The 41 -year -old male star announced his pregnancy, and the delivery record was exposed!The whole network boiling: female gospel is finally coming


If a girl finds that she is pregnant.

The condition of the boyfriend’s condition is not a surprise, but a murmured sentence:

"Are you sure it’s mine?" "Could you!"

For this prospective father, it is not a gift, but a burden;

It’s not a hand dance, but a thunderbolt on a sunny day;

He did not take the certificate to get married or took her to the hospital for the hospital.This kind of scum man who raised his pants and did not recognize others, he couldn’t wait to weld him up on the shame pillar.

But if you are pregnant, men are men.

What about a woman with a big opponent’s belly?

Is there really this good thing?

Then it is estimated that many female friends should have taken the palms.

There is no new thing under the sun.

No, Kota Kentaro has adopted the experience of pregnancy and childbirth for the majority of male compatriots.A series of absurd and interesting stories during pregnancy, open the new world gate of fertility …


Yoshan is a prodigal son, the heroine of the popular Japanese drama "Kentaro Kentaro Pregnancy".

He worked at an advertising agency company and was appreciated by leaders. His career was booming, and his position would soon be new.

The wind and water in the workplace are rising, and the love field is also proud of the spring breeze.

Over the years, we have adhered to the principle of infertility, and just want to be a sea king who is happy in time.Women who have been dating in each paragraph are at ease.

During this time, the "male pregnant husband" news of the TV station came into the eyes of Yushan from time to time.

But where did he think that "good pregnancy" was smashing towards his forehead!

Sudden dizziness;

There was a burst of rollover in the stomach, frequent nausea;

What happened, Yushan didn’t dare to think about the most worried place in his heart.Three times, five, and two, hurry to go to the hospital for examination. As a result, the more you are afraid of.

The doctor calmly told him the incredible truth:

Congratulations, Mr. Yushan, you are pregnant!Intersection

A big man was told that he was pregnant for more than two months. The first reaction of Yoshan was "definitely wrong."After returning home, find the pregnancy test stick to confirm again.

Cangtian can only grit his teeth to confirm his life.

However, this bizarre fact has not been digested in this car. The pregnancy response of a woman’s pregnancy is staged one by one.

Due to the stimulation of progesterone, the beard that has just been shaved is faster than leek;

During the meeting, the milk was quietly overflowing the cake penetration of the clothing;

The appetite greatly increases, especially the endless desire for sweets;

As the number of months increases, leakage of urine does not distinguish between time and place;


Diet should be avoided, exercise should be balanced; this cannot be eaten, and it can’t be touched.

With the intensification of pregnancy reactions, Yishan’s working status was not good, and the company was reduced by the company after several leave.In the past, how happy his life was, but now it is like a tap rope.

Physical and mental stress is like driving a slow high -pressure cooker.

As time comes, sooner or later explosions!


The helpless Yushan wanted to go to an abortion.

But in Japan, if you choose an abortion, you must sign on the consent.

But Yishan didn’t even know who the child was.

He pointed out and felt that Ya Ji should be responsible for new life.After a long time of thinking, he finally got the courage to find Ya Ji to show his heart.

Who would like to say that the first reaction of the other reaction even expressed doubt: "How do you determine that the child is mine?"

The slag girl answered him helpless and angry.

Unexpectedly, she was so indifferent to the bulging belly of Yishan.Regardless of whether it is born or flowing, the sowing person can leave the buttocks, but the person who takes risks is the person who is pregnant!

Ya Jili returned: "Don’t say so great. This is the case for our women."

Although it is not good, it is true.

However, Ya Ji, who is also a strong woman in the workplace, loves children, but loves children.When she found her signs of consent in Yoshan, she suddenly flashed a thought in her mind:

He can have a big fat boy who carrys his personal DNA without having to endure the luck of October in October.

Isn’t it beautiful?IntersectionSo, should Ya Ji test it?As soon as the male lead heard the child, he thought that the good thing was near. As a result, the marriage was still refused by the Asian season.

At the end of the story, Yoshan chose to have a laparotomy to produce children. The TV series adopted a mild narrative method to tell the workplace discrimination and fertility torture encountered by Yoshan after pregnancy.

What is male pregnancy and discuss women’s difficulties.

The topic is bold and the conceived is very novel.

But the embarrassment and unbearable of pregnancy, the plot still made euphemistic white.

Netizens said: Is it just that the birth is just started?

Sleep deprivation, breastfeeding, widowed childcare, contradictions of mother -in -law, postpartum depression …

These problems were gently treated.

Even so, Japanese men are still mighty.However, after becoming a mixed life of mothers and sweetness, "Dear Child" gave the answer.


Similar to "Takayama Kentaro’s Pregnancy", "Dear Child" is also accused of selling anxiety.

But the audience can not hold the audience.

As netizens said: "If you get married, there are children. You will not feel that this is selling anxiety.

Just, this is a real life and the truth, so that every audience is reflected."

Mr. thought, adults with mature and stable three views would not be easily brainwashed.

On the contrary, we need a good plot to examine the concept of personal marriage.

Simply put it in the male and female protagonist, Fang Yinuo and Xiao Lu University fell in love, from school uniforms to wedding dresses.

One Nuo is a teacher and has a stable career.Xiao Lu and the boss start a business together, which is one of the pillars of the company.

However, I don’t think of it anyway, pregnancy is not a marriage adhesive.

Instead, it becomes a catalyst for marriage.

An increasingly expanded body, a wide brown gully on the belly, the pregnancy spots are crowded with the corners of the eyes …

Yinuo learns self -comfort. As long as you remove the goods, everything will be fine.

It is said that confinement is the most difficult to reconcile, and Xiao Lu has a good shape.

Because it came suddenly, it was the hospital that day.His wife struggled overnight at the Ghost Gate, but her husband had finished the work and drank beer at home and watched the game.

When leaving the delivery room, Xiao Lu was still unpopular.Because he was busy sending the placenta to his mother.The reason why this is to do so is that the mother -in -law feels the placenta.

The whole family is important, only this maternal shape is the same as the air …

This account was in my heart.

Although Xiao Lufei deliberately abandoned his wife’s incontinence.But his busyness, he didn’t care, he was still like a knife that was dug in his heart.

It is a lot of things, and a miscellaneous piece is undoubtedly pushing emotions to the edge of the cliff.

The most important thing is that no one reached out to pull her.

Various contradictions are accumulated, and family war smoke continues.Sometimes the undercurrent surges, and sometimes moved to the countertop dispute.

When her daughter grew up, Xiao Lu also worked even more.The heart is kind, but also absent from the most difficult stage of her daughter’s growth and his wife’s parenting.

The marriage crisis is becoming more severe.

After watching the TV series, many viewers bluntly said: This is a TV series, this is obviously a documentary!

A good marriage is not just a brows of the case.

Men’s pregnancy is not anxiety or dismissal.

More empathy and empathy can the marriage of the marriage be shore without dumping for storms.

Throughout our lives, what we are pursuing is the love of another person.

One of his eyes can light up a whole sky;

One shoulder can resist the wind and rain.

May everyone learn to examine themselves, light up like, cherish each other!

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