The 55 -year -old man is so hot that he is vomiting and convulsions … Hangzhou No. 1 Hospital for treating the first patient with armal radiation this summer

Hangzhou is about to come out. According to the latest weather forecast, it will usher in high temperature weather for a week next week.In fact, Hangzhou was already in the "High -temperature steamer" mode.On the evening of July 7, the Department of Emergency Department of Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine cured the first patient with armal radiation this summer.

The emergency doctor Fang Ming said that the patient was 55 years old and male went to the hospital at 9 pm on the 7th.He is a worker who works at the construction site. He operated outdoors at the construction site that morning. Suddenly there were symptoms such as dizziness, sweat, and nausea. The symptoms gradually increased in the afternoon.Vaguely, at 8 o’clock in the evening, his wife found that he had severe symptoms, and quickly called 120 to Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.

When they arrived at the emergency department, the patient’s condition was more serious, and the people were a little blurred, severely dehydrated, and the blood pressure was very low. The upper pressure was only more than 70. The amount of urination was reduced. It was also accompanied by renal insufficiency. The creatinine value reached 300umol/L.

After the rescue room was treated with a series of liquid supplements, oxygen suction, etc., the patient’s condition gradually improved and moved to the general ward early the next morning. However, because the kidney function was damaged, it was still hospitalized and needed further treatment and observation.

What is fever?

Thermal radiation disease is divided into labor and classics.

Labor -type fever is mainly due to high -intensity physical activity, which causes the body to produce heat production and heat dissipation imbalance.Healthy young people who are common in summer strenuous exercise, such as firefighters, takes, courier, construction workers and other outdoor workers.

Therefore, for this group of people, try to minimize the sun in the sun, especially to avoid the time period from 12 noon to 14 o’clock, and maintain adequate sleep and drink plenty of water (the best salt water) to replenish the body fluid.Once you find physical discomfort, don’t carry it hard, move to the cool place as soon as possible, reduce body temperature, and transfer to the hospital as soon as possible.

Classic thermal ejection diseases are common in young people, pregnant women, and old -aged bodies, or those with chronic basic diseases or damage to immune function. They are usually passively exposed to the heat environment that causes the body to produce heat and heat dissipation.Although they may not be "not out of the house", they will also "stuffy" fever in the environment of being stuffy and not ventilated for a long time.

The elderly are the fragile crowds that are very vulnerable to damage under extreme high temperature weather.In particular, the elderly who live alone should pay special attention. Many elderly people do not turn on air conditioners, and heat stroke is particularly prone to occur in high temperatures."In the summer of previous years, we have received a lot of elderly people who have been in the old age. In order to save power, they are unwilling to turn on the air conditioner.

Under high temperature, the elderly must pay attention to the summer, drink plenty of water, and turn on the air conditioner.Do not think that "sweating in summer can be good", "open air conditioning more electricity", "naturally calm down, it is natural to cool down," such concepts are really indispensable.

In addition, the child’s body temperature regulation function is not perfect, and the "air conditioning" on their body -the skin sweat glands are relatively insufficient, so it is more sensitive to changes in the external environment and temperature, and it is more likely to have heat stroke or similar diseases.If you have children at home, try to be in the sun in high temperature weather, stay in a cool place.

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Source: Zhejiang Online

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