctor said that the effect of vasal dharma removal is 99.9%.Unexpectedly, the couple are indeed a baby -making machine.

Later, Kate suddenly discovered that her menstruation was late, and she had never been late again before, usually early.So she did a pregnancy test, and she was positive, which surprised her, and was also hit by the biggest blow in her life.Husband said that he couldn’t believe that he had performed this damn operation. He suffered so much pain in vain, but did not succeed. In the end, the couple laughed in the bathroom and had to comfort each other.

Doctors speculated that although Dan’s vasal pipe resection has played a little bit in a few years, it is clear that his vasal pipe has now re -connected.Although Kate suffered a miscarriage when she was pregnant with her fifth child, she became pregnant again a few weeks later, and she had their fifth child, Budi, and she is now 2 years old.

During the epidemic, Kate even had the idea of giving birth to the sixth child. She said that she was really motherhood, but just likes babies and has a big family.Now, she is no longer trying to control what will happen in the future or her uterus.

Kate said that involving contraception, they may definitely be the most unfortunate couple. This is why she had sterilized surgery.She read this information, and not all sterilization surgery is 100%effective, so her husband said that if she was really pregnant after sterilization surgery, it was doomed.If everything fails, the couple can work hard to seize the opportunity and invest in Gangbao Shi.

(Source: "New York Post")

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