The American sisters gave birth to 2 pairs of twins on the same day, and the doctor was very happy: rarely met

A pair of sisters in the United States gave birth to two twins on the same day, and 4 children were very healthy, but after parent -child testing, the doctor told them that the four children were all brother -in -law.

But my brother -in -law was very happy after hearing this incident. What happened to this family?What is the reason why the miscellaneous and complicated relationship is caused by?


With a few babies crying in a gynecological hospital in the United States, doctors happily announced that their hospital was born with two twins, two girls and two boys.

There are two anxious men outside the delivery room. The two of them are brother -in -law and brother -in -law.

But at this time, the brother -in -law was obviously more happy. When he heard the doctor, he said excitedly: "I have 4 children, I have 4 children."

Even the doctor was stunned after hearing them, because it was a pair of sisters who were producing in the ward.

The result of the two families asked for a parent -child appraisal to be stunned, because all the four children were really the biological children of my brother -in -law.

The doctor thought it was watching a dog blood drama. I didn’t expect these four people to be very happy, especially my sister has always told my sister happily that I finally helped you!

If you want to know what is going on, you have to start with the birth of the two sisters.

Julie and Annie (Jun Hua) are a pair of sisters, and their two relationships have been very good since childhood.Sister Julie took care of her sister Annie, because when Annie was born, she was thin like a kitten, and Julie’s constitution was better than her sister.

Since childhood to the two sisters, there have been fun songs and laughter, noisy and noisy, and their feelings have always been very good. No matter whether any party has difficulties, it needs help, and the sisters will appear without care.

As the two people grow older and bigger, they have also become a family. Her sister Annie has known her husband very early. The two are married earlier than her sister Julie and brother -in -law.

The family should have been happy, but Annie has always had a sad thing, that is, there is no child.

Sister Julie gave birth to a healthy baby in the first year after marriage. The baby and sister and husband looked very similar. When Annie visited her sister, she also issued a sincere admiration.It’s right.

But I do n’t know why, my sister and children are all one or two years old, and Annie’s belly has never moved.At the beginning, the two of them thought they had any diseases, and went to the hospital for examination, but they didn’t find out anything.

"Is the hospital here too small, let’s go to the big hospital to take a look?" I urgently wanted my child Annie and her husband to discuss, and then went to other professional institutions to check it.

But no matter how the two people checked, no obvious problems were found.Even Annie’s husband checked his body four or five times, but no matter how they asked the doctor, the doctor told them that Annie’s husband was very healthy, and he was in his adolescence. It was impossible to have no children.

After listening to the doctor, the two husbands and wives thought that it was likely to be an Annie’s physical problem, but there was any cause, but no hospital could give accurate answers.

Later, Annie had a big price of a professional physician and gave her the most comprehensive evaluation from all aspects. After doing it, he also gave the same answer. Annie has no problem. If you just find an Annie, there is no Anne.The reason for pregnancy is likely that Annie’s physical condition is not allowed, and it is not easy to conceive.

After spending so much money, I only got a ambiguous answer in the end. Annie was very disappointed and often found her sister to resolve the sadness.

"If you really want a child, you can choose to adopt one. Why must you give birth to yourself?"

Sister advised Annie’s words to give Annie a new idea. Although she did not intend to adopt, she listened to it. Why should her sister say that she had to give birth by herself?

But what can happen if you haven’t given birth to yourself?This is to talk about a legal thing in the United States -surrogacy.

The surrogate refers to the fertilized eggs combined by the parents of the parents into a woman who is more suitable for pregnancy. She will give birth to a child who is pregnant, but the child still belongs to the biological parents in the blood.

Annie told her sister the idea that she wanted surrogacy. My sister said that although she could understand the mood of her sister wanted her child, surrogacy was not a simple matter.The child will not come back to trouble again.

In fact, the things that sister Zhu Li is worried is not unreasonable. Although the surrogacy is legal in the United States, she also has a lot of problems. Some surrogate mothers want to have their children as their own after giving birth, and because mother love is flooding because of the spread of maternal loveThe original parents are not allowed to see their children.

And on the other hand, finding a surrogate mother also requires extremely high costs. This kind of money and risks coexist, and my sister reminds is normal.

Not only that, Annie also needs to consider another problem. The two of them are currently difficult to conceive, and they can only choose IVF. This medical process also requires a lot of money. Annie is just an ordinary family. In order to have a child, it costs to spend away.Is it really worth it?

After thinking about her sister and husband for a long time, she finally decided to do test tubes, but they gave up looking for surrogate mothers and intended to try Anne’s own body again. If it really didn’t work, she really gave up her baby.

"I really want a child, I have to try my best to try this time. What if I heard my wishes in God, give me a surprise?"

Sister Annie said when she was chatting with her sister.

My sister was moved by her sister’s idea of having a child. She thought that her sister would give birth to a child before, and finally chose to adopt, but she did not expect that she was so attached to her biological child. Even if she had the idea of failure, she had to try.once.

After my sister left, my sister talked with her brother -in -law. The sister felt that she should support her sister’s thoughts, and the only family that her sister can help now has only herself. She can’t see her sister’s hope falling.

Brother -in -law is also a understanding man. He also likes children very much. He usually takes his child to play with his child on weekends. When his sister was pregnant, he also took care of it.

I heard that my sister wanted to help her sister give birth to a child. He was surprised at first, and then was persuaded, but he asked, if the sister was pregnant, he would take care of the whole process, because the sister was already an elderly mother at this time.

You may be strange to see here, how do you help your sister to have children?It’s very simple. My sister wants to try her own uterus, and her sister will also use her uterus to use her, so that she can increase the chance of pregnancy.

"My body is better than you. I go with you. This may have a greater opportunity, and I can divide this is your child, and I won’t cause you trouble in the future."

After listening to her sister’s words, her sister was almost moved and cried. For many years, she wanted to have a child’s wish. Almost the whole family knew that many people couldn’t understand her and why they must biological children.

So Annie really thanked her sister who could understand her. At the same time, he also hoped that her sister could take care of her body. At this time, the sister was 30 years old, and her sister was 40 years old. It was easy to danger during the production process of the two people.

In order to be able to successfully conceive, the two sisters have adjusted their bodies for a long time before going to the hospital.Considering that her wife is old, my brother -in -law changes the pattern every day for her sister to eat, because the work delays the time, and I simply ask for a long vacation.

On the day when I went to the hospital, the two encouraged each other and sent the two sisters into the hospital.

The doctor was still met for the first time. This kind of two sisters worked with their brother -in -law and children. Before the operation, I repeatedly confirmed with them. Is it really necessary to do so and hear their affirmative answers before doing it.

According to the doctor, the chance of this surgery is very small, usually only about 14%of the success rate, especially the original physical condition of the two sisters will also affect it. The sister is already old, and the physical function will inevitably decline.If you can’t get pregnant, there must be some problems in your body.

But the two sisters are very optimistic. They don’t know why, they feel that they will be able to conceive their children.

In order to ensure that at least one child can be conceived, the doctor puts two fertilized eggs in each person. Whether it can grow up healthily later depends on the arrangement of fate.

A few days later, the family was ecstatic, and even the doctor was shocked, because the four fertilized eggs grew healthy healthily, which means that the sister and my brother -in -law had 4 children.

"Great, I finally have children, thank you, my sister."

Her sister Annie cried very much. He thought that his sister really wanted to help her, so that God heaven gave him the child. After that, the two people were pregnant together to check together. Both of the twins grew very healthy.Because the time of pregnancy is the same, even the final due date is almost the same.

On the day of production, the moment the four children were held out, the brother -in -law almost cried. He looked forward to the children who had been looking forward to many years, and there were 4 at once.

On the side of my sister, there was still some sadness in her heart at first. After all, she was pregnant for so long, letting her transform from her mother’s mentality to aunt, and there was still some reluctance, but after the psychologist’s guidance, she quickly accepted it.My identity.

There are 4 children all of a sudden, and my brother -in -law should do two more partial work. When the child grows up, he will tell the child that they are born from the aunt’s belly, but the parents are their biological biology.Parents.

I believe that the fantasy experience of these four children will also add a strong stroke in their future life.

In the end, Xiaobian wanted to say that although surrogacy in the United States is legal, it is not yet legalized in our country. This is because of the cultural differences between China and foreign countries. The surrogacy in our country involves very serious ethical issues. At present, we still have no Chinese people.Performance.

But anyway, the experience of the American sisters has added more experience. Their fantasy experience believes that they can make their feelings deeper in the future.

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