The children’s mouth opened?My mother tells how to know that she is pregnant with her second child, it’s amazing

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Nan Huaijin said that there are only two kinds of people who are most likely to study Buddhism in studying Buddhism.

Full of wisdom can be understood as a very high talent of such people, and it is through at all; and another kind of person who is foolish and respectful is that there is no knowledge, but it is as pure and respectful as nature.

Mr. Nan Huaijin particularly said that the subsequent people who are later foolish and respectful, such as children who do not harmonize the world.

In this kind of words, Professor Zeng Shiqiang once said that the child would not speak after the child was born.explain.

Previously, there was such a statement: it means that the child has internal memory.Specifically, you can read the previous article of the old aunt: "Internal Memory" or "Memory of previous Life"?The truth that Japanese 1,600 children were tested after testing

Today, I will talk to you a particularly amazing thing.

The blogger You En’s mother shared a video. In the video, Youen was sticked on his mother’s clothes.Suddenly, Youen, who was more than 2 years old, told his mother: There are little brothers!

Younen’s mother was surprised to ask: Where is there a younger brother?

Younen said inadvertently: Behind the clothes!

Youen’s mother was even more surprised: What clothes behind?

Youen had to pinch his mother’s shirt, and pointed to his mother’s belly and said: In the belly behind the clothes, there is a little brother!

Younen’s mother was curious and asked: How do you know?

Younen continued to play stickers, and he didn’t lift his head back: I dreamed!

The mother of Youen is simply speechless. Since Youen said so, then buy test strips to test it.As a result, two bars!There are pictures and truth!IntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersection

Mother Younen made a saying from the soul: Is the child’s mouth opened?

Coincidentally.Under the video posted by Younen’s mother, there are about 400 replys, all of which are all emotional, and the child’s sixth sense is powerful.

Netizen Yumiko: Young will be a sister!——Myen Mother said: Just inadvertently refer to the second child.

Netizen Baxi: Youen said it is a younger brother!—— Mother Youen said: Everyone said that the children said accurately. This was not born, we don’t know!

The world of netizens Huahua: My family is also, baby Tian Tian said that her mother has a baby in her belly, but the results are really available.—— Mother Youen said: It’s amazing!

Netizen Little Sun: Some children can see it!

Netizen’s sauce: My daughter was sitting on the bed one day, and suddenly I started to read "Lin Xi Kai" and I went to check it. I was really pregnant.After his brother was born, he called the name "Lin Xi Kai" directly. I think it is too meaningful!

Netizens’ feelings: The son of my second aunt’s house, we asked him, do you say is the baby in the belly of the little aunt or the little sister?He said, brother.Asked how he knew, he said, he saw it.And he likes his brother.In this way, I gave birth to a son, and he said that the second was the little sister.I’m not pregnant yet.It’s so amazing.

Netizen Nana: I walked in the community before I was pregnant.Suddenly a little boy ran over, hugged my waist, and said to me: Auntie, you have a baby in your belly.I said, no!He also insisted on saying: There are babies!As a result, a few days later, the aunt didn’t come.

Netizen Pea is big: I just watched the video just now, and I had the courage to ask a question about 3 years old: What do you say you have?The son said: There is Baba!

Netizen Fat Feng: They all said that children within three years of age were accurate. I watched the blogger’s video and watched so many replys. It seems that more than 90%are indeed accurate.

After reading the reply of netizens, my old aunt Nana also thought of one thing about 7 months pregnant.

It was a afternoon, and I was holding a big belly to go to the small park of fitness equipment in the community.I met the neighbors of the next building and took her daughter Xiaoyuer to play seesaw. At that time, Xiao Yuer was just 1 year old and just said a simple phrase.During the chat with Xiaoyuer’s mother, Xiao Yuer also said to us.

I was curious and asked Xiaoyu: Baby, do you say that aunt is a younger sister or a younger brother?Xiao Yuer said: Brother.I didn’t give up, I continued to ask 2 times, and all answered as the younger brother.

Sure enough, 2 months later, the son was born.Now when I talk to Xiaoyu’s mother, everyone feels particularly amazing.

Finally, borrow a paragraph that Professor Zeng Shiqiang said to end today’s topic:

Professor Zeng Shiqiang once said:

Children are the baby who entrusts to their parents.Parents have no ownership and no choice.

However, children have the right to choose their parents, so as parents, they must open their hearts, welcome their arrival, and fully accept them.

Furthermore, each child is an independent individual, has an independent personality, and the living environment and lifestyle of each generation are also different. Children want to pursue their own life.

As a parent, you must respect him, tolerate him, don’t force him, don’t have excessive expectations, let alone keep things that you have not reached on his children.

(Picture source network, invading deletion!) I am an old aunt Tina, an ordinary person who likes to write some words.I hope that after reading this article, I can inspire you.May you be born to the sun, full of spring breeze, and the best self in your heart.

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