The boss is pregnant with a female subordinate and wants to take 200,000 to solve it. Unexpectedly, the woman’s approach is very relieved

Recently, Ms. Guo, who was pregnant with a pregnant belly, was having a "statement" for the baby who was not born in the belly, but the child’s father did not come forward, and even threatened to break the relationship with Ms. Guo. What is going on?Intersection

"Office underground love is exposed due to accidental pregnancy"

Ms. Guo is the finance of a medium -sized enterprise. She is still single at the age of 38. Because she usually pays attention to exercise, she is slender, beautiful and fair, and has been working in this company for several years.The owner of this company has 100 million yuan, and the two couples started to create a business world. However, President Wang always likes to pour flowers and keeps unclear with many women.

Since last year, President Wang, who "rabbits love to eat the grass", aimed at Ms. Guo, who was single.Due to his financial origin, Ms. Guo did not have much love experience.Although as an old employee, Ms. Guo knows that there are many "girlfriends" in Wang, but she always believes that Wang is a bit different for herself. After all, she has a decent education and work, and she is still different from women who are playing in the field.Under such self -consolation, Ms. Guo and her own boss, President Wang, maintained a lover relationship within a year.

Such underground relationships are always unclear. Ms. Guo hopes that Wang Wang can divorce his wife as soon as possible to give herself a righteous marriage. President Wang is always obscured for various reasons.Essence

Ms. Guo was particularly happy after discovering that she was pregnant. She hoped that Wang Wang could end the underground relationship as soon as possible like his previous promise, and welcomed the child’s arrival in justification, so she quickly told the news that President Wang.

Unexpectedly, after he heard this news, the first reaction was to let Ms. Guo "go home to rest". He believes that Ms. Guo is still unmarried. How can he be in the company in the company?It is best to go back to my hometown to cultivate.As Ms. Guo was hesitating, I did not expect that President Wang brought an amazing news.President Wang promised to give Ms. Guo 200,000 yuan, and asked Ms. Guo to go to the hospital for surgery and not give birth to this child.The news shocked Ms. Guo.

Ms. Guo questioned President Wang, is he worth 200,000 with him?She asked President Wang to consider the two people seriously. She resolutely gave birth to her child, and then President Wang assumed his father’s duties.

Seeing that her belly became bigger day, Ms. Guo had to go to President Wang’s wife, hoping that she could see her child’s portion and give herself a name.

President Wang’s wife was furious after listening, and she was unhappy at all. Instead, she scolded her to know that she would not come to herself and President Wang.And because Ms. Guo contacted Mr. Wang’s wife, President Wang’s backyard caught fire, angry at Ms. Guo, and told her that the money would not be given and would not meet again.

Since then, Ms. Guo could no longer find President Wang. She had to contact the reporter with heartache, hoping to use the power of the media to let President Wang come forward to bear the responsibility of her cope.However, President Wang avoided seeing. Through President Wang’s friend Zhang told Ms. Guo and asked her to hold these 200,000 and handle the child, she broke the contact.

Ms. Guo could not accept it. She said that her child was innocent. She would definitely not give up this little life. After the child was born, she hoped that Wang Wang could bear the responsibility of his father.

The story comes to an end. After Ms. Guo’s child is born, will the chief Wang bear responsibility?We wait and see.

Author’s point of view:

Both sides of this deformed relationship must pay the price. Ms. Guo "knows three as three" and cannot be forgiven in terms of morality; President Wang is not loyal to marriage, delaying Ms. Guo’s life, and even affecting her unheard of birth.Children destroy their beautiful families.Love is beautiful, but not all relationships are suitable for developing love. Once you enter the minefield, you must bear serious consequences.

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