The college entrance examination was just over, and my daughter did not come to the holiday in February. I thought she was just because of pressure

Cui Lili is the only daughter of me and my wife, just 18 years old this year.She is a smart and lively girl who loves learning, and has carried the expectations of our husband and wife since childhood.Recently, she has just ended an important test in her life. The Chinese people know, the college entrance examination.

I am an architect. I am very busy on weekdays. My wife is a math teacher in a middle school. The responsibility and pressure of the family of the family always make us fail to accompany our daughter.However, Cui Lili has always been very sensible. For three years in high school, she buried herself in the sea of Shushan, and we could only spend a light to read at night with her, hoping that she could give her best answer that day.

After the college entrance examination, Cui Lili seemed to be relieved, and she laughed like a little sun every day, but I found a problem. Cui Lili hadn’t come to a holiday for two months.At first I thought it was caused by the pressure of the college entrance examination. After all, everyone knew the pressure of the senior high school.I comfort myself, it’s okay, it may be just physical dysfunction caused by stress.

One night, I dealt with some work documents in the study. Cui Lili was talking to her friends in her bedroom. I didn’t want to disturb her, but when I walked in front of the bedroom, I accidentally heard the conversation on the phone.

"Xiao Yun, I think I might … might be pregnant." Cui Lili’s voice trembled, full of fear.

I was stunned at the time, and the documents in front of me became blurred, and only Cui Lili’s words were echoed in my ears.

How can it be?how so?She is just a child who has just taken the college entrance examination. Her life has just begun. I always thought she was a pure girl. How could this happen?

I tried to calm my heartbeat and walked into her room.

Cui Lili’s face was suddenly white, she looked at me, her eyes were full of fear.I took a deep breath, suppressed the inner anger, and said quietly to her, "Cui Lili, I am your father, you can tell me everything, we face it together." Cui Lili’s tears suddenly fell,The girl who had been fearless in front of the college entrance examination seemed so helpless at this moment.She told me that the college entrance examination was under pressure. She and her boyfriend looked for a brief comfort, but did not expect to bring such a big trouble.

I looked at the daughter who looked like the pearl on the palm in front of me, and a complicated emotion flooded in my heart.Angry, disappointment, sadness, helpless … but at that moment, I suddenly understood that I could no longer let her bear more pressure, and I couldn’t let her face it alone on this issue.

I held Cui Lili’s hand and glanced at her deeply, "Do you know? You will always be our baby, we face it together and solve it together."

Then we told the wife’s news.The mother and daughter hugged tightly, crying like two children.I feel sad, but I understand that we cannot let our emotions dominate us.As a father, I must bear the responsibility of the family.

The next day, I took Cui Lili to the hospital and confirmed her pregnancy.Watching her nervous in the B -ultrasound room, I told her that no matter what the result was, we would be with her.

In the end, we decided to let Cui Lili take a temporary suspension of school for a year. After handling this incident, she then went on her studies.This decision is difficult, but we understand that for Cui Lili’s future, we must do so.

I know that this story is not so relaxed and not so beautiful.However, this is life. Sometimes, it does not unfold in the way we think.I hope that all parents can understand that our children may make mistakes, but this does not mean that they have lost our love.On the contrary, they need our understanding, we need our support, and we need to accompany them to spend the difficulties together.

Because, love is wherever and wherever they are, they are willing to reach out to help them, guide them, and accompany them.

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