The 32 -year -old woman was pregnant unexpectedly. After living together, she found that she became a primary three.

“”32 -year -old Yang Shanshan has always worked very hard at work and has achieved something in her career, but she has never been in love. She always spends her life in various entertainment.It feels very empty. Until one day she met a man Li Hua at a party. Li Hua was handsome and handsome, decent, romantic and interesting, and he brought a lot of happiness to Susan.

Yang Shanshan was attracted by Li Hua’s humor. Li Hua fell in love with Yang Shanshan at first sight. The two added friends and chatted together to become friends.Personal love has never been said, Li Hua did not tell Yang Shanshan that he was married.Because Yang Shanshan has never asked Li Hua, Yang Shanshan has a good opinion of him. He can see it, and he cannot refuse a woman with a good temperament and body.Gradually Yang Shanshan’s relationship with Li Hua deepened, and soon the two began to live together. During the cohabitation, Yang Shanshan constantly felt the happiness and care of Li Hua.Together and helped Li Huazu through a lot of difficulties, Yang Shanshan thought that this was true love.

It didn’t take long for Yang Shanshan to find her pregnancy before her cohabitation, and she began to be happy to become a mother, so she and Li Hua decided to get married. Although she had heard a lot of strange rumors when she was on a business trip, she believed them what they wereLove is enough to overcome all problems.When she told Li Hua’s pregnancy, she thought the man would cherish her more, but this is not the case.Li Hua began to alienate her, and her life became more lonely and lost.Later, Li Hua told her that he already had his wife and children. Susan was shocked. It turned out that she became a primary three. She cried helplessly and did not know what to do.Angry and deceived.

Yang Shanshan was hit. She always thought that the man was the one who loved him, but the fact was that the man lied to him, not only that.He also deceived his wife and children, and Yang Shanshan decided to end everything with the man. She did not give birth to a child.

Although the mind and body are hurt, Yang Shanshan deeply recognizes the relationship between the complexity of the world and the relationship between men and women. This story tells us to cherish our lives and emotions.Don’t believe in strangers at will, sometimes it seems that simple feelings will have more complicated entanglement.

Choosing a wrong partner will bring a lot of pain and psychological damage to ourselves. Even if we fall in love with a person, we must maintain calmness and rationality. We must understand each other’s family background and his personality. At the same time, we must set it for ourselvesProper bottom lines and standards are very important, and we must maintain independence and strongness, and do not rely on anyone. Only in this way can we avoid being a junior or harmful to others.

The road of love is not always flat. We need enough courage to cope with different challenges and tests. Both men and women should cherish ourselves, and do not waste time and feelings on the wrong people.Feelings are not a simple matter. We don’t want to be more important people, but the truth is often not what we want. Any character in life is important. We need to know how to think about ourselves and insist on our own valueRegardless of whether it is good or bad, we should learn to accept and let go.

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