The condition is infertility for two years, and now I have successfully become pregnant

This May is a happy event, and the forefoot just sent away a successful patient with a successful pregnancy, and the rear foot ushered in a good news.This May is the May of Joy.

Ms. Li, 27 -year -old in Lingxian, Texas, has not been pregnant for two years after marriage. Because the elderly at home urged the grandson and checked in local hospitals, she was centered for hyperculin ledis, but she was not pregnant.Later, Ms. Li met a friend who had been treated before on the way to seeking medical treatment. After being introduced by a friend, Ms. Li learned that Director Wu Yulan was introduced.

[Ms. Li comes to the hospital for inspection, you can add WeChat: 17661063839 Consultation]

The director of Wu Yulan conducted a comprehensive inspection of Ms. Li, and found that Ms. Li’s right tubal intermediary obstruction, left fallopian tube adhesion, hyperloflin leather, high testosterone, and thyroid dysfunction were reduced.Facing Ms. Li’s various conditions, Director Wu Yulan communicated with Ms. Li, and first conducted a minimally invasive surgery of Ms. Li to clear the bilateral fallopian tubes to separate the adhesion around the pelvic cavity. Postoperative active physical drug therapy consolidated and restored the fallopian tube function.Later, the drug conditioning endocrine index, acupuncture to stimulate long follicle follicles during pregnancy during pregnancy, and at the same time, the drug nourishes the endometrium and successfully pregnant.After learning that she was pregnant, Ms. Li deliberately came to the hospital for inspection, and the test results were all good.

[Jinan Jiale Reproductive Hospital "Director of the Goddess of Single Horchia" Wu Yulan, a member of the Professional Committee of the Reproductive Hospital of the Jinan Medical Association, has been studying at Beijing Tiantan Hospital and Beijing Union Hospital.I have been insisting on the diagnosis and treatment of obstetrics and gynecology for more than 30 years, and are good at infertility caused by uterine and laparoscopic diagnosis and diagnosis of fallopian tubular infertility, uterine vertical diaphragm, uterine fibroids, ovarian tumors, uterine adenomia, endometriosis, etc.He has obtained laparoscopic rings and physiotherapy patent projects to publish a number of reproductive medical research works in the core medical journal.If you have any fertility problems, you can add WeChat: 17661063839 and consult..

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