The burning heart during pregnancy is so painful, mastering two big tricks, it can be better if you do not swallow medicine.

Since I am pregnant, every time I eat a lot of gastric acid, it is uncomfortable … Many people will have the trouble of gastroesophageal current during pregnancy. In addition to nausea snoring, sometimes they will accompany abdominal pain, cough, and indigestion.If you want to improve the symptoms, you don’t want to swallow the medicine and worry that you will hurt your baby. What should you do?

Burning heart, nausea, abdominal pain … Is your stomach sore?

Most of the gastroesophageal reflux during pregnancy occurs during the late or early stages of the first or second pregnancy, and 40 % to 85 % of pregnant women will have this problem.In addition to the hot feeling of the chest, the mother will also have symptoms of disgusting, snoring, upper abdominal pain, hoarseness, chronic cough, and indigestion. These symptoms will gradually become larger and more obvious as the stomach becomes larger.

Slow gastric motility and rising abdominal pressure will cause symptoms

Why are pregnant women prone to gastroesophageal current?Increased lutein secretion during pregnancy will slow down the gastrointestinal motility, make foods easily accumulate in the intestine, and increased estrogen concentration will make the lower esophagus sphincter relatively relaxed.EssenceAlthough the esophagus split muscles are not significantly relaxed during the first pregnancy, it will help increase the stimulating response of the tension (bile ester inhibitors) of the esophagus. Once the gastrointestinal motility becomes slower, the gastric juice may go upwards.In addition, the uterine variation conference squeezes the angle of the stomach to change the stomach. The heavier of the uterus will lead to rising abdominal pressure. Both risk factors will make the gastric juice easier to rush up.

The origin of fire burning

Because the stomach acid reaches the esophagus can cause the chest to produce a burning sensation (stomach burning, Heartburn), and the gastroesophageal current is also called fire burning heart.

Older & multi -age maternal high -risk population

People with gastric acid reflux during pregnancy are the most common with elderly people and polymers. Pregnant women with a history of gastric acid reflux and a history of pylori infection will also have a greater risk of gastric acid reverse flow.Because gastric acid reflux does not affect the health of the fetus, the symptoms are usually relieved by adjusting the diet and schedule.

Check diet!

Drink a small amount of meals, drink water

Eating too much food or drinking too much water at a time will instantly expand the stomach and increase the pressure of the stomach and the cardia. Usually, it is best to eat a small amount of meals and drink water.

Eat less food that stimulates gastric acid secretion

Lemon, orange, orange, grapefruit, tomato, pineapple and other acidic fruits are likely to stimulate gastric acid secretion. Foods containing caffeine and mint will relax the esophagus sphincter and cause pantothenic acid. These foods will aggravate the symptoms of gastric acid reflux.In addition, high oil, high sugar and fried foods will slow down the time of digestion and delay gastric emptying; chocolate containing a large amount of cocoa alkali can easily relax the esophageal sphincter, and these foods will also cause gastric acid to flow.

Eat more foods to protect gastric mucosa

Okra, yam, pumpkin, sweet potato, papaya, Korean vegetables and ginger have the functions of inhibiting gastric acid, protecting gastric mucosa, repairing ulcers, and helping digestion. It is very suitable for people with poor gastrointestinal function or gastrointestinal diseases.Yogurt can improve intestinal bacteria and enhance digestion, and also has the effect of health care.


Lie on the left when sleeping

When lying on the right side, the stomach is higher than that of the esophagus. It is easy to return the gastric juice to the esophagus. When the left side is lying, the stomach is lower than that of the esophagus, which is less likely to cause gastric fluid to return.

Sleeping and raising head

Lying flat easily allows gastric juice to flow back to the esophagus. A pillow can make the esophagus higher than the stomach while sleeping, and avoid gastric juice from flowing back to the esophagus.

Avoid lying flat for 3 hours after a meal

The average stomach takes 4 to 5 hours to clear the food. At least 3 hours after meals can be reserved for the stomach to fully digest the food. During this time, it is best to keep the upper body upright.If you want to squint after meals, you can take 2 or 3 pillows behind you or lean on the sofa.

Loose clothes

Too tight clothes will compress the stomach and cause the stomach to shrink and increase the abdominal pressure. During pregnancy, you should wear loose clothes as much as possible to avoid compressing the stomach.

Repeated inverse flow must be treated according to the situation

If you adjust your diet and schedule, you still cannot improve the symptoms and the symptoms are seriously affecting life. Drug treatment must be used as depending on the situation.Sucralfate (Sucralfate) will form a film on gastric ulcers or inflammation to prevent gastric acid from deepening erosion. Take 3 times a day to protect gastric mucosa and improve inflammatory symptoms.Severe gastric acid reverse flow can consider using advanced hydrogen ion blocking inhibitors (H2 Blocker) or more powerful hydrogen ion blocking agents (PPI); common hydrogen ion blocking agents include Omeprazole, Lansoprazole, Pantoprazole, they can effectively reduce gastric acid secretion and improve the disease caused by excessive gastroesophageal or gastric acid secretion.In addition, Metoclopramide also has the two functions of promoting lower esophageal sphincter contraction and peristalsis, preventing gastric juice return caopia and promoting gastrointestinal motility, accelerating the speed of gastric emptying, can effectively prevent nausea, vomiting, bloating, and loss of appetite.Good effect.

Do not treat fears and asthma, sinusitis

Having said that, does taking powerful drugs during pregnancy will not affect fetal development?Taking hydrogen ions to block the inhibitors during pregnancy will not significantly increase the proportion of abnormal tires. Even if you start taking it in the early stages of pregnancy, your baby will not become malformed children.It is not treated because he is afraid of taking medicine, but it may cause erosion esophagitis, Barrett’s ESOPHAGUS, throat / tracheal narrowing, esophageal, asthma, chronic cough, chronic sinusitis or repeated natureSevere complications such as inflammation of the lungs.If you don’t want to be a small loss during pregnancy, it is better to take the medicine according to the doctor’s suggestion.

Adjusting the schedule may still be a disaster caused by specific foods

It is worth noting that each person is different and may cause symptoms due to specific food.If you usually do n’t have bad eating habits, you will also follow the doctor’s instructions to lie on the left side, raise your head, and wear loose clothes, but you still have stomach acid. It is best to pay attention to whether you can easily cause gastric acid to flow.Among the symptoms caused by pregnancy, the discomfort caused by gastric acid reverse flow is relatively serious. In addition to adjusting the dietary schedule during pregnancy, the symptoms should also be treated in a timely manner according to the severity to avoid derivating other more serious diseases.

Q need gastroscopy examination?

Whether pregnant women or ordinary people, gastroscopy is not a necessary option to diagnose gastric acid reverse flow.Unless the gastric acid reverse during pregnancy cannot determine the cause, suspect that there are complications (such as esophageal stenosis, gastric bleeding), adjustment of daily routine and medication treatment can not improve the symptoms, otherwise gastroscopy will not be used.

Grade A appearance: one or more mucous membrane damage, erosion or ulcer is 5 mm, and it does not extend more than two mucosal wrinkles.

Grade B appearance: one or more mucosa damage, erosion or ulcer> 5 mm, does not extend more than two mucosal wrinkles.

Class C appearance: The mucosal damage continues or fuses between the two mucosal folds, but does not exceed 75%of the esophageal cavity.

Glass D appearance: The mucosal damage continues or fuses between the two mucosa wrinkles, and more than 75%of the esophageal cavity is circular.

Note: According to the severity, it is divided into A ~ D level. Class A is the most milder and the D -level is the worst.

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