The aunt was pregnant and lived in the sister -in -law’s house.

(Original folk story, the picture comes from the Internet)

In the early years, Zhangcun had a girl named Cui Cui. Soon she married her husband, and her father -in -law died one after another.Since then, the Cui Cui couple pulled the 12 -year -old aunt and lived.

Cui Cui was kind and kind, and was particularly good for the little aunt. In the following days, her aunt followed her brother -in -law and never suffered a little bit of grievance.

In a flash, the little aunt grew into a big girl, and Cui Cui asked the matchmaker to find a good mother -in -law’s house for her aunt.After the little aunt got married, her mother -in -law loved her, and her life was rich. Cui Cui looked at her aunt happily, and she was really pleased.

One year later, the aunt was pregnant, and Cui Cui went to visit the aunt when she was free.

Life passed day by day, and her aunt’s belly gradually became bigger, but when she was five months pregnant, her husband died unexpectedly.

The aunt was mourning and was distraught, and washed her face with tears all day.Cui Cui looked at her like this, and was very distressed, so she came to accompany her day and night, comforted her, and later picked up her aunt home to live.

The young aunt who was pregnant lived in the sister -in -law’s house. Cui Cui took care of her particularly thoughtfully and knew that pregnant women needed to increase nutrition, so she made delicious her aunt every day.Thank you at the same time, and feel unexpected.

Speaking of this day, Cui Cui bought some fruits and put it in the house of the aunt. As a result, before she spoke, her aunt said with tears: "Xunzi, I think … I want to knock off the belly in the belly.Child, then go out to work, don’t want to drag you and my brother … "

After hearing this, Cuicui trembled with a whole heart, and then looked up: "Don’t say that! We are all a family, what drag?He raises great, don’t worry! "

Listening to Cui Cui said this, the little aunt cried instantly into a tears, and then held Cui Cui, and wept couldn’t say: "Xunzi, you are so good! Your great virtue, I will never forget …"

For a while, Cui Cui laughed tears.

In this way, under the persuasion of Cuicui, the aunt left the child in the belly.Unexpectedly, three days later, Cui Cui dreamed of the child.

In the dream, a little boy ran out of the arms of his little aunt, ran to Cui Cui, and said, "Aunt, you are sick, go to the hospital!"

As soon as the words fell, Cui Cui suddenly woke up. After that, she recalled the strange dream just now, and she was very uneasy.Thinking of recently, my body is always uncomfortable, but I have never cared. Is it really sick?

Thinking about it this way, Cui Cui panicked.In the end, she wanted to decide and go to the hospital for a examination.

But as soon as the results of the examination came out, Cui Cui was surprised. I didn’t expect that she had a chronic disease. If she had not come to the doctor in time, I am afraid the consequences would be unimaginable.

Later, Cui Cui was sick, and the doctor said that she picked up his life!Cui Cui also had a lot of emotions. If it hadn’t had that strange dream, he would not know that he was sick!

As soon as the incident was spread, the villagers felt incredible. They all said that Cui Cui was good and good, even though there was a misfortune!

A few months later, the aunt really gave birth to a boy, and it was better for Cui Cui to wait for the mother and son …

(The story is over)

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