The boy broke the water first, the girl saw it first?What do you say?

I often hear people saying that if the pregnant woman starts, it will break the water first, it is the boy; if it is a foresight, it is a girl. Is this the basis for this statement?Is it credible?

The 29 -year -old Xiao Xia was 38 weeks of pregnancy, and it was a month immediately, because the elders in the family wanted to have a boy, and there were some explanations to these. My mother -in -law told her that recently climbing the stairs, which helps to break the water, and first first help break the water, and first first help break the water.The probability of breaking water will be a boy, so you can work hard to achieve your wish.Xiao Xia didn’t take it for granted, but after hearing too much, he felt that he had a little believe in, so he wanted to ask if there was such a saying.

The answer is simple and direct, without basis.

The so -called first -so -water boys and red girls have no basis. Seeing red and water -breaking belong to the prenatal signs. It is reminded that pregnant women must be prepared for delivery, and they cannot be used as a sign of judging boys and women.

Of course, there may be someone who just meets, so some people summarize this into "experience of experience", but in fact, there is no related medical basis.And there are two possibilities for men and women, and the chances can be said to be "half of each", which is why the "big data" is so.

The gender of the fetus is destined when the fertilized egg is combined and cannot be changed.Boys and girls mainly depend on whether the chromosomes in the sperm are x or y. If it is X, the fetus is a female; if it is Y, the fetus is a male.

Don’t worry too much after seeing the red. You can observe your personal situation carefully. If your body is not uncomfortable, you can pack up and wash it.

Because after seeing red, it may take 2-3 days to launch, not too fast.

However, if it is broken first, you must pay attention. The first thing to do is to keep lying as flat as possible and raise the abdomen to prevent the amniotic fluid from excessive excessive outflow. Otherwise, there may be excessive loss of amniotic fluid and cause hypoxia.

At the same time, the family should call 120 emergency as soon as possible. If the conditions are allowed, the pregnant woman can be sent to the hospital by themselves.

Regarding "Boys break the water first, girls first see red", what kind of performance can determine the statement of having a boy and a woman, but don’t believe it again.And it is as good as having boys and women.

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