The aunt didn’t explain pregnancy?In addition to pregnancy, these factors will also make my aunt late

Waiting for the day of the aunt, just like a girl waiting for her first love, fearing that TA will not come, and I am afraid that TA will be chaotic.So "Auntie" is delayed to see what you are because of it? It is lost? The amount is unlikely. The longest vagina is the rear wall, only 10-12cm.There are only two truths: medium (Huai) Award (pregnancy) or irregular menstruation.

If it is a woman with sexual life in childcare, the delay of menstruation must be determined firstly whether it is pregnancy.After excluding the possibility of pregnancy, the delayed menstruation or amenorrhea may be related to the following reasons:

1. Drug

Taking auroine -containing drugs, such as progesterone, emergency contraceptives, etc., can be prolonged and delayed during menstruation.The new generation of gastric pills may also cause delayed menstruation.

Second, surgery caused


People or drug flow.Recently, the drug flow or abortion surgery has been undergone, and the uterus has suffered trauma. Generally, the endometrium grows and returns to a certain extent before the menstruation will gradually normal.


Uterine cavity surgery.Hysteric surgery may cause cervical or uterine adhesion, which causes menstrual blood to stay, and menstruation is delayed.This is a pathological delay. You need to go to the hospital for treatment and deal with it in time.

Third, endocrine abnormalities

Endocrine abnormalities are likely to delay menstruation.For common polycystic ovary syndrome, premature aging of ovarian function causes delayed menstruation.If excessive obesity, hairy, female infertility, acne and other performances, the endocrine function should be checked in time to achieve early treatment and early treatment.

Fourth, gynecological inflammation

Gynecological inflammation is generally irregular menstruation, and the increase of leucorrhea has odor. It is only more or less problematic, which will affect irregular menstrual cycle. Occasionally, of course, there is no need to mind.If it is not occasionally, it is recommended to seek medical treatment immediately.

Five, mental factors

Such as psychological factors such as mental stress, stress, and environmental changes can cause delay of menstruation.

If menstruation is usually delayed, you need to be removed first.

If the menstruation is delayed within seven days after pregnancy is excluded, no special treatment is required. It is only necessary to observe whether the menstrual flow, trait, and menstruation are consistent with the symptoms of menstruation after menstruation.

If menstruation is delayed for more than seven days, it is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment. You may need to check whether you are pregnant again, or to understand the endometrial thickness and other related examinations to infer the cause of menstruation delay.

Under the guidance of doctors, experimental oral drugs can be used to promote menstruation. Most women will have menstrual tide within one week of discontinuation.If there is still no menstrual tide for two weeks, you need to further check the clear cause.

If menstruation is delayed for more than two months or often delayed menstruation or menstrual disorders often occurs, you must go to the hospital to check the causes to exclude premature ovarian aging and pituitary tumors.Find out early and treat the disease that may exist early ~

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