The chance of a woman with a ring can still be pregnant. I only want to hide my husband

Hello Lin Xi; I know that once I say this is shameful, let me introduce it myself

I am 35 this year, my child is in my 7s, and my husband works outside. Since I lived with my husband for half a year, soil and water and the environment are not used to the environment. ThereforeCome back several times.

When there was a child, I planned to have one, and then had a ring surgery.When I came back to live, because of boredom, I met this man on the Internet. Let me call him Luo Wei for the time being.

My family can be considered a little money. There is no shortage of money. I personally think that it is possible. Dressing is also a fashion type.This is not very good to have my mother -in -law.There is no husband to accompany my husband. My mother -in -law and I have always been cold. Generally, I don’t need her.

Knowing Luo Wei was a long time ago, but it was only a few months familiar.After meeting with Luo Wei, he found that he looked sunny, his mouth was very slippery, and he was very funny.It is much better than my dull husband.It may be that the dull life is too long, and the heart is not satisfied, so we will be together a few times.

At first I felt okay, but my father -in -law was muttering. I felt that he found that my travel was not normal, because we went to play together for three days, and I also found some reason to let him listen consciously to stop his doubts.

Resentment, I am pregnant. This is a big mistake. I have never believed that this is the fact that I have done surgery, and I have not been pregnant with my husband over the years. How can I find time?As a result, the doctor was surprised and asked me if I had a review in the past few years, saying that this chance is very small, and I suggest that I will wait for the next step.I only had to review it once. When I went out of the hospital, I felt that the sky was going to collapse. Behind the madness, I felt sorry for the family, but I regret it.

When I got home, I was trying to do it. Inquiries on the Internet. I thought I threw the child to my mother -in -law for a few days to do it secretly, and then went to the parents’ house to avoid suspicion.Because my mouth was also fast, I told Wei, hoping that he was looking for someone to sign and secretly do it.He knew that he had fun after he was born.I was also very anxious, saying that I had no divorce and had done surgery.Who knows that his reflection is indeed heaven and ground, and he kept growing, saying that he became a third party and a scapegoat.I said I’m sorry to lie to you, but I just feel like nothing happens?After the quarrel, I got home, maybe I was fainted and threw the inspection report on the shoe cabinet.

After his husband found out, he should tell her mother -in -law. My mother -in -law found me and said that I have been looking for my husband recently.I heard my head buzzing.I feel that I am afraid that he is looking for my husband for consultation, so I said yes, I went, and then I said that my husband was very busy recently, and something was having a little bit. I hope we do n’t bother him.In this way, I found a reason to push my husband to have something to prevent my mother -in -law from contacting her husband.Then I asked my husband to turn off the family contact herself, and I told my husband that my brother would borrow money to call you, don’t lend him, so turn off the husband’s phone. In fact, it is to make the mother -in -law unable to contact.

After a few days of dragging, I found that my husband did not contact this matter with my mother -in -law, but my husband suspected that it was already good, so I immediately went to buy the drug. In this way, my relationship with Wei was broken.After a month, I have been confirming that the matter has subsided.At least my husband didn’t know, even if my mother -in -law said to him, I would not admit it.

The matter was plain, but Luo Wei appeared again. I asked me to meet. I refused and didn’t want to do this.He began to become indifferent, saying that I was a liar, and said what the reason for getting married, I just said that I did not the next time, I hope to forgive me.

Then he started to do not do it. He called twice and harassed me. I changed my phone and turned off the contact information. I thought this matter could be isolated. I did not expect that I went out yesterday.Where? I was scared at the time, pretending not to know and hiding, he followed him.When I walked in the city, I told him not to meet. He asked him in every way. I said that I couldn’t, and it belonged to the body’s collapse. He said a lot of intimidation of me, so I found a hotel again at noon.When I got home, I said don’t contact it. He asked me to have a new mobile phone number.

I sent me a text message at night, saying that recently at hand, the shortcomings of the shortcomings asked me to help him. I said that I had no money. He said that he could find a way. He opened his mouth 30,000. This money was not a lot of money.He played for 25,000 in the past.That’s the end, it is a compensation for you.

A few days later, I started to rogue again, and I had to compensate my feelings for me without meeting.Go to 30,000 again.I gave it to him too, hoping to be bland.

I am really crazy, the consequences caused by myself, I am afraid that my husband will be more troublesome.I started to be better to my mother -in -law, I hope my mother -in -law will not pick up.I received his information from time to time, making me even more scared. What should I do?How to make up for faults

Lin Xi said;

Life is picturesque, one footprint, step by step, some gorgeous and brilliant, some are bland.

This kind of problem is not unsolved, but to be able to prescribe the right medicine. What you think is different from the other person. As long as the idea is different, there will be disputes and cause things to break.All the problems are the fault of the other party. I do n’t know to review myself, so the emotional problem can never be dealt with, and it is really sad.If you want to succeed or achieve your goals, you must have a few simple conditions. First of all, the concept is right. These things are worthy of your time to learn, and then the mentality is correct, otherwise it will make you very painful. FinallyCorrectly, if the method is random, it will push the other party closer, so if you have these conditions, you will be half successful.This procrastinating feelings are not love, but the so -called mutual supply in the excuse.I hope that your problem is that Luo Wei fully understands the importance of things.He knows your house, you can’t move your house, deal with you and him, and to make up for the fault, I don’t think you can make up for it. You’d better go to the outside world to find your husband and insist on the environment and treat your husband.After all, my husband is real and hypocritical. In the future, you have to change your actions. For a family, your behavior will touch the family environment and the growth of children.

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