The 8 -year -old girl is acute poisoning after eating lychee!Pay attention to these lychee

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What is "litchi disease"?

Why do you eat "disease"?

Litchi itself is not harmful to the human body. The so -called "litchi disease" refers to the symptoms similar to hypoglycemia after eating fresh lychee in a large amount of fresh litchi at one time.It may also lead to death.

For a few days or a large number of people after eating litchi, they are prone to disease (especially young children who are young. They can’t eat meals because they eat a large amount of lychee, which is more likely to cause hypoglycemia).

Many friends are confused: lychee is so sweet, will you still have blood sugar after eating lychee?

The sweetness of litchi is mainly because it contains fructose. (The sweetness of fructose is high, so it tastes sweet and refrigerates.) But we cannot use fructose directly. Fructose needs to be converted into glucose to use.

And the blood sugar we usually measure is the glucose content in the blood.

As for why (fasting) eating a large amount of lychee is hypoglycemia, mainly the following reasons:

1. Rich fructose in lychee, which increases the content of fructose in the human body after eating significantly. After the fruit sugar is absorbed by the human body, first catalyzed by a series of enzymes in the liver, transformed into glucose energy or transformed into sugar storage.Oxidation utilization of tissue cells.After a large amount of fructose is converted into glucose, it can stimulate the islet β cells to quickly release a large amount of insulin, reduce the liver and lower the blood sugar concentration, resulting in insufficient glucose supply in the blood, and cause hypoglycemia.

2. According to the research report published in the global health in April 2017 in "Liuye Knife", litchi contains paranate A (blood sugar A) and aslerate glycine, which can reduce blood sugar and inhibit the inhibitory effectNormal fat oxidation and glycogen.If you eat a large amount of lychee without eating staple food, the body is depleted in the body, and the human body will use fat and protein to supply energy. However, these two toxins in lychee will inhibit this process, which will cause people to develop hypoglycemia.

Positioning: The content of harmful substances in immature lychee is significantly higher than that of mature fruits, and consumption of immature lychee is more likely to get sick.

How to eat litchi to be "safe"?

Although "litchi disease" does exist, and even some fatal cases have occurred, this does not mean that lychee cannot be eaten.Because from the current research, the premise of "litchi disease" occurs:

One is to eat on an empty stomach; the other is to eat a large amount of food; the third is some people with basic diseases, or people with weak physical function (old man, children).

Therefore, what we need to remember in our hearts is: Don’t be empty, a lot.How to eat?

1. It is recommended to eat between two meals, and you should also ensure that you eat three meals normally. At least some foods rich in starch should be eaten to ensure that there is sufficient blood sugar concentration in the blood.

2. Everyone’s tolerance is different, and currently scientists cannot give a recommendation amount.According to the "Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines (2022)", it is appropriate to eat 200 ~ 350 grams a day.Calculated by 20 grams of lychee, about 10 to 17 pieces, "300 litchi in the sun" must be not recommended!

3. Do not eat mature lychee.

4. There are uncomfortable people with oral ulcers, gum swelling, pain, and laryngitis, and eat less or try not to eat litchi.

In addition: When children first tasted litchi, women’s pregnancy and pregnancy, when they are pregnant, excessive drinking, and oral hypoglycemic drugs must be eaten less.

At the same time, remind everyone that food sugar content is high, it is best not to eat a large amount of food on an empty stomach, such as the standard fruit watermelon in summer.


Some people have the following questions


Will driving after eating will be "drunk driving"?

The saying that this litchi will be considered drunk driving for several years.If you eat litchi, it is best to rinse your mouth and get rid of the suspicion, and also protect your teeth.

Litchi will indeed take anaerobic breathing during the transportation and storage process, and carbon dioxide and alcohol will produce.

And because of its high content of sugar, it is not discussed to hurt your teeth. Of course, if you do n’t rinse your mouth, you will have acetic acid, alcohol, and methane.Misunderstand.

Therefore, the easiest way is: after eating litchi, remember to rinse a mouth before driving ~


Eat litchi to get angry?

When it comes to eating litchi, many people keep talking.Originally, I wanted to eat it beautifully, but after eating litchi, many people had symptoms of "fire" such as swollen eyelids, sore throat, and acne …

"Fire" is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine. From the perspective of lychee components, we still have to blame its high sugar!Because its sugar is as high as 16.6%, it is 2.5 times that of watermelon and strawberries. The high sugar allows the "ecology of the mouth" to be in a high infiltration state. It is easy to make the population dry and increase acne.Sugar metabolism consumes B vitamins in the human body and causes corneritis.

Therefore, I still remember to rinse after eating.The most important thing is to eat less!IntersectionIntersection


Do I need to soak in the litchi freshness?

It is difficult to prevent and control through simple preservatives, so it has always been a problem.

According to rumors, in order to keep fresh, litchi has been soaked in "weak corrosive potion".In fact, it can be known from its deterioration mechanism that it is not useful to soak the "weak corrosive potion".

If you really see the "potion" of lychee bubbles, it is actually a mixed solution of citric acid, salt, ice water, etc., they are all food processing additives that meet national standards, which can be eaten with confidence.

Comprehensive/ Jiangsu Disease Control

Source: Jiangsu News

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