The cat went out for a walk and was kissed like this. Cat: I need legal aid!

With a cat, you can see a soft, furry little cute every day, and life is no longer alone.From time to time, some interesting and warm little stories occur.

Let’s look at the small stories shared by 20 shovel officers, either touching, or warm, or interesting …


Based on the age of cats, she is already an old lady, but she is always my favorite little cute.


Thunderstorms returned home when they were overwhelming. As soon as they entered the door, they saw the dog holding the cat tightly. It should be protecting the cat.


Sitting in front of the photo is half an hour. It should miss my sister.


Dragoning the door is blocked at the door, okay, this will be your home in the future!


The cat went back and came back, and his face looked like this.There must be a cat -loving monster near my house!

Cat: Listen to me explanation, I will always only love you one!


When the cats and dogs at home announced their pregnancy, and soon they would have a little baby at home, they were all stunned.


It ’s so loving, the cat at home accepted the baby completely.


In a pet hospital, her husband is comforting the cat.


This look, it must love him!


Cats working in the glasses shop also have their own small glasses in order to provide customers with better services.


The three kittens were abducted, and quickly sent a message with a computer to ask for help.


The kitten is showing his own small claws, powder, so cute!


The wife soon had to have a baby. When the sofa was lying on the sofa, the cat at home would pass by her belly.


The stinky socks thrown around the husband were put by the cat at home.


In order to prove that the cat at home is very large, only when you pick it up, do you see cats big?


It is a small elf wearing a hat!


The two brothers of the cats are very good, and they can put an exactly the same sleeping position when they sleep.


While opening the door to throw the garbage, Big Orange rushed out, and now it comes back, with the word "regret".


I slept for a while in the morning, and when I opened my eyes, I saw the cat lying in front of me.If you understand, get up and add rice.


Two years apart, holding a cat in the same position.

With cats, I grow up and accompany each other every day. I just hope that cats will accompany us for a long time and longer.

Cats are not just pets, but also family members we have selected by themselves!

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