The British couple takes care of 52 guinea pigs with full -time, 8 hours a day, the monthly ingredients cost 2,000 yuan

Raising guinea pigs, which is commonly known as Dutch pigs, is a happy thing.

However, Sophie and Mark from Lincoln County, Britain, were surprised that the original Dutch pig sisters who had just wanted to raise 6 selected Dutch pigs were originally mixed with a "energetic" Dutch pig brother.A army containing 52 Dutch pigs was then born.

Sophie, 29, and 44 -year -old Mark, have always had a soft spot for fluffy animals.Almost two years ago, Sophie’s desire to raise pets was finally realized. In order to satisfy his thoughts that he wanted a "big family", the couple carefully selected 6 beautiful Dutch pig sisters.

However, after the honeymoon came back, the careful Sophie discovered that four Dutch pig sisters were much more round than before.Worried about their illness, Sophie and Mark had deliberately rushed to pet hospital with 4 little guys.

When waiting for the results of the diagnosis anxiously, the couple unexpectedly received "good news": the four Dutch pig sisters were successfully pregnant.

Sophie recalled: "This can be said to be an unexpected surprise. The original 6 selected Dutch pigs still have a male. I want to come to this emperor’s five concubines.10 Dutch pig babies. "

Although the mystery was discovered, Sophie and Mark still respected the facts and retained the "Dutch Pig Lucky Emperor".In the following two years, the British couple has gained a "Dutch pig army". So far, they have 52 Dutch pigs, including 46 adult Dutch pigs and 6 Dutch pig babies.

Because of the extra love for Dutch pigs, in addition to the repeated expansion of the Dutch pig farming park and continuously increasing the feed and development costs, they could not bear to send any Dutch pigs at all.

It is conceivable that taking care of 52 Dutch pigs is definitely individual work.

Sophie and Mark regarded it as a "full -time work". Sophie said: "It takes 8 hours to take care of them every day, not easier than normal to work, but because we all like it very much, so this matter also does not seem to have fun, it does not seem to have fun.So difficult. "

Mark’s job is mainly to improve the living environment for these little guys, and to take the dried grass they live in.Sophie’s task is to prepare food and clean one by one. She will wipe each Dutch pig with a towel, and then use a washing machine to clean the number of towels.

Because Dutch pigs like all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits, Sophie and Mark simply order fresh products from fruit farmers.It is also a hard work to cut them into a suitable small piece every day. Every month, the couple spend 250 pounds (about 2161 yuan) to buy the ingredients that Dutch pigs like.

The dogs at home have long liked to run madly with this group of Dutch pigs. Every time they see a large group of them playing in the yard, Sophie and Mark’s mood will be particularly good.

Studies have shown that stroking plush pets such as Dutch pigs will bring about decompression effects, which is particularly obvious in Sophie and Mark.Sophie said: "We have a son of a special need, which originally made our life pressure, but since we raised these little cuteness. Our mentality is a lot more peaceful."

At present, the couple’s Dutch pig homepage on Facebook has successfully circled 54,000 people. They chose a few lucky people every day to come to the house to contact the Dutch pig baby up close.

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