The best time for pregnant women to supplement zinc 3 major factors determine specific time

The most needed for expectant mothers during pregnancy is zinc. If the expectant mother lacks zinc during pregnancy, it will easily affect the baby’s development. If severe, the fetus will become deformity.According to relevant reports, pregnant women do need zinc during pregnancy, but they cannot not work at any stage. It is necessary to replenish the zinc supplementation effect according to the prescribed time.Let me tell you the best time for pregnant women to supplement zinc.

1. Personal constitution

Some expectant mothers started zinc when they were pregnant, and some mothers started zinc one month before childbirth, and some expectant mothers began to supplement zinc at five or six months.Because each pregnant woman has different constitutions, it is also different in zinc supplementation.If the expectant mother was not very good before, it was necessary to replenish zinc when she was pregnant. Don’t worry if the zinc supplement was too much. After the child was born, it would still be healthy and rarely sick.

2. Based on the results of the inspection

The time for expectant mothers to choose zinc during pregnancy is very important. What we need to pay attention to is that during the process of pregnancy, especially in the middle and late stages, it is the most important period of fetal bone development. ThereforeIt should be supplemented by zinc, but the dose of zinc supplement is very important. You can go to the hospital for a test result and decide the dose for replenishment.

3. When preparing to get pregnant

Many expectant mothers need to go to the hospital for pregnancy during pregnancy. They must follow the doctor’s advice to supplement zinc. In fact, in clinical medicine, expectant mothers should supplement zinc when preparing for pregnancy.We all know that zinc is an indispensable nutritional element in the human body. If you want to make your body stronger, we must not forget zinc supplement.Therefore, during the pregnancy preparing, expectant mothers should supplement zinc in accordance with their own situation.

The above is the best time to explain and introduce the best time for pregnant women to supplement zinc. Although zinc supplementation is very important, we need to pay attention to it, we must not be supplemented by zinc.Many expectant mothers have a very bad appetite during pregnancy. Many zinc -containing foods do not like to eat. They can eat some zinc supplement products appropriately.However, it should be noted that you must not supplement calcium while supplementing zinc, and it is best not to eat seafood in the process of zinc supplementation, it is easy to cause allergies.

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