The 47 -year -old pregnant woman took a 6 -day fetal medicine for bleeding, and it was a contraceptive pill!Dean: I got wrong

Ms. Zhu was 47 years old. She went to the hospital for examination after more than a month of pregnancy. After that, Ms. Zhu returned home with the doctor prescribed the medicine prescribed by the doctor.The lady was bleeding.What’s going on?

Ms. Zhu, a pregnant woman: "To be honest, in my inner understanding, this is killing." Ms. Zhu went to Hanhe Hospital in Pingxiang, Jiangxi for pregnancy examination. At that time, the doctor prescribed her medicine for pregnancy.

Ms. Zhu: "The medicine prescribed by the doctor is the medicine of the musching ketone tablet, but the medicine given me to me by the pharmacy is called" You Siming ". This medicine, I later BaiduThe pill for contraceptives. "Regional progesterone tablets are mainly used to solve the situation of lack of progesterone in pregnant women, but the You Siming in Ms. Zhu’s hands is a female contraceptive pill.

Ms. Zhu said that when she took the medicine, due to her trust in the hospital, she did not carefully check whether the medicine on the prescription was consistent with the actual medicine. After returning home, she took the medicine according to the doctor’s order.Blooding. "After going to the hospital for examination, Ms. Zhu found that she had taken the wrong medicine.

In accordance with the prescription management measures implemented in my country in 2007, the pharmacist must check the drug name, dose, specifications, and usage when it comes. So how is the pharmacy adjustment of pharmacies in Hanhe Hospital?

The dean said: "After the doctor prescribed the medicine, he gave her directly after taking the medicine, and it was not reviewed." For Ms. Zhu’s family, the most concerned is whether there is a hidden fertility hazard after taking this contraceptive pill. ""How much impact you said on children, I dare not guarantee now. "

Subsequently, the Ms. Zhu’s family also complained to the local health department, and the two sides were coordinating.

With the development of society and the increase in clinical drugs, the regulation of the pharmacy pharmacy drugs constitutes an important part of the hospital’s medical and health services.Life is safe, then it follows a series of doctors and patients disputes and medical lawsuits.

Therefore, the outpatient pharmacy prevention errors are extremely important, and safety responsibilities are greater than all.

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