The boat song on the tongue June plum peppercorns

Boat song June plum peppercorns are delicious dishes on the tip of the tongue.The climate of Zhouqu County has changed obvious vertical changes. It is warm and humid in the half -mountain lakes and rivers. It is the best place for peppercorns in the world and is known as "June plum peppercorns".It is famous for its unique shapes, bright colors and rich fragrance.In the midsummer season, the boat peppercorns ushered in the harvest season.Bright red peppercorns can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys, which are hard and crispy, and they are scattered and not sticky;

In June, the plum pepper pepper grows in a natural environment with an altitude of 1,400 meters-1800 meters. It is highly respected because of its bright red and rich flavor. It is known as the "king of pepper" and is a good product for seasoning and health care.In October 1994, Zhouqu Zanthong won the Gold Award of the National Forestry Name Excellent New Product Expo, and won the gold award at the first forest fruit product exhibition in Gansu Province.

In December 2007, "Zhouqu Zanthong" won the Silver Award of China International Forestry Industry Expo.At present, the planting area of boat peppercorns is 3107 hectares, with an annual output of 1491 tons and an output value of 104.37 million yuan.1.

Zhouqu County Green Pulse Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. has built a complete acquisition, processing and sales industry chain to prioritize the acquisition from poor households at a protective price. The peppercorns industry has become the dominant industry of Zhouqu Fuminqiang County.In 2020, Zhouqu County Green Pulse Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. won the Singapore Morning Championship of the Year, and Jianglian also endorsed the June plum pepper in his hometown.

At the same time, many famous singers such as famous singers and actors are invited to promote the characteristics of their hometown throughout the country through Douyin and Kuaishou live broadcast to help revitalize the rapid development of the agricultural industry in their hometown, and to quickly increase their income to the people of their hometown, and make the rich income to get rich.Great contribution.

The efficacy and role of peppercorns:

· 1. Increase appetite, the smell of peppercorns can remove the fishy smell of various meats and promote appetite.

2. Reduce blood pressure and study found that peppercorns can expand blood vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure.

· 3. Dordoor, edible peppercorns can remove parasites.

4. Anti -moth, put dozens of flowers and pepper into a cloth bag to prevent food insects.

5. Prevent oil from changing oil, add an appropriate amount of peppercorns to the oil to prevent the smell of oil.

6. To prevent ants from entering, dozens of peppercorns placed in the auto repair plant, the ants dare not enter.

· 7. Prevent flies from climbing, put some peppercorns next to the food and meat, the flies will not climb.

8. Prevent oil overflow. When fried food, if the oil is hot to the boiling point, it will overflow from the pot, but after adding a few peppercorns, the oil will immediately retreat.

9. Prevent toothache. If hot and cold food causes toothache, you can put a grain of pepper on the teeth of the pain, and the pain will slowly disappear.

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