The 32nd week of pregnancy, what is good?

At 32 weeks of pregnancy, you should pay attention to the growth status of your baby ,,,,,,

Growth of baby

The 32 -week fetus is about 43.2 cm in length and weighs about 1,800 grams.The fetus has grown a fetal hair, but the hair is scarce, but the thick and sparseness of the baby’s hair after birth does not depend on the condition of the fetus at this time.

In addition, fetal fingernails and foot nails have grown completely. The development of internal organs and genitals is close to maturity. It has breathing ability and can secrete digestive solution.

The five feelings of the baby began to work and mastered a new skill — to turn the head from one side to the other.Although he continued to practice opening and closing his eyes, 90%to 95%of the time spent every day in sleep.

Eight months of pregnancy fetus (week 32)

The change of pregnant mothers

In 32 weeks, you will find that the fetus has fewer and less fetal movements, and the movement is weakened. As long as it meets the law, the problem is not great.Because the fetus is getting bigger and bigger, the space of his movement is decreasing, and his hands and feet cannot be freely stretched.

This week’s pregnant mother’s weight increased by 1.3 to 1.8 kg. Now the fetus grows very fast. He is making the final sprint for birth.

Nutritional guidance

The bigger and bigger abdomen makes you panic and stomach.Pay attention not to eat too much at one time, and eat snacks as part of the diet.

With the expansion of the abdomen, the digestive function continues to decrease, which is easier to cause constipation.It is recommended to eat more potatoes, seagrases and vegetables containing fiber -containing vegetables.

However, eating more vegetables can easily cause too much salt. You may wish to try to make vegetables or fried vegetables with radish mud dipped in lemon juice.


At this time, we must insist on the medical examination once every two weeks. If you have symptoms such as headache, nausea, abdominal pain, and fever, you must go to the hospital for examination in time.

Beware of umbilical cord accidents

The length of the baby’s umbilical cord is different, and the umbilical cord is inevitable when acting in the uterus. If the umbilical cord is not tightened, it will generally not affect the health of the fetus.When checking in the third trimester, you must pay attention to the torsional situation of the umbilical cord.

Daily life

Pregnant mothers are better at noon every day at noon every day, but it must not exceed 2 hours.Pregnant mothers who have a job can’t sleep for noon, and need more time to sleep at night or take a rest in work.Don’t care about sleep for work, which will seriously affect the growth and development of the fetus.

If you feel humid and cold, it is recommended to wear pajamas made of naturally breathable fibers. Cotton products are the best choice.Avoid artificially synthetic materials, it will lock the moisture around your skin and make you feel humid and cold.

By the end of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will increase their leucorrhea, which is caused by the glandular secretion of cervix and endometrium.If the care is improper, it may cause vulvitis, causing the fetus to be infected when the vagina is born through the vagina, so pay special attention to the hygiene care of the vulva.Wash the vulva twice with warm water every day, change the underwear every day, and dry it in the sun after washing.

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