The 62 -year -old aunt married a 26 -year -old man. One week after marriage, the aunt announced her pregnancy, and the pregnancy belly was very obvious.

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Since the introduction of the second child policy, many families have germinated the idea of having a second child. The number of second -child families around them has also continued to increase.Some old -age women, who are older who are old, choose to be pregnant and have children not only can’t eat their bodies, but also face huge risks.

After the baby is born, it will also cause a series of problems. At a age of age, you choose to be a mother again. Of course, you need to be very courageous. Otherwise, no one dares to age.

There is a pair of couples who are 36 years old reversed the three views of everyone. The wife is 62 years old and her husband is only 26 years old. The 62 aunt comes from Vietnam and is a local Internet celebrity. The 62 -year -old aunt and manyLike peers, the skin is relaxed.

The fine lines in the corners and bottom of the eyes are obvious, but the aunt found a 26 -year -old man as a boyfriend. After the two announced their relationship, they caused a lot of doubts and heated discussions.

Some netizens believe that this aunt is eating tender grass in the old cow. She is curious about what is the charm of this aunt who can attract a 25 -year -old guy. Some netizens believe that the 26 -year -old man is"Piece of Fu Fu".

It is estimated that the aunt’s money was seen, but the relationship between the two was not disturbed by the outside world. The 62 aunt and the 26 -year -old man decided to get married.

Shortly after marriage, the 62 aunt announced the news of her pregnancy with everyone, and what was shocked by everyone was that this was just one week after the two got married. You can see that the 62 aunt’s pregnant belly is very obvious.It felt like it should be in the middle of pregnancy. Everyone was shocked by the speed of the 62 aunt.

Some netizens questioned that the aunt was speculating, and the belly was fake. However, the aunt directly denied and said that "the pregnant belly can still be fake? I am really pregnant."

1. It is easy to bring children psychology

As the child grows slowly with his age, after having a certain cognitive ability, he sees that the parents of the classmates are younger to watch their parents and the grandparents of other children’s children.question.

Not only will children have to accept the strange vision of classmates, but they may also be laughed at by their classmates because of this, and the nickname with irony will not only increase the child’s inferiority, but also produce a bad school.

2. Easy to have a gap

In the process of parenting, elderly parents are prone to generate ditch, which in turn affects the relationship between parent -child relationships. After the child is born, they accepted fresh things. The elderly parents of the two generations are slow to receive information.There will be uncomfortable ideas.

3. The child lacks the horizons

Elderly parents will not only be affected by the old parenting method, but also due to their age, energy and physical strength, have less opportunities to take their children out to travel, so that children lack horror.

1. Moving to the times

When parenting, elderly parents must keep pace with the times and abandon the old -fashioned method of parenting, so as not to pit children, so as to learn more scientific parenting concepts and correct parenting.

2. Strengthen your own management

Elderly parents are certainly not as good as young parents in physical strength and energy. It is best to strengthen their own management. Not only should we strengthen exercise, improve their own immunity, delay the speed of aging, but also maintain a good attitude. Properly clean up and dress up properly., Avoid letting yourself stand with your children like a convention.

Parenting message:

The risk of the elderly mother will increase itself. During pregnancy, we must check on time in order to discover it early. I will interfere early and help you be a responsible parent. If you want to know more about parenting knowledge, please follow me. If this article is to youHelp, please share it with more people.

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