The 41 -year -old woman through traditional Chinese medicine condition

This example is 41 years old, and has been married for many years, and has been unpaid.I have had a flow surgery and a induction of labor before, and had hydatidites in 2017.Essence

Menstruation usually 1–2 days in advance, 7 days of menstrual period, a large amount, blood clots, no dysmenorrhea, backache, no milk swelling.

The results of her husband’s semen are normal.

In May 2018, laparoscopic surgery was performed.

In December 2019, the hysteroscopy was normally performed. The endometrial pathology was taken: the endometrium of the proliferation period, part of the hyperplasia disorders, CD138 <1/HP.

After that, I asked medical treatment everywhere. If I wanted to get pregnant, I couldn’t get pregnant.I embarked on the road of begging for IVF. At the reproductive center of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Guangdong Province, eggs have been taken into 4 blastocysts.

I was introduced by friends on April 24, 2020. At this time, it was treated with decreased treatment. The symptoms of menopausal syndrome such as hot, sweating, and insomnia appeared.The symptoms, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine gynecology, belong to the symptoms of low estrogen. Yin deficiency has fever, as if the reservoir is less water and the ground is cracked.At this time, the treatment is mainly nourishing yin and nourishing kidney yin (that is, increasing water).Wang, we also need to add some mother -in -law.After the symptoms of traditional Chinese medicine, the symptoms improved significantly, and failed after the embryo was placed on May 18.

After a failure, where should our Chinese medicine conditioning be the main problem?

This time, it will be placed on the 30th embryo on the 30th, and the Chinese medicine that you need to eat after opening the tire on June 29 is mainly the tire Chinese medicine that strengthen the spleen and kidney qi.Come here on July 10, the 10th day of the tire: HCG: 999.3 P: 42.55 E2: 420, the value is very good.

Come to B -ultrasound on July 24, suggesting that the twins are pregnant, about 6 weeks of pregnancy.Very happy

Conditioning in the promotion of traditional Chinese medicine and reproductive centers, before the tires and the fetus, and after the tire, the curative effect is obvious, which significantly improves the success rate of IVF.

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