The 4 major hard work of women’s pregnancy, the third one most collapsed, how many of.

Some time ago, Xiaonan found that her menstruation did not come on time, and she thought that she was always tired recently, and her appetite was lost. I bought a pregnancy test stick test, which was really pregnant.Later, Xiaomei took over the pregnancy and fever. Within a few months, her body had lost a lot.It is very hard to get pregnant. This process is very difficult. I believe that only those who come over will have a deeper feeling.But many men think women should have children.I have n’t experienced it, how do you know that Xin is not hard, so do n’t stand and speak without back pain. Let ’s take a look together!

1. Early pregnancy vomiting reactions

Most of the pregnant women have been pregnant, some have performed mild, and some are very serious.It is a physiological reaction that appears in the early pregnancy. It was a good time to eat. After smelling some taste, a sudden nausea was not interested in eating, and it was often accompanied by a slight headache.Some pregnant mothers are disgusting when they smell the smell of oil fume during pregnancy. In severe cases, they can’t drink saliva.It is affected by many factors, such as: changes in hormone content in the human body, mental tension, and so on.

2. Easy to constipation in the second trimester

Constipation is also one of the troubles often encountered by mothers during pregnancy, and the easiest aspect of negligence.Because after women are pregnant, a large amount of progesterone will secrete the body, which reduces the digestive system’s ability. The gradual increased uterus will compress the intestine and cause poor blood circulation.Even if the pregnant mother has a sense of defecation, it is difficult to excrete it.Generally, it is excreted every two or three days or even once a week, and there are often abdominal pain, which causes hemorrhoids in severe cases.

3. frequent urination times in the third trimester

Frequent urination exists throughout the pregnancy process, but it is more obvious in the third trimester.After pregnancy, the fetus’s waste was also discharged by the mother, increasing kidney pressure, and frequent urination.At the same time, as the pregnancy cycle increases, by about 8 months, the uterus increases or the fetal head decreases to compress the bladder, reduce the amount of bladder storage, and increase the number of urination times.

4. Pain pain during pregnancy

This phenomenon is a kind of pain caused by the advanced pubic bone joint, mainly due to the increase in the fetus and compressing the pubic bone.When the birthday is near the birthday, a hormone secretion in the body of the pregnant woman makes the pelvis become tough and loose. The two pubic bone pulling power becomes greater during the activity, so the pregnant mother will feel pain.

It is not easy to conceive in October. One after another pregnancy is that you ca n’t eat, you ca n’t sleep, you ca n’t sleep, you ca n’t run to the toilet, endure countless torrents. These hardships cannot be appreciated by men, and pregnancy is just beginning.The 4 major hard work of women’s pregnancy, the third one most collapsed, how many of.

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