The common habitual medication errors in the treatment of cattle and sheep diseases

With the development of my country’s animal husbandry industry, in the treatment of cattle and sheep disease, many farmers and veterinarians often have errors in habitual medication. These errors have a negative impact on the recovery of cattle and sheep disease, and sometimes can even cause cows Sheep death.In the practice of traditional cattle and sheep breeding in my country, most of the cow and sheep are judged by experience. Some of the corresponding surface symptoms are easy to mislead us. Some habitual medication errors will occur during treatment, which will bring great Economic losses.Therefore, this article is a targeted introduction to the errors of 7 kinds of cattle and sheep often seeing diseases for the disease.

Lactic acid poisoning is a common disease of cattle and sheep, and its cause is caused by excessive feed.Many farmers have insufficient understanding of lactic acid poisoning, and the use of diarrhea is used to treat the diseased animals. In fact, the method cannot discharge the concentrate. The significance of treatment is not very great.Poisoning.

Cubicillin is a commonly used livestock therapeutic drug. The medicine has a significant effect on diarrhea, but the abuse of the drug has always been significant.It is actually wrong to irrigate ilcomycin to treat diarrhea.This is because the medicine will kill the microorganisms in the stomach of the cattle and to destroy the balance of the inside environment. Therefore, after many diseased animals use earthyrin, diarrhea is good, but anorexia occurs.Gyenicillin and Ennohastar are the symptomatic drugs of diarrhea.

Penicillin has strong antibacterial power, low side effects, low price, so it is easy to abuse.Penicillin treating gastric and intestinal infection is a wrong way.This is because although penicillin is antibacterial, its corresponding antibacterial spectrum is very narrow, so when there is bacterial infection in gastrointestinal tract of cattle and sheep, the treatment effect is mostly futile, such as Ennothaxing, wearing a heart company, Topinoplasses, etc.The symptoms we should choose.

When farmers are facing the temperature of cow and sheep, they will use large dose of antipyretic drugs for renewal, but this approach is wrong.Anti -fever medicine is not an ideal drug for the treatment of livestock. This is because the antipyretic agent only plays a surface antipyretic effect.When suffering from animals, use 2 to 3 times, and you need to apply other drugs to treat them together.

When there are some spasm symptoms of cattle and sheep, most of the farmers will panic. This is because their onset is more urgent. The corresponding manifestations and acute poisoning symptoms are similar. This will cause many farmers to use detoxifying drugs to treat the disease.This is a wrong usage.Most of these diseases are caused by cerebral neurological diseases, such as encephalitis and encephalopatrum, which can cause spasm.Therefore, farmers can only use detoxifying drugs to treat symptomatic symptomatic treatment after they understand whether the livestock is poisoned.

When breeding cattle and sheep have less urine, closed urine, etc., they are mostly caused by the lack of water or urination of cattle and sheep. A few are the problem of reducing kidney urination. At this time, farmers are treated with diuretics.It is incorrect.Diuretic agents can only increase kidney urinary effect without improving urinary closure of sick animals.Therefore, diuretics can only alleviate the symptoms instead of the treatment of the disease. At the same time, if it is not applied, it will increase the disease of the diseased animal. Therefore, farmers need to be treated according to the cause of the cause.

Under normal circumstances, cow and sheep’s skin tinea is a common stubborn disease for farmers. Treatment with enemy cachines is the most traditional method.The efficacy is very poor. This is because the cow’s skin is usually thicker and stronger. It is difficult for enemy cachines to penetrate into the skin and kill mites, add water to use, and the efficacy is difficult to achieve the required treatment dose.And we want to improve this method, we can add enemy cachines to Vaselin. In this way, when applying the diseased cattle, it can extend its role and increase its penetration, so that the efficacy will be good.

In general, when facing some common diseases of cattle and sheep, farmers cannot be careless, and can not only be used by experience and surface diseases. First of allAt the same time, farmers must correct the wrong thoughts of common medication of cattle and sheep disease, so as to fully ensure the quality of cattle and sheep farming.

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