The calculation method of ovulation period, pregnancy, and due date, if you plan to ask for a baby, you need to count in your heart

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Now most young people are pregnant and have children. They have been preparing for pregnancy half a year ago to give birth to a healthy new life.

However, preparation is not so simple. Not only does the husband and wife maintain a healthy diet, but also calculate the ovulation period. Otherwise, it is easy to have a long period of pregnancy but not pregnant, or if you are pregnant and do not know.

After pregnancy, it is also necessary to calculate the pregnancy and due period, which is important for birth checkup and subsequent delivery.

Colleagues have been preparing for more than half a year and have not been pregnant. I went to the hospital for examination some time ago. The doctor said that their husband and wife had no problems, so she asked if she had calculated the ovulation period.

All in all, if the ovulation period, pregnancy period, and due period of calculation are calculated, if you plan to want a baby, you must know it in your heart to be responsible for yourself and the fetus.

1) Through menstrual period calculation

As long as women with regular menstruation can successfully calculate a relatively accurate ovulation period, basically about half a month before menstruation.

For women who are prepared, a few days or after the ovulation day are the best date for conception, and the chance of conception is very high.

However, women with irregular menstruation are not applicable to this method, and the accuracy is very low.

2) Cervical mucus status

Careful women will find that after menstruation, there are very few cervical mucus excreted in the body and sticky.Some women even have no mucus after menstruation, and this time is also called "drying period".

This also means that women are not in the ovulation period, that is, the corresponding "safety period".

When women are ovulation, the cervical mucus will increase thinner, not turbid, transparent, smooth and elastic, very similar to egg white, and the closer to the ovulation day, the higher the viscosity day. It is also called the "moist period".

The last day is ovulation day, suitable for conception.

3) Basic body temperature monitoring

Women’s body temperature will increase during ovulation and can be used as a way to judge.

However, it is also conditional when measuring the body temperature. It is best to choose when you wake up at 6 or 7 in the morning or haven’t gotten out of bed. This is the basic body temperature.

The ovulation period is the days when the body temperature continues to rise, the body temperature rises very small, generally 0.3 to 0.5 degrees. The ovulation day is the day before the first day of the body temperature rising.

However, this method is not particularly accurate. First of all, the temperature rising value is particularly small and it is not easy to be measured.Secondly, if pregnant mothers often stay up late, they often have insomnia, poor mood, or poor health, they will also be affected.

4) With the help of ovulation test strips

If you do not master the above methods, you can use ovulation test strips to detect urine. If the test strip is positive, it proves that you have reached the ovulation period.

It should be noted that the use time should be the 14th day before the next menstrual period. The first three days and the second day of this date are a good time for detection, and the accuracy rate is high.

1) Last menstrual time

Usually doctors’ algorithms are based on the first day of menstruation before pregnancy.But in fact, the real conception is generally two weeks after the last menstruation, and then mature eggs have the opportunity to form fertilized eggs.

2) Calculation of ovulation days

Generally, as long as you have accurately grasped his ovulation day, you can speculate that the real pregnancy is.Because the last time the eggs were excreted before pregnancy successfully became a fertilized egg.


The whole pregnancy can be divided into three periods: the first three months is the early pregnancy, the next four months is the second trimester, and the last few months is naturally the late pregnancy. Each stage has its own characteristics and matters that need attention.

4) Obstetrics and Gynecology Date

The expectant mother’s pregnancy is 40 weeks, but in fact many pregnant women are not produced in due date.

The reason why it is pregnant in October is mainly calculated according to the days of the expected department. It is 10 months after a month.

1) Women’s calculation method of menstrual rule

Under normal circumstances, the formula for calculating the due date is the first day of the last menstruation+280 days.

In addition, there is still a relatively simple algorithm. Using the month on the first day of the last menstrual period, 9 or 3 minus 3, and the date is added to 7 to get the month and specific date of the due date.

For example, on March 10, 2011, according to the above algorithm month, 9 and the date plus 7, the due date is February 17, 2012.

2) Girl calculation methods with irregular menstruation

Method 1: pregnancy vomiting and fetal movement

According to scientific calculations, expectant mothers usually begin to appear at 18-20 weeks after pregnancy; the second mother is earlier, about 18 weeks, so the due date is 22 weeks after the fetal movement.

About 42 days of pregnancy is usually about 42 days of pregnancy, and it is 238 days from the beginning, which is basically the due date of pregnant women.

Method 2: B -ultrasound detection

For those pregnant mothers who are irregular menstruation and do not pay attention to their pregnancy and fetal movement, B -ultrasound is the best way to judge the pregnancy week.

The B -ultrasound can detect the development of the fetus, judge the month according to the length of the fetal head and hip and femoral bone, and then calculate the specific due date.

Ovus, pregnancy, and due period, it is very important for women in preparation and pregnancy. It must not be ignored!After all, the focus of nursing at each stage is different, and you can know it.

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