The African snail China floods a disaster, and the "top ingredients" of Africans, why no one dares to eat in my country

We often say that eating is a knowledge, especially Chinese foodies are even more deeply appreciated.For world -renowned Chinese food, the world’s food should be tasted, but only this Africa can eat tens of thousands of pounds of national dishes a year. It is difficult for us to swallow.

This is the horrible African snail. Although we also have such big snails in China, the things of meat and germs in the body are enough to prevent the mouth of food.However, in the eyes of Africans, snails contain various nutrients, and they can also clear heat and detoxify, and are loved and welcomed by Africans.Africans eat snails, just like we eat hot pot.It is reported that Africans eat tens of millions of kg of snails every year. Even if the snail’s fertility is strong, it is necessary to eat snails as an Africans?And every year there are imported big snails for Africans, so many locals have done the job of raising snails, in order to provide timely food.French people have eaten the food like snails, but Chinese food has expressed no blessing.

African big snails consumed by Africans, also known as brown cloud agate snails. This big snail was originally originally produced in Africa. The biggest difference between it and other snails is the difference in the body.The snail is 7 cm long, and even more than 20 cm.In December 1978, Guinness’s world’s largest terrestrial snail was a large African snail, with a length of 39.3 cm and weighing 900 grams.The life expectancy of African snails is about 3 to 5 years, and the longest one can survive for 10 years.The shell of the big snail is slightly brown, but it is usually brown, but as the diet type is different, there are many other colors.Its shell is particularly hard and has the highest heavy metal content of all snail species.As African snails like to live in a humid environment, places such as orchards, gardens, farmland, vegetable land and grass can become its habitat. This snail can secrete mucus when crawling to protect themselves to protect themselves.abdomen.So the question is, how did the African snail invade China?Why is it one of the world’s top 100 invasive species.Because of what makes Chinese food dare not eat?

African big snails have a lot of meat. After people know this species, they start to bring it to all parts of the world to reproduce in food and pets.African snails were taken to Hawaii as education and pets in 1936, because people felt that it was cool to put it in their yard, but they soon paid the price for this cool.Plundering the pastoral, making Hawaii miserable.In 1966, a little boy in Miami, Florida went to Hawaii for vacation. When he saw the African snail, he brought back three pets and wanted to be a pet. As a result, the African big snails in Hawaii were fought in Florida and flooded the disaster.In Florida, the African snail was cleared without a trace for 10 years at the cost of $ 1 million per year.During World War II, the U.S. military saw the big and fat African snails, and sprung up the idea of using snails as military grain, so she introduced the big snails of food into the South Pacific Island.Listening to the military order, they scrambled around, causing these islands to become the territory of big snails.

As of now, large African snails have invaded the world, and most of them are distributed in hot and humid regions such as Asia, the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and America.Taiwan now has a trace of big snails across the island. It is a Japanese that brings it in. Taiwanese snacks are very famous. The Taiwanese naturally love to eat.It also caused more than 400 people to be infected with it, and 15 people died due to it.The African snails entered the mainland of China. In 1931, a plant that was transported by a overseas Chinese carried the African snails of the African snails from the plants returned to Singapore, and then it was out of control.In fact, there are many ways to invade the African snails. They can spread through train, ships, ornamental plants, containers and even plates. Through these methods, the big snails invaded in China have beenThe place is flooding in a place, such as Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan, and Yunnan. The most serious places can be found in 80 African snails per square meter.

African snails have a strong survivability. They can survive in many humid environments, and they do not picky eaters, leaves, crops, ground clothes, algae, and various fruits and vegetables.Big snails eat half of the food every day, and there are more than 500 crops that are harmed. In order to fill their stomachs, the African snails even eat things such as paint, gypsum, and mud.When you eat without food, it will also eat other snails, fungi or animals.There are many pathogens on African snails, and even various parasites can be found on African snails.

In addition to being able to eat it, it is also particularly able to live. The African snails and male and female are the same as the reproductive system of male and female.That is to say, they can complete fertility by themselves, but the desire for mating in genes will still allow them to choose to mate with another snail. Generally, young African snails choose old African snails to mate because they are youngSnails will only produce sperm, and older snails will produce sperm and eggs at the same time.African snails can be pregnant for a child for four months. It can give birth to 5 to 7 nests a year.It can produce 200 eggs at a time, and calculate a big snail to give birth to more than 1,000 children a year. Even if there are unfortunate early early, there are hundreds of left.The speed of this child can be called a handle in fertility.

This can be flooded in China that can be eaten and lively. So many snails must need a lot of food. In order not to be starved to death, they have begun to harm thorns, vegetables and other crops, for forestry and forestry and forestry and forestry and forestry and forestry and forestry and forestryAgriculture brings great losses.

At the beginning, some people thought that the African snail was large and the amount of meat was large, so some people introduced African snails into breeding. However, due to the lack of environmental isolation and the poor number control, these big snails were scattered into the natural environment.African snails that lack natural enemies have begun to flood. China’s fastest solution to foreign species is to eat, but this time can’t eat it.

When the African snails were eaten by algae and fungi when they were young, because the big snails were relatively mixed and the living environment was relatively harsh.Once the human body is infected, it is easy to have tuberculosis and meningitis.However, the African snails are indeed delicious for locals in Africa. They rely on African big snails to supplement protein, especially the Ghana region in Africa, and some people use snails as staple foods. In fact, it can be understood that Africa is poor.It is normal for Africans to take him as food.They are also people. Africans dare to eat. Why do Chinese food dare not eat?Is the Chinese food combat effectiveness that is known as the strongest food on the earth?

In fact, it is not because Chinese food knows that cherishing life is far from snails.In 1985, Zhong Qiugui, the second -generation chairman of the well -known local company in Taiwan, heard a recipe of Japan, saying that eating raw snails can cure various diseases.So he raised snails in his own, and eat snails like raw fish fillets.However, it didn’t take long for this snail to eat his belly, the Zhong Qiugui family felt severe headache, plus symptoms such as fever, vomiting, blurred sight, and other symptoms.Zhong Qiugui was late when the family was sent to the hospital.The family of three generations died of five people, and only the younger son was spared because of overseas.The Jinlan soy sauce family was destroyed by African snails because the African snails are the middle hosts of a variety of pathogens and parasites, especially the frightened Guangdong liveliper.

Guangdong liveliper, also known as mouse lungworm, after humans infected with mice, can cause bacterial meningitis, causing headache, nausea, vomiting, and abnormalities of limbs. Sometimes it can cause severe complications, leading to serious disorders of the nervous systemeven death.There is such a rat lungworm in the African snail. It is conceivable how high the chance of infection with African snails.Of course, some people will definitely say that it is nothing to cook if it is cooked. I advise you not to have a chance.There is also the most important point. It is not that it is okay not to eat African snails.Scientists detected various pathogenic bacteria and parasites on the ground and plants that scientists climbed by African snails.This may represent these parasites and pathogenic bacteria on the body of the big snail.In addition, there are also related medical institutions that have also tested African snails. Monitoring found that the chances of African snail infection tube roundworm were also high, reaching more than 30.4%, and Fushou snails were only 2.7%.Therefore, the African snails cannot be eaten, but they must not touch, especially children.

Because of this, even if the African snail is nutritious and has a lot of protein, how much Africans love to eat, and Chinese food is unwilling to taste. Although Chinese food loves to eat, it pays more attention to food safety and physical health.

Finally, you remind you that although you can kill the bacteria on the African snails after high temperature, there will still be risks if you do not handle it. You have eaten troubles and diseases. Do not to satisfy your appetite.Buried your own health.

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